Home Alone house 3×3 S 396

Real Home Alone HouseI built in The Sims 2 the famous house of Kevin McCallister from favorite movies: Home Alone 1 & 2, in September 2012, after I got its location and floor plan. A luxury property for families up to 8 sims, decorated including the rear garage and minivan seen in movie, but it resulted a messy floor plan.

Home Alone house address: 671 Lincoln Street, Winnetka, Illinois. A 2-story house plus attic and basement, 4250 square feet, built in 1921.

Most of interior shots were not made in the real house, instead the interior has been rebuilt in a filming studio, featuring a slightly different floor plan, for doing stunts and setting traps easier.

See floorplan of real house, and of movie house.

Home Alone House day Home Alone House facade Home Alone House rear
Home Alone House night Home Alone House first floor plan Home Alone House second floor plan

Lot size: 3×3.
Lot facing: South
House price: $213,496.
House size: 20×12.
Floor area: 396 squares + 40 squares garage + 34 squares terraces.
Pool area: 72 squares.
Expansions required: Nightlife only (The Sims 2 Deluxe).

My first The Sims 3 house

In April 2013, after several dozens hours of extensive studying of Sims behavior on 3 experimental houses made by me, using two families of 2 and 8 sims, plus the pre-made ones, I made my first (final) house in The Sims 3.

I hate The Sims 3 lot sizes, for being too big. Look at this, I used the smallest standard-sized lot available in game (20×30) to build an oversized house with 258 square meters for 6 Sims (with possibility to add 2 more beds), 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, carpark for 2 cars, pool, BBQ, etc. I say oversized because 6 Sims normally need 200 squares.

Error: the two doorways near staircase may appear half-walled, I placed using the cheat “moveobjects on”, because of The Sims 3 limitations, this was working well in The Sims 2.


Lot size: 20×30.
Lot price: about $170.000.
House size: 16×12.
Floor area: 258 squares + 35 squares of terraces + 8 squares of void.
Expansions required: none, The Sims 3 base game only.

American Home 2×2 E 218

The larger version of American single-story home. Designed in October 2012 for a family of 6 Sims, in American Style: asymmetrical, siding wall cover, front porch and carport. Improved September 2018 changing furniture and removing fences.

Original 2012 version

Lot size: 2×2.
Lot facing: East.
House price: $140,850 when built, $140,419 in Ultimate Collection, $28,635 unfurnished.
House size: 16×11.
Floor area: 218 squares + 8 squares of terraces (excluding 8 squares of void).
Pool area: 28 squares.
Expansions required: Nightlife only (The Sims 2 Deluxe).

American Home 2×2 E 131

Is possible to have a single-story house with driveway and swimming pool, on a 2×2 lot? YES! Designed in August 2012 for a family of 4 Sims, in American Style: asymmetrical, asymmetrical, siding wall covers, front porch and carport. Improved September 2018 changing furniture and removing fences.

Original 2012 version

Lot size: 2×2.
Lot facing: East.
House price: $95,068 in base game, $94,949 in ultimate collection, $19,002 unfurnished.
House size: 16×14.
Floor area: 131 squares + 8 squares of terraces (excluding 8 squares staircase void).
Pool area: 28 squares.
Expansions required: Nightlife only (The Sims 2 Deluxe).

Terraced Houses 1×2

Do you thought that is impossible to built terraced houses aka townhomes in The Sims 2?

I built 2 of them, with classic and modern architecture. Both houses are composed by living, dining, kitchen, two 6×5 bedrooms, two small bathrooms, 1 extra room, and hallways (hallways are uncommon in my houses). Designed for a family of 4 to 6 sims. You can add extra beds for 8+ sims in the existing bedrooms, or reconfigure the two 6×5 bedrooms in three 4×5 bedrooms, but the living and dining are not big enough for more than 6 sims.

These houses were built on larger lots then the lot was shrunk using Lot Adjuster, which allows reducing the non-buildable area with 1 square. You cannot built walls on lot limits, but you can make buildings that apparently continue from one lot to another. Looks nice in neighborhood view!
See also Tutorial to build row houses in The Sims 2.

Terrace Classic

Lot size: 1×2.
Lot facing: South.
House price: $110.390.
Floor area: 196 squares (excluding 4 squares staircase void).
Expansions needed: none, just base game only.


Terrace Modern

Lot size: 1×2.
Lot facing: North.
House price: $103.502.
Floor area: 188 squares (excluding 4 squares staircase void).
Expansions needed: none, just base game only.


Suggestion: if you have Open for Business or Apartment Life, change the windows to the more modern ones, delete the 4-step floor on the roof and replace it with split-level foundation (I have them, but I love to design houses without expansions).

Also, you can redecorate the interior, walls and floors, I think that is poorly decorated.

Asymmetrical House 2×2

Third edition of Asymmetrical House, made in July 2013, improved with better interior layout and more rooms, it is one of the most efficient house layouts made by me. Living, dining, kitchen, 4 bedrooms upstairs and 2 bathrooms. Every room have 2 doors to prevent traffic jams. Originally intended for families of 4 sims, it proved enough spacious so I added an extra bed, for 6 sims.


Lot size: 2×2.
Lot facing: North.
House price: $126,392 (entrance at living) / $127,479 (entrance at dining).
House size: 12×10
Floor area: 204 squares + 24 / 30 squares of terraces.
Pool area: 28 squares.
Expansions required: none, just base game only.

Asymmetrical House 2×3

This home is a spontaneous idea (house built without any pre-planning) made after a friend criticized my The Sims homes for being unrealistic, too much symmetry, too bright colors, told me to use brick. There are 5 rooms in the house, which may be used as 3 bedrooms, 1 den, 1 disco room. Made in April 2013. Redesigned in September 2018 to remove fences and dark green grass and replace bricks with siding.

Lot size: 2×3.
Lot facing: East.
House price: $143,805.
House size: 14 x 16 squares.
Floor area: 248 squares + 32 squares garage + 4 squares void + 4 squares enclosed room.
Pool area: 35 squares.
Expansions required: Nightlife only.

Shotgun Starter Home 1×2 N 88

The Sims starter home under $20.000 designed for a family up to 4 sims, modeled based on shotgun houses, originating from New Orleans and common in south states from 1830s to 1920s, single-story, 3-4 meters wide and 20+ meters long, having 3-5 rooms in row, entrances in the endmost rooms and no hallways.

In The Sims 2 house I cheated a little and made entrance in the second room, for purpose of layout optimization.


Lot size: 1×2.
Lot facing: North.
House price: $20.000 furnished, $? unfurnished.
House size: 6×14.
Floor area: 88 squares.
Expansions required: none, base game only.

PS: I do not know how to create such small lots like 1×2. I downloaded them from ModTheSims.info (Mini residential lots by MaryLou).

Peles Castle 6×5

This is the UNFINISHED The Sims 2 replica of Peles Castle, the most expensive building of Romania (valuated at 150 million euro, Bran Castle is only 60 million euro, Parliament Palace could be even more expensive but it was never valuated).

I designed it in 2007 after visiting the castle, using base game on a 5×5 lot, being distortioned to fit.

I re-designed it in 2010 using Apartment Life to get 6×5 lot and roof variety, but rear facade was a blank wall.

I improved it in 2013, after I found this Peles castle floor plan drew by Randwulf (I wonder how he drew the floor plan and how correct it is, since only a part of basement and the first floor are opened for tourists).

In The Sims 2 model, I did not followed internal floor plan, but only the external walls. The Randwulf floor plan helped me to guess how the building looks in its back facade.

If you feel being able to improve or finish it, download the .Sims2Pack file, edit it then send it back to me via email!

Peles Castle Peles Castle

Lot size: 6×5.
Lot facing: South.
House price: about ~$200.000 at this moment. Only walls, no stairs, no furniture, no garden.
Floor area: impossible to count.
Expansions required: Apartment Life (to get the 6×5 lot).

Peles CastleThe Peles Castle is about 80-90 meters long and is very complex building thus impossible to build accurately in The Sims 2. Also there is no footage available with back side of castle, I live in Ploiesti city, 64 km away from the castle. I visited it personally, visited museum inside, but outside many alleys are fenced and guarded, tourists are not allowed on back side.

Construction started in 1873, was inaugurated in 1883, as two 3-storey buildings but construction continued until 1914, period in which the two buildings were bridged (the Moorish room, left side of the main tower) and a 4th floor was added over south and east parts of building, the tower was also raised to 66 meters.

Consequently, floors of different height are mixed up and lots of internal stairs are linking split-level floors. Moreover it is built on sloped ground and on the north side of building the 3rd floor is opening on ground level. This cannot be done in The Sims.

Tiny House 2×1 N 138

Another version of Tiny House, now on 2×1 lot to can include a driveway for one car.


Lot size: 2×1.
Lot facing: North.
House price: about $94,577, unfurnished 15,198.
House size: 12×6.
Floor area: 138 squares (excluding 6 squares staircase void).
Expansions needed: none, just base game only.
Download: Tiny House 2×1 .Sims2Pack.

L-Shaped house – Edition 2008

Since The Sims 1 era, the L-shaped houses were the basic accommodation for my family of 6 sims (I was playing 1 family all time), with pool, stairway leading to balcony, and I loved to fill entire courtyard with flowers.

See  my first The Sims 2 house‎ (2005). This is 2008 version designed to be balanced between home efficiency and realism / beautifulness.


Lot size: 2×2.
Lot facing: South.
House price: about $110.000.
House size: 8×16 squares.
Floor area: 224 squares.
Expansion needed: base game only.