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Pink color is gay?

My parents bought clothing for me, including some pink things, nobody told me to be anything wrong. After I got internet connection and freedom of making friends, some people called me gay for this, they also blamed my parents for buying wrong clothing for me and told me to dress how I like rather than how my parents like.

But… the PROBLEM is that I personally love pink, I always love GIRLS that dress in pink. Also I was told to behave as I would like others to behave towards me, thus at most girlfriend datings, both we dress with some pink. In these circumstances only an idiot would call me gay.

I added in Yahoo Messenger list a 17-year old student living in my town, from the first day we looked like good friends. He requested a photo with me, I said that I will show him later. Then we started to talk about girls, then about a possible meeting in the city. Now, was the time for photo exchange. He sent me one crappy photo, I showed him 10 photos of me, incidentally in (only) two of photos I had a pink shirt. He replied “Are you sure that you love girls?“, “YES!“, “I don’t believe, You’re gay, you like pink! I’ll be right back“… but in fact he blocked me for ever.

I noticed this stupid rule beyond my country limits: in a european GTA SA-MP server, a player incidentally got pink color and said “Oh fuck, my color is gay“, “Admin, change my gay color!“.

I consulted with high-educated friends and they told me that only IDIOT kids can associate a color with sexual orientation.
Today I think that calling gay a boy wearing pink is a fucking stupidity like calling whore any girl in skirt because the real whores always wear skirts.

Beside this, I don’t understand why so many people call me gay. Recently I picked a friend from Brazil, 28-year old real estate agent, he asked me several times if I am gay, despite that I told him that I love girls. I don’t have any public photo of me and I never send photos to foreigners, so he could not be influenced by pink…

Can someone help me with explanation??

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    • cory on November 15, 2018 at 8:32 am
    • Reply

    Duh, must be that you have a gay face

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