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Child modeling agencies help kids to become superstars or just feed pedophiles?

Original page title: Strange way to make friends: using photos from child modeling websites – I met a potential pedophile?

Short story: I love collecting photos with celebrities, mostly actors and artists, of all ages 10-40+ years old, and became friend with an architect who seeing my photos, started sending me photos of child models to befriend me, he made me aware of “child modeling” phenomenon, and I became suspicious about his psychological health. Although I collected some (decent) photos from child modeling agencies, I am mostly disgusted by what I see, SOME agencies take indecent / erotic photos of children, which are being re-posted on forums where pedophiles exchange content, making me questioning if the child modeling websites help kids to become superstars or just feed pedophiles?

I wish authorities to STOP this kind of children abuse…

Full story

During the night of 9-10 September 2009, while running ARES (P2P filesharing software, popular for piracy in Latin America), I was contacted by a stranger who was not even patient to reply at his chat, he started sending me pictures with black little girls, topless, etc. I told him “what is this piece of shit? Stop sending!“, He said “I though that you will like, you are sharing such pictures“.

He asked if I want to exchange files privately, I said YES with one condition: NO PORN. I started sending him pictures from my collection, artists of all ages, together with amateur photos from Webshots, fashion photos from Amazon, photos with babies, photos with cats and dogs, etc. He liked especially the photos with Maria Isabel (9-year old girl who won Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2004) plus the photos with children from Webshots especially the ones where panties were visible. He sent me pictures of “models”, underage girls, but 90% of what he was sending me was disgusting so I deleted them immediately!

What actually happened: while looking on ARES for Latin music, videos, and photos with artists, I accidentally downloaded a porn movie with black people having filename similar with music artists, the downloaded files are automatically put in my shared files for other people to download from me. He was 25 years old, and just broke his leg, being bored at home he started looking online for friends interested in “porn and little girls”. He downloaded from me photos with child artists as well as that porn movie, thus he wrongly though that I like porn with black children. I was never aware that on ARES when you download files from someone you can start a chat with him.

In 2009 I had a bad life, socially isolated by my family, so I was looking to make friends by any ways possible. I gave him my Yahoo! ID to keep in touch in Yahoo! Messenger, as I do not know if we will ever met again on ARES. Next night he contacted me again starting chatting about music, criticizing my musical preferences, I asked him what other interests / hobbies he have, I showed him my hobbies including 3D buildings designed by me, and he revealed that is an architect in United Kingdom. I told him that instead of sending NASTY photos with little girls, to give me comments about the building models (designed as hobby for 3D modeling) but he was taking my architecture hobby too in serious and was comparing with his own professional drawings, despite that I told him that I don’t have architectural school like him, he was telling me often “forget architecture, let’s exchange photos”.

By this way, he made me aware of the “child modeling” websites. I started searching by model names on Google and on torrent websites to find more photos with the girls I liked from what he sent me, without being aware that what I am doing may be… NOT RIGHT. 90% of what I downloaded turned to be erotic rather than childish, so I deleted immediately, including all swimsuit and lingerie photos, I kept only the photos I liked, those wearing dresses, skirts, pants, etc.

We both love girls, but in a different way. I have a special interest for fashion. I love girls and women if they dress nicely and I love playing with kids like any other kid, or like a teacher with his pupils or an entertainer of a children TV show (as I watch a lot of children shows at TV).

Regarding the architect, I became suspicious about his psychological health, because he also sent me photos of completely naked little girls and asked me to send him such photos if I have. When I sent him photos of mature women he did not liked. I asked him why he collects photos (only) with underage girls, what he do with them, if he gets horny and if he wants to have sex, he said that this is just a fantasy, an he is like me against sex with children. Are you fucking serious?

We talked daily for about 2 weeks until his health recovered. After few months of break, we talked again. Despite having 2 common interests, our friendship was not good, I wished to talk more with him about architecture, because I did not liked to exchange photos of little girls. Last time I saw him online was in August 2010.

I asked a friend 18 year old what he thinks about the british architect and the child modeling websites he made me aware of, and I had an unexpected reaction, he started insulting me, calling me pedophile and accusing me for looking on child modeling websites to masturbate, and all what I want is sex with these girls. A sexually obsessed boy who do not understand that looking at girls does NOT mean that I intend to have sex with them, or that I am AGAINST underage sex.

When I told this story to my family (who treat me like a child, forbid me do adult things, tell me to not watch porn, keep me away from 18+ naughty girls, etc), they said that child models are OK for me and this does NOT make me a pedophile. Actually I do not watch porn because I personally DON’T LIKE, nude people or in swimsuit scares me. I miss my childhood, being unable to socialize with other children, all what I could do is to look at child models, watch children shows on TV and YouTube, listen to children music, etc.

My family did not allowed me to leave home unsupervised or interact with strangers, during childhood I had friends of my age visiting us or we were visiting them, but the scandals in family that ended in divorce when I was 16 ended my social life abruptly and made me to lose contact with my friends, I keep having dreams with them at the stage of kids they were when I saw them last time.

I made secretly new friends that were visiting me at home as early as 2010, and once my family allowed me to go outside home alone in 2015, I was able to make friends easily, my interest switched to more mature people and lost interest for watching children on computer screen.

What does the “child modeling” mean

Fashion designers, film directors, event organizers, etc, all need models, including children. But since the Internet era, a new type of business appeared, commonly known as NONUDE child modeling, which became very popular, with photos of girls wearing little clothing and their revenues come from people paying monthly subscription similar with NUDE adult models.

Girls aged 5-18 years (girls only), having albums wearing various outfits, each album having 50-100 pictures taken from all possible angles, one photo is a free preview and the rest are available for members who pay monthly subscription. The agencies supposedly promote models, the girls, which can be hired by fashion designers, agency itself do not promote any brand of clothing.

I wonder what is the profile of these people paying subscription. Personally I won’t pay a cent for photos. A fashion designer would take own photos. Could be majority of members pedophiles?

Example: The People Image, one of my favorite agencies because it do not have indecent photos, all girls posed in natural landscape and with clothing suitable for their age, We Are Little Stars sub-site contains 3 studios posting 1 girl per week, each studio subscription cost $60/month, each girl having 5 albums of which at least one in pants/shorts, one in skirt/dress, one in swimsuit posed on beach. It also have miniseries, sub-sites dedicated for a single girl, with dozens to hundreds albums. Sounds OK?

At a deeper analysis, we can see that the modeling agency born in 2001 have headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, but the site is in English, the only page in Portuguese is the page about hiring models. Few Brazilians speak English, a Brazilian fashion designer would do Google searches in Portuguese to find local girls, and the website will be hard to find, being in English it appear at Google searches done by Americans. An American fashion designer would have reasons to hire models from Brazil? Probably not!

Also why they do not have boys? I am not gay, but I want to see gender equality, and what if some parents wants their son to be model?

Conclusion: the website, using the label of a modeling agency, generate its revenue probably 90% from American pedophiles who pay monthly subscription to see pictures of underage girls. A controversial business at the limit of legality!

TopKids, another major Brazil modeling agency, have an article AGAINST The People Image.

Around 2015 site was down for few months and redesigned in a crappy way, selling individual albums rather than monthly subscription.

If The People Image is OK, there are other agencies very NASTY, making separate websites for each girl, with separate subscription (a fashion designer would like to see an agency with many girls to choose from, is obvious that websites are made for other purpose). The albums are decent in first photos, but across the set, she take clothes off until remain in underwear (if she is not in underwear from start), sometimes topless, with breasts covered by hand or hair. In some photos she lift skirt purposely to show panties. In most photos the camera is focused on butt, tights, between legs, etc, giving impression that the photos are taken for purpose of making men horny.

The limit between modeling and sexual photos is questionable. From legal point of view, as long the genital organs are not visible, is not considered child pornography and authorities cannot take action.

Some websites that say “100% LEGAL, non-nude website, no sexual or erotic poses” but some of them also say “You must BE 18 to enter”. What does that mean? Sites with little girls dedicated for adults? This sounds like pedophilia!

Recent research

In 2011 someone told me that subscription system is standard in porn industry. After several years in which I though that all agencies use subscription system, I found also the normal type of agencies, example: şi They have both kids and adults, girls, boys, men and women, with portfolios of max 10 free photos per model and their revenue is based on percentage of what is paid for hiring models for various events.

There are several articles saying that reputable agencies DO NOT take upfront payments and earn only by commissions, and some agencies are scamming people, taking upfront payments and promising a career in showbiz that never happen. In my country Romania where prostitution is illegal, there are some companies who offer sexual/escort services under label of modeling agency (article).

Kristina Pimenova, a 10-year old girl became famous in 2015-2016 thanks to the Facebook and Instagram photos, accounts managed by her mom, she got contracts with several famous fashion designers. But her photos, especially the ones taken in bed or wearing tight clothing, are also receiving sexual comments as well as comments criticizing people who left the sexual comments. According Wikipedia: Pimenova’s mother manages her social media accounts, and there has been criticism of the content as an example of sexualisation of an under-age model. The mother disagrees, maintaining that all the photos are perfectly innocent and “you must think like a pedophile in order to see something sexual in these pictures“.

On Facebook lots of kids post themselves photos with revealing clothing. Parents also post photos of their little girls on the beach, which can be collected by pedophiles. On YouTube lots of kids post themselves videos with them playing, and I noticed that most videos where panties are visible under skirt, get thousands of views and many sexual comments.

We live in a world of sexually-obsessed people and pedophiles, we cannot ban taking photos of children and child modeling agencies just because of these sick people.

But some of the above “child modeling agencies” looks to have been made PURPOSELY for these sick pedophiles.

In 2016 I accidentally discovered two forums, where (sick) people exchange these photos, forums having both nude 18+ models and nonude under-18 models, revealing that these little girls photos are often collected by same type of sick people interested in porn and sex. Even shocking, one of modeling agencies’ owner is participating posting sample photos in forum encouraging people to pay subscription. Most forums have rules such as “do not post girls under 13, do not post illegal content such as nudity if the model is under 18”, so child photos in underwear are legal although immoral in my opinion.

Also I noticed that Google has BANNED from search results all websites that sell photos via subscription system, nonude child models or nude adult models, forums where people exchange freely these photos are also banned. Most likely they banned websites containing the famous girl names in this modeling world. Modeling websites who promote girls just using few photos, living by commission from hiring girls for events, without selling photo albums via subscription, remained in Google search results. The People Image which in my opinion was somewhat legit agency, with no inappropriate pictures, and not using “nonude” tag, was also banned.

While Google banned them, you can still find them on Bing, Yahoo or Yandex. If you want to see what I am talking about, and get shocked, do a search “nonude child model” on Yahoo Images.


Over next years I showed this story and the child modeling websites to various people from various corners of world, teenagers as well as parents with kids, and got mixed opinions, some saying that photos are acceptable while others saying that such websites should be banned.

For example, 40-year old people, including parents of girls, said that the pictures are normal, acceptable, but now depends on how each person see the pictures, for example they love to see their own girl beautiful like models, a fashion designer would look for girls for fashion shows but there may be also pedophiles looking at girls to satisfy sexual fantasies.

One day, some 12-year boys visited me, I showed them photos of 12-year girls, thinking that they will like girls of same age, but nooo… they were not interested in this type of clothed girls and asked me if I have nude photos (yes, 12-year old boys watch porn!), moreover they called me pedophile.

Showing modeling sites to girls, some said that love child modeling sites and got inspiration to make themselves such photos.

At the opposite side, someone said that child modeling websites are the worst thing ever seen, and that nobody under 18 should be a “model”.

What is YOUR opinion?

Further read: – a blog written by an “Anonymous” exposing the fact that child modeling business is not as clean as it appears to be, the models have been lied that are modeling for fashion industry but actually had their photos sold to pedophiles.

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