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Willow Creek

Willow CreekWillow Creek is a world that was shipped with The Sims 4 base game alongside Oasis Springs.

Story: A verdant, sprawling region of lush bayous and rolling plantation land that is home to aristocratic farmers, southern gentry, and swamp-dwellers. Willow Creek is a diverse blend of rich tradition, understated grandeur and true salt-of-the-earth hospitality.


Willow Creek’s design is based on New Orleans.

Neighborhoods and lots

Willow Creek consists of six neighborhoods with one secret lot, separated from other neighborhoods. Four neighborhoods have up to five residential lots each, with the fifth consisting of four community lots, while the sixth neighborhood is a large community park.

There are a total of 16 residential lots and 5 community lots in Willow Creek.

Neighborhood Lot Lot type Lot size Value Occupants
Foundry Cove Bargain Bend Residential 30×20 §2,000
Foundry Cove Streamlet Single Residential 20×15 §15,875
Foundry Cove Crick Cabana Residential 20×15 §13,418
Foundry Cove Daisy Hovel Residential 30×20 §16,311
Foundry Cove Garden Essence Residential 40×30 §63,609 BFF household
Courtyard Lane Potters Splay Residential 30×20 §2,500
Courtyard Lane Brook Bungalow Residential 40×30 §95,721
Courtyard Lane Riverside Roost Residential 30×20 §41,329
Courtyard Lane Pique Hearth Residential 30×20 §129,940 Pancakes family
Courtyard Lane Rindle Rose Residential 20×15 §36,149
Pendula View Hallow Slough Residential 30×20 §5,500
Pendula View Umbrage Manor Residential 40×30 §157,882
Pendula View Parkshore Residential 40×30 §105,336
Pendula View Ophelia Villa Residential 30×20 §250,076 Goth family
Sage Estates Oakenstead Residential 50×50 §253,863
Sage Estates Cypress Terrace Residential 40×30 §254,137 Spencer-Kim-Lewis family
Crawdad Quarter Municipal Muses Museum Museum 40×30 §129,533
Crawdad Quarter The Blue Velvet Nightclub Nightclub 30×20 §93,558
Crawdad Quarter Movers & Shakers Gym Gym 30×20 §85,359
Crawdad Quarter Willow Creek Archive Library Library 30×20 §103,410
Magnolia Blossom Park Magnolia Blossom Park Park 50×50 §82,671
Sylvan Glade Secret lot


Family Funds Members
BFF household §9,000 Summer Holiday, Travis Scott, Liberty Lee
Pancakes family §20,000 Bob Pancakes, Eliza Pancakes
Spencer-Kim-Lewis family §55,500 Alice Spencer-Kim, Dennis Kim, Olivia Kim-Lewis, Eric Lewis, Vivian Lewis
Goth family §45,500 Mortimer Goth, Bella Goth, Cassandra Goth, Alexander Goth


  1. Never mind, shows I haven’t played enough of the game to know that these world are current base game worlds. lol was looking for custom worlds if there is any.

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