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My second The Sims 3 home, inspired by exterior of Tiny House I ‎and interior of Tiny House II built by me in The Sims 2.

I used the smallest lot available in Sunset Valley (16×18) instead of regular 20×30 lot, to make it compatible with possible 20×20 lots in other worlds. Feel free to decorate landscape after placing in your desired lot size.


Lot size: 16×18 (smallest lot in Sunset Valley).
House price: furnished $72.134, unfurnished $36.982, but when I built it, it was around $90.000.
House size: 6×14.
Floor area: 138 squares + 24 squares of terraces + 6 squares of void.
Expansions required: none, The Sims 3 base game only.

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