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WindenburgWindenburg is a world introduced in The Sims 4: Get Together. Castle-like ruins can be found on the mainland and most of The Crumbling Isle is surrounded by crumbling man-made walls. These ruins are inspired by Gothic buildings in Europe and they indicate the old age of the city.

Design: Windenburg’s architectural design—dominated by the traditional Fachwerkhaus style (timber-framed houses)—and its structural design, in combination with modern city aspects, is heavily based on central and southern regions of Germany. Many simmers consider the world to be inspired by Bavaria, Germany, as well as a bit of Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.

Story: Take ye olde deep breath and enjoy the mountain air. This green, expansive playground has got it all; lush countryside, serene and rocky cliffs, a quaint village with remnants of the old world all nestled around the modern shore side business center.

Neighborhoods & lots

Windenburg consists of 4 neighborhoods and three special lots.

There are a total of 14 residential lots and 13 community lots in Windenburg.

Neighborhood Lot Lot type Lot size Value Occupants
Olde Platz Proprietor’s Square Residential 30×20 §13,669
Olde Platz Havisham House Residential 20×20 §17,086
Olde Platz Factory One Residential 30×20 §122,881 Partihaus household
Olde Platz Waterlock Redoubt Residential 30×20 §59,266 Behr family
Olde Platz Quad Manor Library 30×20 §115,639
Olde Platz The Narwhal Arms Nightclub 30×20 §62,675
Olde Platz South Square Coffee Cafe 30×20 §59,886
Olde Platz Old Quarter Inn Bar 20×20 §62,901
Lykke Centre Bathe de Rill Pool 40×30 §150,457
Lykke Centre Hare Square Park 30×20 §49,411
Lykke Centre Hare and Hedgehog Cafe 30×20 §75,810
Lykke Centre Harbor Quarter Gym Gym 30×30 §154,428
Lykke Centre Discotheque Pan Europa Nightclub 30×20 §135,648
Windslar Coorinberg Cottage Residential 40×30 §101,085 Munch family
Windslar Cottage Am See Residential 20×20 §45,990 Free Spirits household
Windslar Rustic Residence Residential 30×20 §16,685
Windslar Dresden House Residential 64×64 §137,110 Fyres family
Windslar The Summer Home Residential 40×30 §3,000
The Crumbling Isle The Lighthouse Residential 40×30 §166,182 Bjergsen family
The Crumbling Isle Mid-NoWhere Residential 20×20 §1,500
The Crumbling Isle Pier Palace Residential 30×20 §137,461
The Crumbling Isle Dock Den Residential 30×20 §92,567 Bro household
The Crumbling Isle Von-Windenburg Estate Residential 64×64 §273,454 Villareal family
Von Haunt Estate Von Haunt Estate Chalet Gardens 40×30 §226,624
Ancient Ruins Ancient Ruins Ancient Ruins 20×15 §3,350
The Bluffs The Bluffs Island Bluff 30×20 §35,567


Family Funds Members
Behr family §20,000 Candy Behr, Yuki Behr
Bjergsen family §20,000 Clara Bjergsen, Bjorn Bjergsen, Sofia Bjergsen, Elsa Bjergsen
Bro household §20,000 Sergio Romeo, Joaquin Le Chien
Free Spirits household §5,500 Ulrike Faust, Maaike Haas
Fyres family §20,000 Moira Fyres, Dominic Fyres, Siobhan Fyres, Morgan Fyres
Munch family §25,500 Mila Munch, Gunther Munch, Wolfgang Munch, Lucas Munch
Partihaus household §16,500 Marcus Flex, Paolo Rocca, Jade Rosa, Eva Capricciosa
Villareal family §65,000 Jacques Villareal, Luna Villareal, Hugo Villareal, Max Villareal


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