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Al Simhara

Al SimharaAl Simhara is a pre-made destination sub-world, added to The Sims 3 in The Sims 3: World Adventures.

Al Simhara is an ancient land built against a river, full of magic and mystery. It is a land of mummies, pyramids, and crocodiles. It is found in Egypt and features activities and items drawn from Egyptian culture. The name is a reference to the Sahara Desert of Egypt. This town features fully explorable tombs and hidden tombs, including famous Egyptian landmarks such as the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Sims can explore these landmark tombs, thereby undertaking adventures. The company MorcuCorp features strongly in these adventures. It is an excellent subhood for Sims to improve their Photography skill. There are numerous pre-made families in Al Simhara, although they all unfortunately lack description texts. A trip to Al Simhara costs §1600 for one Sim and §1000 for each additional Sim.

Total number of lots: 46
Lots 20×20: 3
Lots 20×30: 9
Lots 30×30: 6
Lots 30×40: 10
Lots 40×40: 3
Lots 60×60: 1
Lots 64×64: 8
Lots 40×50: 0
Lots 50×50: 1
Lots 50×60: 0
Odd-sized lots: 6

List of lots and houses in Al Simhara world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting

Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
South side – Central
10 East Riverview Place 30×30 The Date Palm House Amin
20 East Riverview Place 30×20
30 East Riverview Place 40×30 The Pomegranate House
60 East Riverview Place 40×30 Desert’s End (Graveyard)
1 Market Place 30×60 Al Simhara Market (Market)
5 Marketiew Place 30×20 The Fig Tree House Shalut
7 Marketview Place 30×40 The Papyrus House Rashid
9 Marketview Place 20×30 The Doum Palm House Hawas
11 Marketview Place 30×40 The Mandrake House Nagi
13 Marketview Place 20×30 The Dellach Palm House Badawi
1 Quarry View Place 20×30 The Flax Seed House Lufti
3 Quarry View Place 30×40 The Tamarisk House Taymur
5 Quarry View Place 30×30 The Daisy House Barakat
7 Quarry View Place 30×20 The Sycamore House Hosni
9 Quarry View Place 30×30 The Emer House Moussa
30 Quarry View Place 40×40 Al Simhara Base Camp (Base Camp)
34 Quarry View Place 30×20 Tomb of Discovery (Landmark Tomb)
10 West Riverview Place 30×30 The Boswellia House Diab
20 West Riverview Place 30×40 The Cornflower House Madbouli
30 West Riverview Place 30×30 The Frankincense House Kamel
40 West Riverview Place 30×30 The Ished Tree House Ameen
50 West Riverview Place 30×20
70 West Riverview Place 40×30 The Fig Tree House
South side
10 Hillside Path 20×20 Camp Earth (No Visitors Allowed)
Sky Valley 64×64 Pyramid of the Sky (Landmark Tomb)
Sky Valley 64×64 Water in the Sand (Fishing Spot)
13 South Riverway 36×24 The Oceanview Estate
49 South Riverway 20×20 Camp Sun (No Visitors Allowed)
75 South Riverway 40×30 The Greenbelt House
1 Temple Road 64×64 The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut (Landmark Tomb)
The Soutern Beach 50×38 Abu Simbei (Landmark Tob)
North side
Al Simhara Desert 64×64 Pyramid of the Wind (Landmark Tomb)
Al Simhara Desert 60×60 The Great Pyramid (Landmark Tomb)
Al Simhara Desert 64×64 Pyramid of the Burning Sands (Landmark Tomb)
5 Eastern Delta 40×40
10 North Riverway 40×30 The Delta House
40 North Riverway 20×20 Camp Moon (No Visitors Allowed)
100 North Riverway 30×20 The Water Lily House
Pyramid Path 30×40 Pharaoh’s Oasis (Fishing Spot)
100 Rocky Basin 40×40 The Lotus Oasis
Shipwreck Basin 64×64 Ship’s Oasis (Fishing Spot)
The Crossroads 25×64 The Great Sphinx (Landmark Tomb)
The Little Island 24×20 The Island Estate
The Northern Beach 50×50 Ruins of Karnak (Landmark Tomb)
1 Western Delta 64×64 The Acacia Palace
5 Western Delta 64×64 The Almond Tree House

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