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Helluva Hacienda 3×3 W 236 (Maxis inspired)

This is not a makeover, it is inspired… I made a home similar with Maxis-made Helluva Hacienda from The Sims 2 house bin, in terms of U-Shaped and architecture style, but different building size and different pool position. Made in July 2012.

The resulted home is a masterpiece in space efficiency. A family of 8 can live in a home less than 200 squares. The secret is by making floor plan with rooms no more than 4 squares wide. This The Sims home is composed by six 7×4 rooms and one 8×6 room, at the upper floor is another 8×6 room left empty.


Lot size: 3×3.
Lot facing: West.
House price: $169.604.
House size: 20×19 squares
Floor area: 192 squares + empty room 44 squares on upper floor.
Pool area: 72 squares.
Expansions requires: none, only base game.

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