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Granite Falls

Granite FallsGranite Falls is a destination world introduced in The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat game pack. Sims can vacation in Granite Falls for up to seven days, but cannot live there as in normal residential worlds.

Design: Granite Falls is a nature oriented location, surrounded by pine trees, lakes and sprawling valleys. It seems to take inspiration from the Pacific Northwest of the United States, more specifically Washington state. The world is heavily oriented around camping and the activities related to it, but Sims can also rent pre-built cabins for a comfier experience.

Story: Take your Sims on a vacation to experience the clear skies and piney mountain air! Pitch your tent, explore the woods, and experience the wonders of nature…like a Sim in a bear suit?

Neighborhoods & lots

Granite Falls consists of two neighborhoods and one secret lot.

There are a total of five rental lots in Granite Falls and one community lot. The player is also capable of editing these lots how they like without using cheats, such as changing lot assignments or editing the build itself, as long as Sims are not vacationing in them.

Neighborhood Lot Lot type Lot size Value Price per day
Campground Campground Rental 30×20 §11,715 §111
Campground Lakeside Retreat Rental 40×30 §92,035 §889
Campground Forest Hideaway Rental 40×30 §65,742 §634
Campground Riverside Retreat Rental 30×20 §29,346 §281
Campground Green Getaway Rental 30×20 §41,148 §396
Granite Falls Forest Granite Falls Forest National Park 50×50 §109,761
Hermit’s House Hermit’s Hut 30×20 §45,420

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