HDB block color legend

Brown (123) = Blocks built by SIT (1927-1960).
Red (1925) = Classic blocks 1STD, 2STD, 3STD, 4STD, 1I, 2I, 3I, 4I, 3NG, 4NG, 5STD, 5I (1961-1981).
Orange (2466) = Classic blocks 3I, 5I, 3NG 4NG, 3S, 4S, 3A, 4A, 5A, EA / EM with 3 bedrooms (1980-1988).
Light orange (876) = Classic blocks 4A, 5I, EA / EM  with 4 bedrooms (1987-1991).
Yellow (1691) = Blocks with centralized refuse chute and lifts stopping at every floor 4A, 5I, 5A, EA / EM (1991-1998).
Green (1470) = Blocks with household shelter (1997-2004), including SERS replacement blocks (1997-2005).
Cyan (781) = Blocks sold via BTO (2004-present) or SERS (2006-present) available on resale market.
Light blue (756) = Blocks sold via BTO or SERS under minimum occupation period.
Light pink (65) = Blocks sold via DBSS (2009-2015).
White (502) = Blocks under construction.

For SERS hunters: only (some of) brown and red blocks have potential for en-bloc (SERS), do not click other colors. There are only 13 different pieces on text under SERS prediction. See also list of potential SERS sites.

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