List of pre-BTO-era projects

My list of BTO launches got a record number of “thank you“, several visitors asked me if I can make a similar list for pre-BTO projects. YES I can make, BUT…

Below are the precints from Ang Mo Kio only, simplified version of database of HDB blocks.

Town name BTO name Built date Lease date Type 1-rm 2-rm 3-rm 4-rm 5-rm Exec Total flats
Ang Mo Kio Block 314 1994 Estate filling 7 84 91
Ang Mo Kio Block 104A-104B 1996 Estate filling 88 60 148
Ang Mo Kio Block 253-253A 1996 Estate filling 159 159
Ang Mo Kio Block 613-619 1996 Standard 80 173 214 467
Ang Mo Kio Blocks 700-700D 2003 possible SERS 216 192 408
Ang Mo Kio Block 309, 315, 316 2006 SERS 385 270 655
Ang Mo Kio Teck Ghee Vista
(Blocks 307, 308, 310)
2010 SERS 40 96 313 598 174 1221
Ang Mo Kio Park Central @ AMK
(Blocks 596A-596D)
2011 DBSS 351 216 567


The list of BTO launches was copied from Wikipedia, and HDB issue brochures at every launch, containing number of units, so making the table did not costed me much time.

The pre-BTO projects does not have name, launch or completion date, and there are NO brochures issued from them. A list like the above one can only be made MANUALLY, counting units would take hours.

Also they were built in batches and sold through Registration for Flat, I am not fully understand how RFS worked, but probably people could not choose which flat they want. Construction batches have no importance for buyers.

Can you give me a solid reason to spend time making a nationwide list of pre-BTO projects?

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