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Symmetrical House 2×2 Rustic

Part of the series of 2×2 symmetrical houses, this one in cottage-rustic theme, it is a redesign of cottage house made 3 years earlier. 2 bedrooms, designed for a family of 4 Sims.


Lot size: 2×2.
Lot facing: South.
House price: $95,324.
House size: 14×7.
Floor area: 156 squares + 14 squares terraces.
Pool area: 35 squares.
Expansions required: none, just base game only.

Fun with fire

Fun fact: if you leave food in stove and fire starts AFTER you told to a sim to call emergency line, but BEFORE the sim actually make the call, the firefighter will run to extinguish the fire, then still fine you for calling when there was no emergency! EPIC!

Double check the stove BEFORE leaving home

A sim called taxi while another sim was cooking, leaving the food on stove which burned. Firetruck arrived right when all family left home. After several days spent in community lots, family came home with taxi and found the firefighter right when he was going to extinguish the fire (this is normal in The Sims 2, the lot is saved when sims go to community lot, this cannot be done in The Sims 3).
Done on purpose, had to try several times before succeeding.

Teoalida’s second apartment block

After the success with my first apartment, I have made 3 or 4 more similar apartment buildings, none being really better than first one, until… this one made in June 2012, so I am gonna publish on my website under name Second Apartment.

Squarish building with modern design, duplex apartments (maisonettes) designed for 4 sims, but can fit up to 6 sims by putting more beds.

Probably next time I will make one similar apartment building but with a ground floor rather than basement, and pool access through building.


Lot size: 2×3.
Lot facing: West.
Building price: $360.000.
Building size: 16×15.
Apartment floor area: 166 squares plus 20 squares of balcony, not including staircase void.
Rental fees: $3000.
Expansions required: Apartment Life only.

Peles Castle 6×5

This is the UNFINISHED The Sims 2 replica of Peles Castle, the most expensive building of Romania (valuated at 150 million euro, Bran Castle is only 60 million euro, Parliament Palace could be even more expensive but it was never valuated).

I designed it in 2007 after visiting the castle, using base game on a 5×5 lot, being distortioned to fit.

I re-designed it in 2010 using Apartment Life to get 6×5 lot and roof variety, but rear facade was a blank wall.

I improved it in 2013, after I found this Peles castle floor plan drew by Randwulf (I wonder how he drew the floor plan and how correct it is, since only a part of basement and the first floor are opened for tourists).

In The Sims 2 model, I did not followed internal floor plan, but only the external walls. The Randwulf floor plan helped me to guess how the building looks in its back facade.

If you feel being able to improve or finish it, download the .Sims2Pack file, edit it then send it back to me via email!

Peles Castle Peles Castle

Lot size: 6×5.
Lot facing: South.
House price: about ~$200.000 at this moment. Only walls, no stairs, no furniture, no garden.
Floor area: impossible to count.
Expansions required: Apartment Life (to get the 6×5 lot).

Peles CastleThe Peles Castle is about 80-90 meters long and is very complex building thus impossible to build accurately in The Sims 2. Also there is no footage available with back side of castle, I live in Ploiesti city, 64 km away from the castle. I visited it personally, visited museum inside, but outside many alleys are fenced and guarded, tourists are not allowed on back side.

Construction started in 1873, was inaugurated in 1883, as two 3-storey buildings but construction continued until 1914, period in which the two buildings were bridged (the Moorish room, left side of the main tower) and a 4th floor was added over south and east parts of building, the tower was also raised to 66 meters.

Consequently, floors of different height are mixed up and lots of internal stairs are linking split-level floors. Moreover it is built on sloped ground and on the north side of building the 3rd floor is opening on ground level. This cannot be done in The Sims.

Helluva Hacienda 3×3 W 236 (Maxis inspired)

This is not a makeover, it is inspired… I made a home similar with Maxis-made Helluva Hacienda from The Sims 2 house bin, in terms of U-Shaped and architecture style, but different building size and different pool position. Made in July 2012.

The resulted home is a masterpiece in space efficiency. A family of 8 can live in a home less than 200 squares. The secret is by making floor plan with rooms no more than 4 squares wide. This The Sims home is composed by six 7×4 rooms and one 8×6 room, at the upper floor is another 8×6 room left empty.


Lot size: 3×3.
Lot facing: West.
House price: $169.604.
House size: 20×19 squares
Floor area: 192 squares + empty room 44 squares on upper floor.
Pool area: 72 squares.
Expansions requires: none, only base game.

Fun with emergency line

I started making prank calls to police and fire services. Normally they would fine me with $500 for calling when there is no emergency, but I was curious… what does happen if I do not have money?

I was surprised to see that fireman takes some of my furniture, but policeman did not take anything, he rather stay in my house, sleep in my bed, pee on the floor, serving food made an extra dish for him, etc, but I could not interact with him.

Incidentally, I was using a tiny 1×2 lot, where only one car at time can arrive.

I neglected my child and it became uncontrollable, but social worker could not arrive because the police car occupied entire street.
Weeks later, I decided to set the stove on fire. The fire alarm rings, but firetruck could not arrive. Policeman has been killed in fire and (finally) the police car disappeared. As the street was cleared, firetruck arrived and extinguished the fucking fire, arrived as well the social worker, delivery van, repo man, etc.

I kept making prank calls, until fireman had nothing else to take from my home. Right before the last sim died by starvation, I trowed a party and called fireman once again.

The lot has been saved (supposedly empty), so I moved another family in it, they found the on-going party plus the fireman, now I could interact with fireman and became friends… LOL!!

I called fireman once again, that’s why you can see 2 firemen in this photo!

Best Starter Home 1×2 S 84

This is the best possible starter home, under $20.000 designed for a family up to 4 sims. The 1×2 lot costs only $300 (the 1×1 lot costs $-400 but is too small). The empty home costs $5469, so $14.500 remained for furnishing. For the non-functional items (counters, table, windows, floors, wall paint) I used the cheapest items to save money for better furniture. Made in 2011 in the same time with Tiny House I having same ground footprint.

Even better 2012 version: removed not-so-necessary computer, changed the 2-sided roof to a 4-sided roof to eliminate attic walls and save money. Beds and toilets replaced with better items, added some lights (I have noticed drop of environment score during night if the room is dark).

Lot size: 1×2.
Lot facing: South.
House price: $19.989.
House size: 6×14.
Floor area: 84 squares.

PS: I do not know how to create such small lots like 1×2. I downloaded them from ModTheSims.info (Mini residential lots by MaryLou).

Teoalida’s third apartment block

A new apartment block made in September 2012, improved version of my first apartment. Same overall building size, but without front/back symmetry. I solved the problem with pool access by placing it in front of block. I used better interior design, without L-shaped split-level stair that caused jams, and I added cornices around balconies to enhance beautifulness.

I placed a dining table and cooking facility in common area, intended for being used only by building administrator. I do not know if is a good idea. If your sims go outside to cook or serve food, please delete it.

Duplex apartments with 3 bedrooms, designed for 6-8 sims (you can add one extra single bed in each bedroom).


Lot size: 3×3.
Lot facing: South.
Lot price: $516.355.
Building size: 22×12 (excluding balconies).
Apartment sizes: 204 squares plus 16 squares of balcony, not including staircase void.
Rental fees: $3955-3960.
Expansion needed: Apartment Life only.

Visually-enhanced version:
Replaced wall paint with items from Mansion and Garden
Replaced balcony rail with items from Mansion and Garden
Replaced balcony floor with items from Pets
Replaced entrance staircase
Replaced windows with the very beautiful The Embrasure by Ergo Mid (custom content)

House on a Tiny 1×2 Lot I

I made this house in 2011 to show the potential of tiny 1×2 lots! My first house on such small lot, designed for my family of 6 sims. See also Tiny House IV by same concept, but improved with pool and better interior design.

I do not know how to create such small lots, I just downloaded them from ModTheSims2.com.


Lot size: 1×2.
Lot facing: South.
House price: about $100.000.
House size: 6×14.
Floor area: 164 squares.
Expansion needed: none, works with base game only.

PS: I do not know how to create such small lots like 1×2. I downloaded them from ModTheSims.info (Mini residential lots by MaryLou).

Starter home 1×1 S 67

Tiny house on a 1×1 lot designed for a family with 2 sims. Notice the efficient usage of the space under staircase. Size: 67 squares (not including 5 squares of staircase void). Designed in July 2012.


Lot size: 1×1.
Lot facing: South.
Lot price: $9.919 (with minimal and cheapest furniture) / 19.970 (having best possible furniture without exceeding $20.000, including computer and lights, as shown in photos).
Building size: 6×6 squares.
Floor area: 67 squares.
Expansions requires: none, only base game.

PS: I do not know how to create such small lots like 1×2. I downloaded them from ModTheSims.info (Mini residential lots by MaryLou).

Semi-Detached with garage 4×3

Do you though that is impossible to build in The Sims 2 “apartments” with attached garage and pool? This is possible, just need to do them properly.

For unknown reasons, one of the four houses is not a valid apartment. It become valid by deleting internal stair to basement. Cannot understand how the hell is possible, since all four units are identical. If you want to check the problem and try to fix it, download it and leave a comment!

Lot size: 4×3.
Lot facing: East.
Units size: 210 squares.
Rental fees: around $3600.
Expansions required: Apartment Life only.

Palace I 5×5 (Trianon 2009)

Micul Trianon FlorestiA realistic replica of a REAL building, the Trianon Palace from Floresti, Romania, built in 1910 and abandoned, more details here, made originally in 2006 with base game only and remade in 2009 using Nightlife.

I tried to preserve many aspects of the real palace, such as external shape, symmetrical internal floor plan, position of external doors and windows (a little exception: I deleted 4 windows per floor, to maintain equidistant windows at this building size), big living / ballroom (used as disco room), with stairs on both sides, chimneys. I also preserved the fountain shape (used as swimming pool), and sun direction. Then I fitted it with much top-quality classic furniture, paintings and statues.

Due to the large size of this luxury house and its amount of furniture, it is a very inefficient home, but at least… is the most beautiful house made by me?

Excuse the bad interior. It is designed for 8 Sims who sleep 4 in each bedroom, because in 2009 I took no importance indoor realism, also the room shapes are ugly. If you do not like the Palace, try Palace II.


Lot size: 5×5.
Lot facing: North.
House price: $368.871 (most expensive house in The Sims 2 made by me, to date).
House size: 26 by 21 squares (the real palace is 43 by 33 meters).
Floor area: 586 squares + 116 squares of terraces + 118 squares of void.
Pool area: 206 squares (24 by 13).
Expansion packs required: University and Nightlife.

Tiny House 2×1 N 138

Another version of Tiny House, now on 2×1 lot to can include a driveway for one car.


Lot size: 2×1.
Lot facing: North.
House price: about $94,577, unfurnished 15,198.
House size: 12×6.
Floor area: 138 squares (excluding 6 squares staircase void).
Expansions needed: none, just base game only.
Download: Tiny House 2×1 .Sims2Pack.

The Cube of Glass

The Sims 2 graphics are beautiful during night, especially in a house plenty of windows. So how about a house with glass walls and open floor plan? A simple home composed by one noisy lower floor and one quiet upper floor, made with Open for Business in June 2012.

This UGLY CUBE is actually a very efficient home even for a family of 8, in size of 288 squares… do you have questions, especially about bladder?

Lot size: 2×2.
Lot facing: West.
House price: $128.000.
Floor area: 288 squares.
Expansions required: Open for Business.


Two new versions made in July 2012, the cube was rebuilt rebuilt more beautiful now on a 2×3 lot. A masterpiece of modern architecture in The Sims 2?

Lot size: 2×3.
Lot facing: West.
House price: about $160.000.
Floor area: 288 squares (excluding the unusable space in decorative columns.
Expansions required: Open for Business.


Teoalida’s first apartment block

In december 2011, after 3 years of little attention paid to gaming, I installed The Sims 2: Apartment Life. I love the expansion pack, but I hate the Maxis-built apartments, for several reasons:

– Overall ugly buildings, few and small windows, some lots are entirely paved, no green space.
– Most apartments looks small, being designed for max 2 sims.
– Bad layout causing them to look crammed (furniture placed in middle of room).
– Stairwell placed at back of building (waste of time – kids risk to lose school bus).
– Stairwell lobby is unrealistically big, common area on ground floor cause problems.
– Insufficient dining table in apartments and a dining table on ground floor cause problems (sims go downstairs to serve food – waste of time).

So I had to design myself PROPER apartments, this being the first one.

Four identical double-storey apartments, composed by 3+1 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, designed for families of 6-8 sims (one room is empty, two extra single beds can be placed). They are not very big, but the layout is designed to maximize space efficiency and furniture placements, and the block have Modernist / Art Deco style. Now I need to create four 8-sim families for the supreme test!

Note: L-shaped staircase cause problems, bathrooms are small and the door is unrealistic placed. See the Third apartment block, an improved version.


Lot size: 3×3.
Lot facing: South.
Building price: about $525.000.
Building size: 22×14.
Apartment floor area: 288 squares + 32 squares of terraces.
Rental fees: $4.650 with small differences, no idea from where they came, since the apartments are identical.
Expansions required: Apartment Life only.

Federal Fortress 3×3 452 (Maxis makeover)

I hate the Maxis-made houses, but the Federal Fortress looked nice, as I love symmetrical houses. I noticed that others did makeovers too, but they kept land size that is 4×4, a waste of land. Also they renovated it using some expansion packs. Personally I made it more beautiful without using any expansion pack, meaning that the house is compatible with any game.

Personally I rebuilt the house from scratch, on a 3×3 lot, while keeping the house size, as well as fireplaces and windows positions. Stair layout was maintained but I placed narrow stairs. I also added a outer alley and a 20×5 pool. The first floor 2-square wide hallways were converted into bathrooms while the second floor 2-square wide hallway was enlarged to a usable 4-square wide room. Third floor attic space was also maximized and converted into 2 bedrooms. Total: up to 6 bedrooms.

Suitable for families up to 8 sims. There is plenty of space remaining for extra items if you have expansion packs.


Lot size: 3×3.
Lot facing: North.
Lot price: $259.942.
Building size: 16×12 squares.
Floor area: 452 squares.
Pool area: 100 squares.
Expansions requires: none, only base game.

Tips and Tricks

Looking for a trick not listed in this page? Ask me! Leave a comment… and I may add it!

Build mode not working, cannot build anything!

That because you have the base game with a no-CD cracked .exe. I never found a working crack able to use build mode, so you can play the game with the DVD inserted in the drive, in Daemon Tools or whatever you have. This happens only for base game. In case of Expansion Packs, no problems occurs if you crack the .exe if you want to play without CD-ROM.

How to money cheat

Place your family in an empty lot, press Ctrl+Shift+C and type motherlode as many times as you need, each time you will add $50,000, save the lot, evict family and it will can buy expensive palaces. Or, if you have Nightlife or newer expansion packs, you can press Ctrl+Shift+C in neighborhood view and type familyfunds <familyname> <money>.

How to built basements

Some people ask which expansion pack is needed to build basements, WRONG! You can built basements just with the base game. Place a foundation at desired level (default is 4 steps above ground), then lower the ground 12 steps, and place a stair from foundation to lower ground. Now you can built rest of foundation, surrounding stair or U-shaped foundation and a normal wall on 4th side to make a house on sloped terrain or garage in basement.

How to design apartment lots

You need EP8 Apartment Life. You can have any number of apartments on one lot, apartments do not need to be in same building and one above others. You can make multiple landed houses, like a trailer park, on same lot too.
Make a residential lot, built everything and when you finish everything press Ctrl+Shift+C and type changelotzoning apartmentbase. You can change lot zoning earlier too, but be sure to changelotzoning residential back before making build mode changes. Do not make build mode changes after you changed lot zoning to apartments, because you can lose apartment validity.
You may get a message There is an invalid apartment on this lot. Check main door rug to be outside of apartment, be sure that is no other entrance, etc.

Many people experienced problems in designing apartments and they think that is not allowed for apartments to have terraces and ground access. WRONG!
– Valid apartments should have only one entrance (the unique separator door) and no door connecting them (no back door to a common courtyard)
– Valid apartments CAN have garage, as long as it is accessible internally.
– Valid apartments CAN have balconies, rooftop access and helipad, as long as they are fenced.
– Valid apartments CAN have private ground area and pool, as long as it is connected to building at same level and is fenced.
– Valid apartments cannot have a basement terrace with stairs to ground, even if the ground area is enclosed.

How to solve invalid apartments

Delete all apartment doors and place them back one by one, type changelotzoning apartmentbase, even if it is valid, type changelotzoning residential to change back and check next apartment. After you get which apartment is invalid, try deleting stairs or built a wall or fence to see which part is invalid.

I tried to built 4 units of semi-detached housing with garage and pool (photo). I kept getting message that one apartment is invalid, I found that the green house is the invalid apartment. How the fuck 3 are valid and 1 is invalid since all 4 units are identical????

How to rent furnished apartments

Sadly Maxis did not made this option available without cheating. Tired of losing furniture when rent an apartment? Just activate cheat mode boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true then shift+click apartment door and select Rent furnished.

How to have more than 8 sims controllable

Activate cheat mode, shift+click on NPC Sims and make them controllable. You can have dozens of controllable sims in this way (useful if you want for example, to record a movie with dozens of dancing sims), best to do in a crowded apartment building, controllable sims does not mean they will not be added to your family. You cannot have more than 8 sims in a family (or 10 including pets)

How to cheat and control everything

Type boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true. Beware, you can do everything with this cheat, even RUIN THE GAME!

Example of things that you can do: click on the skills and maximize or reduce them, click on the mood bars, shift+click on refrigerator and restock it, shift+click on TV or computer and break them, shift+click on the Sim itself and change the age and the clothing, shift+click on newspaper and choose any career and any job level. Shift+click on NPC Sims and make them controllable

Starter Homes tips

Always built houses THEN move family in them. NEVER move family to an empty lot then build the house, because only 80% of Build Mode costs are added to home value. The loss of money will be even bigger if you build, demolish and rebuild.

A way to have a even better furniture in less than 20K is to move a rich family in the house and play it for 5 days, as the Buy Mode items depreciate with 15% per day and reach terminal value of 40% in 5th day (unlike The Sims 1, items no longer depreciate at infinite), then kill all Sims, the house will be empty, for sale, but with used furniture.

Use cheapest items for tables and counters, as these things do not affect Sims mood.

My Best Starter Home include a computer, later I found that this is not necessary. Use computer to find a bigger variety of jobs for your Sims, then sell the computer and buy better beds.

House on a Tiny 1×2 Lot II

I has been criticized for making too squarish houses with too few rooms, so in July 2012 I decided to improve the original Tiny Lot House, now the house is even smaller and include also a pool. Kitchen is separated from living-dining while the upper floor plan are 3 rooms accessible via a small hallway. Designed for families of 4 Sims. You can put one single bed in each bedroom, but I recommend putting two beds in one bedroom and use other room for other purposes. This was a spontaneous idea, aka house made without pre-planning.


Lot size: 1×2.
Lot price: $93,010 in base game, $92,579 in Ultimate Collection, $17,636 unfurnished.
House size: 6×12.
Floor area: 128 squares + 12 squares of balconies (excluding 4 squares staircase void).
Pool size: 18 squares.
Expansions needed: none, just base game only.

PS: I do not know how to create such small lots like 1×2. I downloaded them from ModTheSims.info (Mini residential lots by MaryLou).

The Sims 2 list of CHEATS

Miscellaneous Cheats
help [cheatname]
autoPatch -on/off
setLotLightingFile [filename] Nightlife and newer
bugJarTimeDecay [on|off] Seasons (only?)
Neighborhood Cheats
changeLotZoning [residential | community | greek | dorm | secretsocietylot] University only
terrainType [desert | concrete | temperate | dirt] Nightlife and newer
changeLotZoning [residential | community | hotel | secretvacationlot] Bon Voyage only
modifyNeighborhoodTerrain [on/off] Freetime and newer
changeLotZoning [residential | community | secrethobbylot] Freetime only
boolProp apartmentBuildBuyRestrictions [true/false] Apartment Life only
boolProp aptSubLotSpecificToolsDisabled [true/false] Apartment Life only
boolProp aptBaseLotSpecificToolsDisabled [true/false] Apartment Life only
changeLotClassification [low | middle | high] Apartment Life only
changeLotZoning [residential | community | apartmentbase] Apartment Life only
clearLotClassValue Apartment Life only
printLotClass Apartment Life (only?)
setQuarterTilePlacement [on/off] Mansion & Garden
Build Cheats
moveObjects on/off
boolprop snapobjectstogrid falsetrue
boolProp dormSpecificToolsDisabled [true/false] University (only?)
setHighestAllowedLevel [number] University and OFB only
boolProp allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation [true/false] University and newer
roofSlopeAngle [15-75] Nightlife and newer
deleteAllFences Pets and newer
deleteAllWalls Pets and newer
deleteAllAwnings Pets and newer
deleteAllObjects [doors/windows/stairs] Pets and newer
deleteAllHalfWalls Pets and newer
Gameplay Cheats
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
kaching – give $1,000 simoleons
familyFunds [family last name] [number]
motherlode – give 50,000 simoleons
aging [on/off]
intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims [number]
plumbbobtoggle on/off
intProp censorgridsize [number]
AspirationLevel (0-5)
StretchSkeleton (0.0-?)
bugJarTimeDecay on/off
familyFunds [familyname] [amount] Nightlife and newer
unlockCareerRewards Nightlife and newer
maxMotives Nightlife and newer
motiveDecay [on/off] Nightlife and newer
aspirationPoints [amount] Nightlife and newer
lockAspiration [on/off] Nightlife and newer
aspirationLevel [0-5] Nightlife and newer
ageSimsCheat [on/off] Nightlife and newer
addneighbortoFamilycheat [on/off] Open for Business and newer
boolProp petActionCancel [true/false] Pets
boolProp controlPets [true/false] Pets
boolProp disablePuppyKittenAging [true/false] Pets
boolProp petsFreeWill [true/false] Pets
Storytelling Cheats
slowMotion [value]
boolProp enablePostProcessing true/false
bloom [r g b x] (rgb is color) (x is the bloom amount) [0.0 – 1.0]
vignette [centerX centerY X] (X is the vignetteing factor) [0.0 – 1.0]
filmGrain [val] [0.0-1.0]
letterBox [val] [0.0-0.4]
showHeadlines [on/off] Nightlife and newer
plumbbobToggle [on/off] Open for Business and newer

L-Shaped house – Edition 2008

Since The Sims 1 era, the L-shaped houses were the basic accommodation for my family of 6 sims (I was playing 1 family all time), with pool, stairway leading to balcony, and I loved to fill entire courtyard with flowers.

See  my first The Sims 2 house‎ (2005). This is 2008 version designed to be balanced between home efficiency and realism / beautifulness.


Lot size: 2×2.
Lot facing: South.
House price: about $110.000.
House size: 8×16 squares.
Floor area: 224 squares.
Expansion needed: base game only.

List of updates (changelog)

I made this The Sims 2 blog in 2009, originally as ONE page, its URL was teoalida.webs.com/thesims.htm.
Since August 2012 I made a new website www.teoalida.com to replace the crappy Webs.com one, and The Sims 2 section was a Category with 30+ pages.

After adding non-gaming stuff on teoalida.com in November-December 2012 , I decided in February 2013 to give to The Sims 2 a sub-website instead of a category, URL remained the same: www.teoalida.com/thesims!

The entire www.teoalida.com have a total traffic of 300 daily visitors in early 2013 and rising to 1000 daily visitors as May 2015. Of them, this The Sims sub-website contributed with about 20 daily visitors in 2013 (quite few) and even worse, started falling slowly due to lack of updates. It’s probably because of competition, there are too many The Sims 2 blogs on the internet and too few players searching on google willing to read blogs of other players.

During 2018 due to change in google algorithms, many subpages of my website jumped in traffic, and since I decided in November 2018 to publish list of lots in all The Sims 1, 2, 3 neighorhoods and worlds, the traffic on The Sims sub-website reached 100 daily visitors.

List of updates and changes

April 2009
I started my personal website: teoalida.webs.com, a 10-page website of which ONE page was dedicated for The Sims 2. Beside the planned cities that I made in 2006-2008, I made in rush 3 houses: Small wood home, L-shaped medium house, The Palace, and presented all them on website.
The Sims 2 page had 8 paragraphs.

Little time dedicated to gaming.

November 2011
added 2 new houses: Best Starter Home and Tiny Lot house, both on 1×2 lots. Added game pros & cons.

December 2011
I installed Apartment Life, I added one functional apartment block, one decorative condo, Tips and Tricks.

February 2012
Added Guide for an efficient house, A different kind of house, Funny screenshots.

February-May 2012
Work, work, work… too busy to play any game.

June-July 2012
I dedicated some time for gaming, I installed all remaining expansion packs and planned to built about 6 more house downloads, beside the 8 existing houses.
I decided to post one new house per week, to please Google. However, until August I posted 8 house downloads and I had another 4 houses on waiting list, while the page already reached 25 paragraphs (of which 16 houses) and 60+ KB in size. Too much!
I had an idea to split it in at least 3 pages: TheSims2.htm for gaming review, TheSims2lots.htm, TheSims2tricks.htm.

Pleasing Google failed. The Sims 2 page got only 2-3 daily visitors.

Meantime the total number of visitors on my website reached 200+ daily visitors, too much for a Webs.com free hosting.

August 2012
I started a new website on teoalida.com using WordPress and paid hosting and decided to start testing it by posting The Sims 2 stuff, as it is the poorest-performing page in Google of the former 50-pages website teoalida.webs.com.

24 September 2012
teoalida.webs.com/thesims2.htm has been deleted! All content has been moved to www.teoalida.com!
Meantime I kept building new houses, as 24 September I have 40 posts scheduled to be published one per day until end of september, plus plans for even more houses!!

October 2012
INCREDIBLE! I have 53 posts in The Sims 2 category, of which 36 are houses made by me!

Nov 2012 – most of 2013
Work, work, work > no time for playing games.

February 2013
The Sims 2 fan page was converted into a separate blog (sub-website) instead of being a category on my main website www.teoalida.com which is now only about real-life housing. URL remained the same: www.teoalida.com/thesims. I will post more houses and useful stuff when I will have time.

March 2013
I started playing The Sims 3, which I installed since January but had no time to play. new houses will be posted on website SOON!

Growing business forced me to stop playing games, leaving several The Sims houses under construction, or finished but unpublished.

August-October 2013
All images, previously hosted on Photobucket to reduce bandwidth usage of extremely-limited bandwidth of the former website on Webs.com hosting, have been gradually re-uploaded to my own website’s hosting (www.teoalida.com/thesims/images/…).

Did not played any The Sims these years.

March 2015
I moved the website from Shared server to a Virtual Private Server.

May 2015
The move to VPS screwed Simple eCommerce plugin for WordPress which I was using in other websites to sell my works. I started looking for other plugins and found Easy Digital Downloads.
Then I came with idea to use Easy Digital Downloads also for The Sims section of website, even if the plugin is intended for paid downloads and personally I use it mostly for lot / house downloads for FREE (products with $0.00 price). This allow me better tracking of how many times each house is downloaded, but also if a person download multiple houses.
Previously I was tracking house downloads having the files uploaded in Hotfile.com, could see which are most downloaded but not who download them and if someone download multiple house (until Hotfile hosting service was suspended by US government for piracy), also tracking website visitors with Clicky, but since Clicky do not track .sims2pack files, I improvised something by uploading files on my old website (teoalida.webs.com) but since this hosting is limited to 80 MB storage, I uploaded all except 4 houses (biggest file sizes), and Clicky was tracking them as external links.

June 2016
After few years in which I focused on expanding my business, I returned in The Sims and built 6 skyscrapers and also re-started working at StarlingSprings apartment town.

June 2017
I finished StarlingSprings urban city!

November 2018
Published 23 pages with the list of lots from each world (previously available in Excel format only, for $23, made since 2013).

December 2018
I made a table with list of neighborhoods in The Sims 1 too.

March 2019
I made a table with list of neighborhoods in The Sims 2 too (14 neighborhoods).

My first The Sims 2 house

I found these pictures while browsing old folders in my computer. They date back from 2005, taken with in-game camera so no high resolution available and no download link.

Since 2003 when I got The Sims 1, most of my houses were L-shaped with balcony and external staircase, and whole courtyard was filled up with flowers. This was the first house I build shortly after I installed the new The Sims 2, I created a 3×3 lot and started building… testing how tall I can go. It resulted a 24×6 squares house with basement, 4 floors and roof terrace. Lots of useless furnishing were spread through house, duplicating items, creating a very inefficient house where sims were wasting half of their lives going up and down on stairs.


A more efficient version of traditional home is the L-shaped house 2008 measuring 16×8 squares on 2×2 lot and only 2 floors.