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Moonlight Falls

Moonlight FallsMoonlight Falls is a world featured in The Sims 3: Supernatural. It was first seen in the official announcement trailer.

The Sims 3 producer, Kari St. John, stated that Moonlight Falls was “inspired by the misty valleys of the Pacific Northwest”. EA representatives have not gone into detail about the world, but have described it as a mysterious town, filled with mystical creatures.

It is situated near mountains with snowy peaks. The world has a variety of new rabbit holes, including Create a World assets, including a town hall, a mausoleum, and a water tower. There are a lot of trees in the area, as well as a river which leads to a waterfall and two rusted or wooden bridges over the river. There is also a small flat bridge, possibly concrete, across the river right before the waterfall.

Moonlight Falls comes with character stories, such as feuding between founding families. The vampire family (the Van Goulds) and the werewolf family (the Wolffs) are at odds over who founded Moonlight Falls. The patriarch of the Van Gould family is Ayden Van Gould, and the patriarch of the Wolff family is Pappy Wolff. Despite the feuding, the younger generations of these families have found love.[4]

It seems that many of the Sims found in Moonlight Falls make reference to supernatural-themed media. For example, The Twilight Saga is referenced in the Swain Family, Marigold Maldano appears to be a nod to Sookie Stackhouse of True Blood and the Roommates Supernatural household bears a resemblance to the series Being Human. Other series possibly referenced in this neighborhood include Charmed, Bewitched, Harry Potter and Grimm. As well as these cultural references, the Bloom Institute of Wellness and Commonwealth Court are based on real-world buildings (Toronto’s Victoria Hospital for Sick Children and Lowell, Massachusetts’ city hall respectively).

Moonlight Falls is a unique town, as it seems to have a mountain group in the centre of the Supernatural Town. There is a large amount of bridges suggested for transportation around town. There is a beach that almost looks like a rocky coastline on the middle-east area of the suburb.

It has a very similar layout to The Sims: Makin’ Magic neighborhood Magic Town, including a rocky river in the same shape that cuts through the town, a waterfall and bridge in the same place, a mountain range, and the same type of trees throughout the town.

Unlike the vampires in Bridgeport, the vampires in Moonlight Falls don’t tend to have the Evil Trait.

Total number of lots: 81
Lots 20×20: 6
Lots 20×30: 6
Lots 30×30: 11
Lots 30×40: 6
Lots 40×40: 30
Lots 60×60: 0
Lots 40×50: 0
Lots 50×50: 6
Lots 50×60: 0
Lots 64×64: 5
Odd-sized lots: 11

List of lots and houses in Moonlight Falls world

Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table.
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Lot address Lot size Building name Family name
Main side of river
End of Big Pine Trail 40×60 Stone Troll Fishing Hole (Fishing Spot
89 Horseshoe Bend 40×40
90 Horseshoe Bend 40×40 Petite Pony Equestrian Center (Equestrian Center)
90 Horseshoe Bend 64×64 (Small Park)
94 Horseshoe Bend 30×40 H Two the O Indoor Pool (Pool)
96 Horseshoe Bend 30×40 (Visitors Allowed)
104 Horseshoe Bend 30×30 Performance Park (Big Park)
123 Horseshoe Bend 64×50 Everglow Academy & Coliseum (No Visitors Allowed)
149 Horseshoe Bend 40×40 (Small Park)
155 Horseshoe Bend 30×30 Country Living – 2br, 2.5 ba Singh
163 Horseshoe Bend 40×40 The Toadstool (Supernatural Hangout)
404 Huckleberry Lane 40×40 The Tree House – 2br, 1ba Goodfellow
414 Huckleberry Lane 25×30 Desirable Classic – 2br, 2.5ba
424 Huckleberry Lane 50s40 Bloom Institute of Wellness (No Visitors Allowed)
428 Huckleberry Lane 40×40 (Visitors Allowed)
431 Huckleberry Lane 40×40 Graceful Getaway – 4br, 1ba Durwood
438 Huckleberry Lane 40×40 Witch’s Cove – 5br, 3.5ba Crumplebottom
16 La Shove Road 40×60 La Shove Beach (Beach)
204 Lakeside Drive 20×20 The Craftsman’s Mansion – 2br, 1ba
2 Lupine Lane 20×20 The Humble House – 1br, 1ba Pappy
13 Lupine Lane 20×20 Efficient Above – 1br,1ba Farmwell
20 Lupine Lane 20×20 Cozy Retreat – 1br, 1ba
29 Lupine Lane 20×20 Manufactured Magnificence – 2br, 1ba Nix
31 Lupine Lane 20×20 Stately Starter – 1br, 1ba
302 Knott Street 40×40
305 Knott Street 40×40 (Small Park)
309 Knott Street 30×20 Barney’s Salon and Tattoo (Salon)
310 Knott Street 20×30 Community Fire Department (Fire Station)
320 Knott Street 40×40 Mellow Manor – 5br, 3ba MacDuff
323 Knott Street 50×50 Lap of Luxury – 4br, 4.5ba Ivy
327 Knott Street 20×30 Affordable Elegance – 2br, 1ba
336 Knott Street 30×30 Aleister’s Elixirs and Sundrie (Elixir Consignment Store)
338 Knott Street 40×40 Zoomsweeper Test Track
344 Knott Street 30×30 Sam’ Market Diner (No Visitors Allowed)
347 Knott Street 30×30 The Bay View – 2br, 1.5ba Maldano
348 Knott Street 40×40 Mind-Body Connection Bookstore & Spa (No Visitors Allowed)
1120 Merchant Way 25×30 Pleasant Place – 4br, 4 ba
1126 Merchant Way 25×25 Refined Elegance – 3br, 2ba Roommates Supernatural
1129 Merchant Way 30×30 Dionysus’ Dwelling -1br, 1.5ba Grimm
1135 Merchant Way 20×30 Landgraab Sell n’ Swap (Consignment Store)
1138 Merchant Way 40×40
That Old Trail 50z50 That Old Fishing Hole (Fishing Spot)
2301 Waning Way 20×30 Grady’s Junkstop (Junkyard)
2303 Waning Way 40×40 Varg’s Tavern (Supernatural Hangout)
2316 Waning Way 40×40 Spacious Revival – 4br, 3ba Wolff
2327 Waning Way 40×40
2336 Waning Way 30×30 Bell’s Barbell House (Gym)
2345 Waning Way 64×64 (Visitors Allowed)
108 Wood Street 40×30 Library of Lore & Vault of Antiquity (Library)
110 Wood Street 50×50 Eerie Park (Big Park)
111 Wood Street 50×50 Commonwealth Court (Visitors Allowed)
112 Wood Street 40×20 Playful Playground (Small Park)
114 Wood Street 40×40 Victoria’s Victorian Home – 4br, 4.5ba
120 Wood Street 30×30 Quaint Settlement – 2br, 2ba Swain
126 Wood Street 50×50
130 Wood Street 40×40 Stunning Revival – 3br, 3ba
137 Wood Street 50×50 Quaint House – 2br, 2.5 ba
142 Wood Street 30×40 Great Greek – 2br 1.5ba Rodgers
160 Wood Street 40×40 Outdoorsman’s Delight – 2br, 2.5ba Roommates Vegan
164 Wood Street 64×45 Fae Ray Gardens (Small Park)
Other side of river
End of Moonlight Trail 30×30 Moonlight Park (Small Park)
1105 Merchant Way 40×40 Moonlight Falls Historical Society & Museum (Art Museum)
1109 Merchant Way 40×40 Deja View Theatre
1110 Merchant Way 30×30 Van Gould Merchant House & Cafe (No Visitors Allowed)
20 N Falls Ave 40×30 Red Velvet Longue (Vampire Longue)
41 N Fallls Ave 40×40 (Small Park)
71 N Falls Ave 40×40 (Small Park)
81 N Falls Ave 30×30 Gypsy’s Landing
29 S Falls Ave 64×64
37 S Falls Ave 20×30 Comfortable Classic – 2br, 1ba
49 S Falls Ave 30×40 Hallowed Grounds Cemetery (Graveyard)
205 Valley View Drive 64×64 (Small Park)
206 Valley View Drive 40×40 (Small Park)
212 Valley View Drive 40×40 Petite Mansion – 4br, 4.5ba
230 Valley View Drive 64×64 Massively Massive Mansion – 3br, 3ba, 3hb Van Gould
249 Valley View Drive 40×40 Abundant Richness – 5br, 3.5ba Goth
261 Valley View Drive 50×50
262 Valley View Drive 50z50 Modern Mansion – 5br, 5ba
270 Valley View Drive 40×40 (Small Park)
277 Valley View Drive 40×40 Minimally Modern – 2br, 2ba Pok
278 Valley View Drive 40×40

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