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Category: Funny moments

Funny screenshots

Some The Sims 2 fans are writing web journals with everything that happens with their virtual families. Who would be interested in that? Personally I post only the best pictures and funny moments. How a toy car can be sick with the flu??? WHAT THE HELL!!?? Who invited Grim Reaper at my party to kill …

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Fun with fire

Fun fact: if you leave food in stove and fire starts AFTER you told to a sim to call emergency line, but BEFORE the sim actually make the call, the firefighter will run to extinguish the fire, then still fine you for calling when there was no emergency! EPIC! Double check the stove BEFORE leaving home A …

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Fun with emergency line

I started making prank calls to police and fire services. Normally they would fine me with $500 for calling when there is no emergency, but I was curious… what does happen if I do not have money? I was surprised to see that fireman takes some of my furniture, but policeman did not take anything, he …

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