San Myshuno

San MyshunoSan Myshuno is a world introduced in The Sims 4: City Living. It is a coastal city surrounded by mountains, with a river running through the middle. It is packed with many diverse Sims of different cultures and sprawling with activities and festivals. This world is based on a variety of modern cities from around the world like Tokyo, San Francisco and New York City and also features elements of Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Moroccan cultures. Its geography resembles that of Hong Kong. San Myshuno is the only world in The Sims 4 to feature apartments and penthouses.

Story: Welcome to San Myshuno! Every day is an adventure on the streets of San Myshuno. From the wild personalities you might run into on the streets to the element of surprise of stumbling across a festival in action, there’s something new to discover!


San Myshuno consists of 4 neighborhoods and one special lot.

Spice Market
Arts Quarter
Fashion District

Special lot
Myshuno Meadows


There are a total of 30 lots in San Myshuno. Including 8 apartment buildings with 21 apartment units, 3 penthouses, 1 residential lot, and 5 community lots.

Apartments – Inhabited
Culpepper House – Rasoya family
Jasmine Suites Apartments – Bheeda family
Medina Studios Apartments – Benali family
Hakim House Apartments – Jang family
ZenView Apartments – Karaoke Legends household
Chic Street Apartments – Pizzazz family
Alto Apartments – Lobo family
Landgraab Apartments – Feng family

Apartments – Uninhabited
Spire Apartments

FountainView Penthouse
Torendi Tower Penthouse

The Old Salt House

Community lots
Waterside Warble – Karaoke bar
Casbah Gallery – Arts center
Planet Honey Pop! – Karaoke bar
Stargazer Lounge – Lounge
Skye Fitness – Gym
Myshuno Meadows – Central Park

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