Palace III 5×5 (Trianon 2013)

After several critics regarding Palace II‘s lack of elegance, and Palace I‘s messy floor plan, too few rooms, non-rectangular rooms and bad interior design, I decided in April 2013 to build a new The Sims model of Trianon Palace from Floresti, Romania, built by Cantacuzino Family in 1910 and abandoned (more details).

I broke my personal record of the most expensive house in The Sims 2. I have playtested it and modified it twice in May and for third time in July, before publishing on my website, to be sure that will be awesome.


This time I slightly broke away from the design of the real palace, I changed building shape, for enhancing its beautifulness and help the furniture layout, I have put trees all around the pool (the real palace have no tree around fountain), and compared with the 2009 Palace, the building grew 2 squares in width and 1 square in depth, and got 6 extra rooms.

There are now 19 rooms in total: 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 1 HUGE ballroom, 6 additional rooms, 4 hallways. All rooms are connected with double doors to prevent traffic jams, as it is designed for large families of 8 sims.

The sun is now from street side (because the back terrace was anyway in darkness due to roof).

WARNING: I do not recommend this building for normal playing, it is HUGE and inefficient like how beautiful it is, send Sims in bad mood due to time wasted walking around. Also beware of utility bills, they cost about $1200.

Facade and palace floor plans


Palace interior design


Lot size: 5×5.
Lot facing: South.
House size: 28 x 21 squares.
Floor area: 672 squares (426 lower 246 upper) + 124 squares of terraces  + 128 squares of void.
Pool area: 234 squares (28 x 13) + 6 squares islands.

Basic version made with Nightlife
House price: $506.907 (unfurnished $189.416).
Expansions required: Nightlife only.

Enhanced version (shown in above pictures): added cornices, different paint for disco room (from Apartment Life), guitars, drum kit (from University).
Lot price: $533.989 (unfurnished $189.237).
Expansions required: University, Nightlife, Apartment Life.

The REAL palace I inspired my The Sims 2 palace from

Construction started from 1907, it was abandoned after World War I while still being under construction, windows and interior finishes never done, it was destroyed by 1977 earthquake when 4 of its 5 chimneys collapsed over internal walls, but major destruction occurred after fall of communism in 1989 by local people stealing bricks from internal walls, leaving only exterior marble walls standing. Read more on Palace Trianon Floresti page.

Palatul Cantacuzino Micul Trianon Floresti

Home Alone house 3×3 S 396

Real Home Alone HouseI built in The Sims 2 the famous house of Kevin McCallister from favorite movies: Home Alone 1 & 2, in September 2012, after I got its location and floor plan. A luxury property for families up to 8 sims, decorated including the rear garage and minivan seen in movie, but it resulted a messy floor plan.

Home Alone house address: 671 Lincoln Street, Winnetka, Illinois. A 2-story house plus attic and basement, 4250 square feet, built in 1921.

Most of interior shots were not made in the real house, instead the interior has been rebuilt in a filming studio, featuring a slightly different floor plan, for doing stunts and setting traps easier.

See floorplan of real house, and of movie house.

Home Alone House day Home Alone House facade Home Alone House rear
Home Alone House night Home Alone House first floor plan Home Alone House second floor plan

Lot size: 3×3.
Lot facing: South
House price: $213,496.
House size: 20×12.
Floor area: 396 squares + 40 squares garage + 34 squares terraces.
Pool area: 72 squares.
Expansions required: Nightlife only (The Sims 2 Deluxe).

Săvârşin Castle 3×3 S 451

This is a The Sims 2 replica of the castle located in Săvârşin vilage in Romania. Built in 17th century, it was owned by various Hungarian noble families. Rebuilt in current form in 1860, it was purchased by King Michael I of Romania in 1944, confiscated by communists in 1948, then given back to King’s family in 2001. Restoration works were made from 2007 to 2015, changing castle color from yellow to white.

Real castle measure 40 x 18 meters with balcony on south side, and lies in middle of a 6.5 hectare park and do not have any lake, pool or fountain. No floor plan of real castle is available online or any information about number of rooms.

The Sims 2 castle measure 26 x 12 squares but have exactly same number of windows like real palace, and balcony is in north side to prevent shadows, while at south side I added a swimming pool like in most of houses built by me. Front yard measure 8 squares to allow you adding carport if you want.

Designed in September 2018, it have 4 bedrooms for families up to 8 sims, 4 bathrooms, living room, dining room with 12 seats, 3 TVs, 2 pianos, 2 desks with computers, 2 empty desks, etc.

Lot size: 3×3.
Lot facing: North.
House price: $371,129, unfurnished $86,912.
House size: 26×12.
Floor area: 451 squares (excluding 29 squares of void).
Pool area: 68 squares.
Expansions required: Nightlife and Apartment Life.

Palace of the Parliament 6×5

I noticed that nobody build in The Sims 2 a replica of my country’s Parliament Palace, the second largest building in the world, after Pentagon, and largest administrative building in the world, so I made it by my own.

The interior is not furnished, except several ceiling lights added to take night shots. I do not know how to decorate a building of this size, too big even for being converted in apartment building, it is unplayable, due to its size the game runs slow like hell (at least on my computer, 2 fps at normal playing speed when entire building fits on screen).

Palace of the Parliament day front Palace of the Parliament night top Palace of the Parliament day back
Palace of the Parliament night front Palace of the Parliament night entrance Palace of the Parliament night back

Lot size: 6×5.
Lot facing: South.
Lot price: $449,179.
Building size: 48×42 squares.
Floor area: 2584 squares (900 squares on first and second floor, 308 squares on third and fourth floor, 84 squares on fifth and sixth floor).
Wall segments: about 1600 (limit is 2100).

Real parliament building

The real Palace of the Parliament is 270 meters long and 230 meters wide, 12 floors and 86 meters high, floor area of 340.000 square meters. A schematic floor plan can be seen on

I counted windows and came with idea to design it in The Sims 2 as 48 squares long, 42 squares wide, 6 floors (about 18 squares high), to respect proportions. I keep correct number of windows, with a little exception: I added one more window at center on both axes, because the real building have odd number of windows on each facade.

I designed it symmetric, while the real building have slightly different north and south wings. I removed the central rooms because is not possible to make in The Sims 2 houses with courtyard, any enclosed space will be considered indoor even if have no roof.

Casa Poporului Palace of the Parliament Bucharest Romania

Peles Castle 6×5

This is the UNFINISHED The Sims 2 replica of Peles Castle, the most expensive building of Romania (valuated at 150 million euro, Bran Castle is only 60 million euro, Parliament Palace could be even more expensive but it was never valuated).

I designed it in 2007 after visiting the castle, using base game on a 5×5 lot, being distortioned to fit.

I re-designed it in 2010 using Apartment Life to get 6×5 lot and roof variety, but rear facade was a blank wall.

I improved it in 2013, after I found this Peles castle floor plan drew by Randwulf (I wonder how he drew the floor plan and how correct it is, since only a part of basement and the first floor are opened for tourists).

In The Sims 2 model, I did not followed internal floor plan, but only the external walls. The Randwulf floor plan helped me to guess how the building looks in its back facade.

If you feel being able to improve or finish it, download the .Sims2Pack file, edit it then send it back to me via email!

Peles Castle Peles Castle

Lot size: 6×5.
Lot facing: South.
House price: about ~$200.000 at this moment. Only walls, no stairs, no furniture, no garden.
Floor area: impossible to count.
Expansions required: Apartment Life (to get the 6×5 lot).

Peles CastleThe Peles Castle is about 80-90 meters long and is very complex building thus impossible to build accurately in The Sims 2. Also there is no footage available with back side of castle, I live in Ploiesti city, 64 km away from the castle. I visited it personally, visited museum inside, but outside many alleys are fenced and guarded, tourists are not allowed on back side.

Construction started in 1873, was inaugurated in 1883, as two 3-storey buildings but construction continued until 1914, period in which the two buildings were bridged (the Moorish room, left side of the main tower) and a 4th floor was added over south and east parts of building, the tower was also raised to 66 meters.

Consequently, floors of different height are mixed up and lots of internal stairs are linking split-level floors. Moreover it is built on sloped ground and on the north side of building the 3rd floor is opening on ground level. This cannot be done in The Sims.

Palace I 5×5 (Trianon 2009)

Micul Trianon FlorestiA realistic replica of a REAL building, the Trianon Palace from Floresti, Romania, built in 1910 and abandoned, more details here, made originally in 2006 with base game only and remade in 2009 using Nightlife.

I tried to preserve many aspects of the real palace, such as external shape, symmetrical internal floor plan, position of external doors and windows (a little exception: I deleted 4 windows per floor, to maintain equidistant windows at this building size), big living / ballroom (used as disco room), with stairs on both sides, chimneys. I also preserved the fountain shape (used as swimming pool), and sun direction. Then I fitted it with much top-quality classic furniture, paintings and statues.

Due to the large size of this luxury house and its amount of furniture, it is a very inefficient home, but at least… is the most beautiful house made by me?

Excuse the bad interior. It is designed for 8 Sims who sleep 4 in each bedroom, because in 2009 I took no importance indoor realism, also the room shapes are ugly. If you do not like the Palace, try Palace II.


Lot size: 5×5.
Lot facing: North.
House price: $368.871 (most expensive house in The Sims 2 made by me, to date).
House size: 26 by 21 squares (the real palace is 43 by 33 meters).
Floor area: 586 squares + 116 squares of terraces + 118 squares of void.
Pool area: 206 squares (24 by 13).
Expansion packs required: University and Nightlife.