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Programmer with inappropriate behavior – I met a pedophile!

I need your advice regarding a programmer with inappropriate behavior:

I was doing my daily job of customer support and real estate consultant, when someone from Malta while googling for free housing, landed in North Korea page, contacted me saying that wants to move somewhere in Asia and asked me which countries have lower cost of living and free housing is possible, I told him that India and Philippines are cheap but also high crime ratio, I told him how I wanted to move in Singapore, and I still like to move away from Romania and probably Malaysia is a good choice between cost of living and safe country.

I asked him what he wants to do in these countries, set up a business or whatever, he said that is 27-year old programmer and have an online income about $800 per month and just want a cheap country and a way to make more money. I asked him what programming languages he know, maybe I can give him some work. I asked his email, he asked what chat software we can use, added me in Google Hangouts. Here we talked about ways to make money online, I told him how I earn some $ from architecture (if I am paid, as 9 of 10 people don’t pay), he asked me “do you like videos” I didn’t knew what he is talking about, so I ignored question, he asked again, the chat had an unexpected turnout:

also, I am earning $200-400 per house project…. when I am paid
what about this?
Strange guy:
could you answer me to sth?
and please, don’t hesitate to tell me what you really want.
9 of 10 people who contact me don’t want to pay anything
Strange guy:
ok sorry…
i ask for sth… nothing bad…
you like videos?
what are you asking about videos?
I watch a lot on youtube
Strange guy:
haha not i mean.
other kind of videos? ??
do you like little girls? no porn at all. just sensual videos?
oh, nonude child modelling?
ThePeopleImage, Newstar, Tinymodel, Vladmodels?
Strange guy:
not only those. i have download some kiddy videos by youtube etc
you ‘re the first guy I talk about this.
I discovered child modeling websites in 2009 thanks to a british architect who had a “second passion”
over years I talked with many people and got mixed opinions about legality and morality of this
Strange guy:
me too!!! in 2009
by chance.
so what would you like to do? find some little girls around you, take sexy photos and start your own modeling website?
Strange guy:
yeah i thought seriously about this.
but I’m afraid of doing this.
i thought to sell my material
in order to take some money
not sell, ”to give” I was meaning
or some credit cards
I have much more than you thought
yeah, all reasons to be afraid, friends will call you pedophile, parents of these girls will get angry, and random people over internet will report your website for child porn. Depending by style of photos, even clothed, you may get in trouble with police or not…. I am myself questioning what is the limit between modeling and erotism
Strange guy:
you are totally right!!!!
at least, somebody that I could speak about that
wanna send you some samples?
sample photos? I have a lot of them
send me what you were talking about Youtube
Strange guy:
you could send me and I could send you both. not only photos, but also video clips
the truth is that I have almost only videos
just for a moment…
those in youtube are 72 GB
give me link, let’s see WTF are you talking about
Strange guy:
the rest one are more sensual and are almost 25 GB
I have saved them in a hard disk
not in a link
i will send you some

He sent me few dozens of photos with children taken on beach apparently with a hidden camera. Totally UNINTERESTING for me. I deleted them immediately. He asked me “to send mine”.

I am myself a YouTuber filming various events happening in my city, and the ONLY video with children made by me is the one filmed at children day parade: Showing this to him made him to say that I am his best friend and we can send videos each other, and this lead to more SHOCKING things:

Strange guy:
give me some nude please!!!!!!!!!!!
how I can give you something that I don’t have?
but one video came in my mind
Vacanta din Ukraina????Vacanta din Ukraina????
watch after 4:25
Iuliana Beregoi 12-year old is a famous girl in Romania for videoblogging and her sister 9-year old started doing the same, both often filming in swimsuit (probably parents filming them) but the smaller one don’t wear bra, I am personally offended about this, stupid parents who film her half naked, don’t realize that is bait for pedophiles? some comments point this out that she should wear bra
2:29 PM
Strange guy:
you make me good…;) be back
but for your info: I never watched any Beregoi video in full… I don’t like this type of videos. I found her because one of my facebook friends was sharing such videos
2:50 PM
Strange guy:
horny as hellllll
man, you’re my man!!
I guess you have PLETTY of those videos
please, give me your collection.
I ‘ll give you mine
I don’t have such videos in my computer because I DON’T LIKE them, I just remembered about Iuliana / Ana Beregoi seen at one of my facebook friends
Strange guy:
ok ok
There is a huge difference between my interest for children music and shows and your interest for naked children
Strange guy:
when she putted her shirt, my penis got 20 cm…
you keep on saying the same & the same
but I know you like it, just like me…;-)
I never understand why you get so horny at things that don’t have any effect for me
Strange guy:
you think I’m stupid? ??
pity btw…
we can horny together…

I am SHOCKED, videos innocent for us are masturbation material for him, giving him links to 2 random videos made him to think that I am some kind of children video collector or video producer and he keep asking me for naked videos or if I can film children naked, promising to pay me for this, I said that I don’t have naked, then he offered to sell me his videos of naked children, I asked him why I would buy such bullshit, he said to resell them and make more money, I said that I DON’T want to involve in any kind of business related to children because I am earning enough money from my business architecture and databases, I asked him if he want to know what videos I usually watch, I gave him links to favorite music videos on YouTube, he kept asking me for nude videos, I told him that I don’t like nudity but I gave him several sexy videos with 18+ girls from a banned YouTube account, he told me to stop sending adult girls because likes only children and started threatening me that if I don’t send him nude videos with children he won’t send me his collection and block me. How I can send something that I DON’T HAVE and why the fuck I would be interested in his collection of naked children and swimsuit?

Over next days we talked about other subjects and we realized that we have some things in common: his dad died in 2016 and after death he is unable to leave home due to a mentally-retarded mom which stay home all time and guard him. I had similar problem with my family and whole childhood I could not leave home alone as they were supervising me all time, I moved to live alone but grandma keep restricting my life, I made numerous reports to authorities and finally there was a huge scandal involving police and children protection and I escaped, although certain abuses continue today. I told him to do the same. This is one of the reasons I choose to work online and had time to make the car databases and architecture. He wants to escape from his mom by leaving home during night and move to another country, but he don’t have enough balance/savings to do the move in safety and ask me help. He need help, I can help him because I was in similar situation!

But I hate when he send me links to Youtube videos with children probably hoping to convince me to send the same which I don’t have. He say that is masturbating and is sending me videos so I can masturbate too, but NONE of his videos made me sexually aroused, just that some videos of kids playing I like watching because reminds of my beautiful childhood compared with the SHIT life I currently have due to family abuses, wishing to be again a child. But usually I don’t even bother opening his video links.

Along local friends I have seen many sexually obsessed people looking at girls and masturbating, also seen many people who ask sex to underage girls (is true that girls start having breasts and make up at 14 so no wonder why some 20s boys like them) but this is the FIRST TIME I see someone who hate adult girls and like only children (but 4-10 year old children? WTF is wrong with him?) – screenshot attached.

In conclusion: I came across a potential pedophile or child predator who deserve to be jailed.

I don’t understand why he choose to ask me, a real estate consultant, architectural designer and database provider, if I like little girls videos, since on my website I did not wrote anything about girls, children or modeling. And giving him 2 links to children day festival and to famous youtuber Iuliana Beregoi convinced him to TRUST me and disclose me his SEXUAL interests for naked children which have NOTHING in common with my interest for children music and shows. I have ZERO interest in sex, porn, nudity, or any other form of adult entertainment.

Should I call police?

I showed this story to several people and one told me to report to police, but when I asked my mom and dad both opposed, told me to NOT call police because I win nothing by doing this and should not put someone in jail just for this.

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