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Some people asking me this kind of things, so I wrote them…
Although I am not sure if was a good idea to make such things public on website.

Politics: I am not interested in politics… but I think that the world would be better in a stateless society, although this is impossible in a civilized world.

Religion: fuck it, is the biggest fool of humanity. No god exists, Jesus could existed, but the resurrection is definitely a fake. The science proved that the planet is 4.7 billion years old, rather than created in 7 days, proved that the water level was constantly along history, variations are over millions of years, so the “great flood” is impossible, etc. Which is enough idiot to believe in these? Well… I know idiots that still think that the sun revolve around Earth. Smart people realize that the bible is a work of fiction made in a period in which humans did not had enough knowledge about natural events.

2012 end of world: Too many coincidences about 2012 and too many friends telling me that world will end, made me to write about it. They say that Maya predicted end of world because their calendar with 13th baktun ends on 21 december 2012. Guess what will happen next day? Obviously the 14th baktun will begin… no end of world. Galactic alignment occur every 28000 years and no living creature was harmed.

The real end of world may occur when the sun will be big enough to evaporate earth’s oceans, that will happen no sooner than 1 billion years. Humans exists for less than 1 million years so we should not care about such future time. Just keep pollution under control, otherwise the humanity will kill itself.

Conspiration theories: I do not believe in these, the conspirations are made by stupid people who do not believe in official data, who thinks that all of what is reported in the news is manipulated and false.

The first time I ever heard of a conspiration was in 2002 when I saw at TV a documentary about Moon Hoax. Since I had little info about real Moon landing, I believed in the documentary saying that Americans faked moon landing, but in 2005 with internet connection I got a lot of info, including NASA response to that conspiration. Since that, I don’t believe anymore in conspirations.

Most of UFO footage is fake, but it proved to be successful way for attracting media attention. But I think that aliens still exists. I give 0.0001% chances to be “alone in universe” as well as 0.0001% chances for any creature of another planet to have 4 limbs… think, the planet is 4.7 billion years old while the life exists for just 1 billion years, humans for one million years and current civilization for only 12000 years. Only the Earth’s local conditions caused the life to develop into humans. Imagine that no asteroid hitted earth to kill the dinosaurs, the humans could never appear? What kind of life will be 1 billion years from now? Millions of planets supports life, but they have different ages and different local conditions so the life would develop in very different ways.

If any of the reported extraterrestrial creatures with big eyes and no hair are legit, they are for sure an older Earth civilization which colonized another planet, this altered their physiognomy, and now they come back to check their home…

Try to describe the humanity from a neutral point of view. Imagine an alien doing a case study of humanity. Probably it will say “one of the most complex but stupidest life forms in universe, they invented politics and religion, causing war and destroying their own planet

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