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This is the UNFINISHED The Sims 2 replica of Peles Castle, the most expensive building of Romania (valuated at 150 million euro, Bran Castle is only 60 million euro, Parliament Palace could be even more expensive but it was never valuated).

I designed it in 2007 after visiting the castle, using base game, in order to fit on a 5×5 lot had to make some parts of building disproportional.

I re-designed it in 2010 using Apartment Life to get 6×5 lot and roof variety, but rear façade was a blank wall.

I improved it in 2013, after I found this Peles castle floor plan drew by Randwulf which helped me to guess the look of rear facade. I did not followed internal floor plan because would make unnecessary many rooms. If you feel being able to improve or finish it, download the .Sims2Pack file, edit it then send it back to me via email!

I wonder how Ranwulf was able to draw floor plans of all 6 floors and how correct are them, since only a part of basement and the first floor are opened for tourists.

Peles Castle Peles Castle

Lot size: 6×5.
Lot facing: South.
House price: about ~$200.000 at this moment. Only walls, no stairs, no furniture, no garden.
Floor area: impossible to count.
Expansions required: Apartment Life (to get the 6×5 lot).

The real castle

The Peles Castle is about 80-90 meters long and is very complex building thus impossible to build accurately in The Sims 2. I live in Ploiesti city, 64 km away from the castle. I visited it personally, visited museum inside, but outside many alleys are fenced and guarded, tourists are not allowed on back side.

Construction started in 1873, was inaugurated in 1883, as two 3-storey buildings but construction continued until 1914, period in which the two buildings were bridged (the Moorish room, left side of the main tower) and a 4th floor was added over south and east parts of building, the tower was also raised to 66 meters.

Consequently, floors of different height are mixed up and lots of internal stairs are linking split-level floors. Moreover it is built on sloped ground and on the north side of building the 3rd floor is opening on ground level. This cannot be done in The Sims.


  1. There is NO pool at the back of the castle, 100% sure.
    There are terraces, statues, columns and a garden. I have seen pictures.

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