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My first The Sims 2 house

I found these pictures while browsing old folders in my computer. They date back from 2005, taken with in-game camera so no high resolution available and no download link.

Since 2003 when I got The Sims 1, most of my houses were L-shaped with balcony and external staircase, and whole courtyard was filled up with flowers. This was the first house I build shortly after I installed the new The Sims 2, I created a 3×3 lot and started building… testing how tall I can go. It resulted a 24×6 squares house with basement, 4 floors and roof terrace. Lots of useless furnishing were spread through house, duplicating items, creating a very inefficient house where sims were wasting half of their lives going up and down on stairs.


A more efficient version of traditional home is the L-shaped house 2008 measuring 16×8 squares on 2×2 lot and only 2 floors.

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