Nazi House 3×4 S 272

I noticed that this house design attract hate comments. I did NOT made this house to promote racism, genocide or anything bad done by Nazi Germany, but to make the nice shape used by Nazi Germany, the Swastika, that is a religious symbol used since ancient times, long before Nazi Germany appeared.

Been criticized for making too simple and squarish homes, I came with idea to design a Swastika-shaped building. Made in August 2012, redesigned September 2018 to remove fences and redesign pool. Despite of the offensive building shape for some people, the home interior design is beautifully decorated using a theme with light wood and white. 4-square wide rooms create a compact but efficient layout even for large families of 8 sims in just 272 squares of floor area. How many swastikas can you count in this house?

Nazi Swastika Building Swastika Nazi House

Lot size: 3×4.
Lot facing: South.
House price: $182,512.
House size: 20×20.
Floor area: 272 squares.
Pool area: 68 squares.
Expansions required: Nightlife only.

19 thoughts on “Nazi House 3×4 S 272

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    1. I am NOT taking in serious a comment from someone who visited a SINGLE page of my website (I checked in the IP from which comment was posted, and I can see that the ONLY page you opened is the Nazi House page and you quit after 2 minutes) so I believe that you googled something related to Nazi purposely to post negative comments without checking the rest of website, probably don’t even realized that you posted a comment in a page about a GAME and not in a political website.

  2. Can’t believe you even built a Nazi House, what’s wrong with you?!! Your builds aren’t even nice anyway.

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