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Teoalida’s second apartment block

After the success with my first apartment, I have made 3 or 4 more similar apartment buildings, none being really better than first one, until… this one made in June 2012, so I am publishing now under name Second Apartment.

Squarish building with modern design, duplex apartments (maisonettes) designed for 4 sims, but can fit up to 6 sims by putting more beds.

Probably next time I will make one similar apartment building but with a ground floor rather than basement, and pool access through building.


Lot size: 2×3.
Lot facing: West.
Building price: $360.000.
Building size: 16×15.
Apartment floor area: 166 squares plus 20 squares of balcony, not including staircase void.
Rental fees: $3000.
Expansions required: Apartment Life only.

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