Nazi House 3×4 S 272

Been criticized for making too simple and squarish homes, I came with idea to design a Swastika-shaped building. Made in August 2012, redesigned September 2018 to remove fences and redesign pool.

Despite of the overall building shape offensive for some people, the home interior design is beautifully decorated using a theme with light wood and white. 4-square wide rooms create a compact but efficient layout even for large families of 8 sims in just 272 squares of floor area.

How many swastikas can you count in this house?

Note that Swastika is a religious symbol used since ancient times and should be NOT associated with Nazi Germany… or do you have Nazi Sims? This house is for you!

Nazi Swastika Building Swastika Nazi House

Lot size: 3×4.
Lot facing: South.
House price: $182,512.
House size: 20×20.
Floor area: 272 squares.
Pool area: 68 squares.
Expansions required: Nightlife only.

Palace II 3×4 (2012)

This is a more efficient version of the first Palace (a replica of Floresti’s Trianon Palace).

Palace II is smaller, but have a bigger disco room, staircases are facing to street (as they should), and the floorplan was designed to optimize furniture placements rather than to replicate a real building.

The palace contains 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 6 other rooms. Designed for large families of 8 Sims. All rooms are connected with double doors to prevent traffic jams.

Lot size: 3×4.
Lot facing: North.
House price: $286.486.
House size: 20×17.
Floor area: 472 squares + 64 squares of terraces.
(first floor 276 squares, second floor 196 squares, excluding 40 squares of void).
Pool area: 166 squares.
Expansions required: University and Nightlife.

Semi-Detached with garage 4×3

Do you though that is impossible to build in The Sims 2 “apartments” with attached garage and pool? This is possible, just need to do them properly.

For unknown reasons, one of the four houses is not a valid apartment. It become valid by deleting internal stair to basement. Cannot understand how the hell is possible, since all four units are identical. If you want to check the problem and try to fix it, download it and leave a comment!

Lot size: 4×3.
Lot facing: East.
Units size: 210 squares.
Rental fees: around $3600.
Expansions required: Apartment Life only.