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List of Executive Condos

TOP date color legend

1999-2000 (13 EC) – 2003-2008 (10 EC) – 2013-2014 (9 EC) – 2015 (6 EC) – 2016 (11 EC) – 2017 (7 EC) – 2018 (6 EC) – 2019 (2 EC) – under construction (4 EC) – awaiting launch (3 EC) – Total: 71 EC

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Executive Condominium is a form of subsidized housing built by private developers, having same eligibility restrictions like HDB (family nucleus, citizens and permanent residents), you should dispose any other property 30 months before applying, minimum occupation period of 5 years before you can sell to citizens and PR, even single PR. After 10 years since TOP date, all restrictions are lifted and even single foreigners can buy. See the TOP dates in above map and below table:

Completed EC
(sorted by TOP date)
Location Street address TOP Date Units
Eastvale Pasir Ris Pasir Ris Drive 3 27 Jan 1999
Westmere Jurong East Jurong East Street 13 27 Feb 1999
Simei Green Tampines Simei Street 4 28 Apr 1999
Windermere Choa Chu Kang Choa Chu Kang Street 64 16 Sep 1999
Chestervale Bukit Panjang Bangkit Road 20 Mar 1999
Pinevale Tampines Tampines Street 73 28 Jul 1999
Yew Mei Green Choa Chu Kang Choa Chu Kang North 6 1 Sep 2000
Summerdale Jurong West Boon Lay Drive 8 Sep 2000
The Rivervale Sengkang Rivervale Link 28 Jun 2000
The Florida Hougang Hougang Avenue 7 18 Feb 2000 /
30 May 2000 *
Northoaks Woodlands Woodlands Crescent 3 Oct 2000
Woodsvale Woodlands Woodlands Drive 72 5 Aug 2000
The Floravale Jurong West Westwood Avenue 13 Oct 2000
The Eden Tampines Tampines Street 34 16 Apr 2003
The Dew Bukit Batok Bt Batok Street 21 19 Jul 2003
Bishan Loft Bishan Bishan Street 11 26 Sep 2003
Lilydale Yishun Yishun Avenue 6 29 Mar 2003
Nuovo Ang Mo Kio Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9 31 Aug 2004 #
Park Green Sengkang Rivervale Link 30 Sep 2004
Whitewater Pasir Ris Pasir Ris Street 72 31 Jan 2005 /
1 Mar 2005 *
The Esparis Pasir Ris Pasir Ris Drive 4 22 Jun 2005 #
The Quintet Choa Chu Kang Choa Chu Kang Street 64 23 Oct 2006
La Casa Woodlands Woodlands Drive 16 22 Feb 2008 /
25 Apr 2008 *
Prive Punggol Punggol Field 17 Jul 2013 680
Esparina Residences Sengkang Buangkok Drive / Compassvale Bow 11 Sep 2013 573
The Canopy Yishun Yishun Avenue 11 14 Jan 2014 406
Austville Residences Sengkang Sengkang East Avenue / Buangkok Drive 22 Apr 2014 540
Belysa Pasir Ris Pasir Ris Drive 1 / Elias Road 28 May 2014 315
RiverParc Residence Punggol Punggol Drive / Punggol East 19 Jun 2014 504
Arc @Tampines Tampines Tampines Avenue 8 5 Aug 2014 574
Blossom Residences Bukit Panjang Segar Road 5 Sep 2014 602
Watercolours Pasir Ris Pasir Ris Drive 3 / Pasir Ris Link 31 Dec 2014 416
The Tampines Trilliant Tampines Tampines Central 7 6 Feb 2015 670
The Rainforest Choa Chu Kang Choa Chu Kang Drive 6 Mar 2015 466
Twin Waterfalls Punggol Punggol Way / Punggol Field 2 Jun 2015 728
OneCanberra Yishun Yishun Avenue 7 / Canberra Drive 19 Sep 2015 665
Heron Bay Hougang Upper Serangoon View /
Upper Serangoon Road
7 Oct 2015 394
Waterwoods Punggol Punggol Field Walk / Punggol East 1 Dec 2015 373
Waterbay Punggol Punggol Central / Edgefield Plains 27 Jan 2016 383
[email protected] Tampines Tampines Central 7 / Tampines
Avenue 7 / Tampines Avenue 9
3 Feb 2016 514
Twin Fountains Woodlands Woodlands Avenue 6 /
Woodlands Drive 16
14 Mar 2016 418
The Topiary Sengkang Fernvale Lane 22 Mar 2016 700
Forestville Woodlands Woodlands Avenue 5 / Woodlands Drive 16 1 Apr 2016 653
Lush Acres Sengkang Sengkang West Way / Fernvale Link 30 Jun 2016 380
SkyPark Residences Sembawang Sembawang Crescent / Sembawang Drive 10 Aug 2016 502
Ecopolitan Punggol Punggol Way / Punggol Walk 29 Aug 2016 512
Sea Horizon Pasir Ris Pasir Ris Drive 3 / Pasir Ris Rise 7 Oct 2016 495
The Amore Punggol Punggol Central / Edgedale Plains 28 Nov 2016 378
Lake Life Jurong West Yuan Ching Road / Tao Ching Road 30 Dec 2016 546
Bellewoods Woodlands Woodlands Avenue 5 / Woodlands Avenue 6 16 Mar 2017 561
The Vales Sengkang Anchorvale Crescent 2 May 2017 517
Bellewaters Sengkang Anchorvale Crescent 3 May 2017 656
The Terrace Punggol Punggol Drive / Edgedale Plains 25 May 2017 747
Signature at Yishun Yishun Yishun Street 51 14 Jul 2017 525
Westwood Residences Jurong West Westwood Avenue 24 Oct 2017 480
The Brownstone Sembawang Canberra Drive 30 Oct 2017 638
The Criterion Yishun Yishun Street 51 26 Feb 2018 525
Wandervale Choa Chu Kang Choa Chu Kang Drive 14 Mar 2018 534
Parc Life Sembawang Sembawang Avenue 29 Mar 2018 628
Sol Acres Choa Chu Kang Choa Chu Kang Grove 12 Mar 2018 *
26 Apr 2018 *
The Visionaire Sembawang Sembawang Road / Canberra Link 14 Jun 2018 632
Treasure Crest Sengkang Anchorvale Crescent 14 Sep 2018 504
Northwave Woodlands Woodlands Avenue 12 11 Feb 2019 358
iNz Residence Choa Chu Kang Choa Chu Kang Avenue 5 30 April 2019 497
Under construction EC
(sorted by land sale order)
Location Street address Estimated
Hundred Palms Residences Hougang Yio Chu Kang Road 2020
Rivercove Sengkang Anchorvale Lane 2020 628
Piermont Grand Punggol Sumang Walk
Parc Canberra Sembawang Canberra Link
Site sold 14 Sep 2018
(launch 2019?)
Sengkang Anchorvale Crescent
Site sold 22 Jan 2019
(launch 2020?)
Tampines Tampines Avenue 10
Site sold 10 Oct 2019
(launch 2020?)
Sembawang Canberra Link

* Project received phased TOP:

* Florida (TFD)
– Phase 1 consists of Blocks 70 & 78, TOP 18 Feb 2000.
– Phase 2 consists of Blocks 72 & 76, TOP 30 May 2000.

* Whitewater (WEC)
– Phase 1 consists of Blocks 27, 29, 31, 33, TOP on 31 Jan 2005.
– Phase 2 consists of Blocks 21, 23 & 25, TOP on 1 Mar 2005.

* La Casa
– Phase 1 consists of Blocks 50, 52, 54, 56 & 58 on 22 Feb 2008.
– Phase 2 consists of Blocks 60, 62, 64, 66 & 68 on 25 Apr 2008.

Sol Acres
Phase 1 TOP
– 12 March 2018: Blocks 8, 16, 20, and 24
– 26 April 2018: Blocks 2, 6, and 14
Phase 2 TOP
– 12 March 2018: Blocks 18, 22, and 26
– 26 April 2018: Blocks 4, 10, and 12

# Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC).

List of EC in Excel format

Similar with above table, but contains additional data such as developer, postal code, number of units, etc, sourced from PropertyGuru.

Buy & download

Sources of data

TOP dates for completed EC: HDB InfoWeb > List of EC Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) dates.

Land sales for future EC launch: HDB InfoWeb > Land sales > Residential > Executive Condominium (I do not post direct link to PDF because every time when SLA sell a new site for EC development, the PDF is renamed).

Estimated completion and number of units is sourced from PropertyGuru or websites made by agents for individual EC. Unfortunately these websites often provide contradictory info.

Although I am fascinated mostly by HDB, and I post on my website things that cannot be found anywhere else, I added this List of EC page on my website in early 2012, because several visitors have suggested this, but their suggestion also had a negative effect: occasionally some people attempt to purchase an EC flat via me despite that I am not agent, then blame me what is the purpose of running such an real estate website. If you want to buy an EC you can contact the partner agents shown below.

William Chui

Executive Condo statistics

NO executive condominium was topped between 2008 and 2013, because HDB phased out EC scheme in favor of DBSS scheme, resumed EC land sales in 2010 in parallel with DBSS, then suspended DBSS land sales in 2011.

Executive Condos offer flats with 2, 3, 4 bedrooms, 3-bedroom being dominant (unlike private condos dominated by studios and 2-bedroom). A small number of 5-bedroom flats popped in EC launched since 2013.

Like DBSS, EC are designed by private developers hungry for profits, to sell as many units possible, the apartments were downsized and latest Executive Condo apartments are smaller than HDB flats. I do not know exact info about number of rooms distribution in pre-2008 EC but typical flats available starts with 3-bedroom which were around 110 sqm, and ends in penthouses, largest being 324 sqm, in The Quintet (source). In the new EC launch after 2010, sizes like 80 sqm for 3-bedroom and 110 sqm for 4-bedroom are common. Note that the sizes include an oversized balcony and A/C ledge, while the bedrooms can be small as 6 sqm. Highpark is one of the few condos that include dimensions in floor plan, you can see that bedrooms are around 2.5 x 2.5 meters.

Penthouses did existed in Executive Condos, being sold at high prices unrealistic for an income ceiling of $12.000. Government decided in January 2013 to cap the apartment size in EC to 160 sqm, Forestville being the LAST EC with bigger apartment sizes, biggest penthouse being 252 sqm. Stupid rule in my opinion, developers being unable to build bigger apartments will further downsize rooms and start increasing psf (price per square foot) to maximize profit in defavor of quality of living.

Looking for condo floor plans? Do a search on Google Images, most EC have floor plans public available on their websites, I do not plan to collect EC floor plans or re-post them on my website.


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    • Esther on August 19, 2015 at 2:20 am
    • Reply

    Hi, would like to highlight to you that the government did not raise the income ceiling for EC to $15,000 in June 2015 although they did announce plans to raise it.

    1. How do you know? I think that the limit apply for new launches or only for future land sales made after June, NOT apply for flats in currently launched EC sold after June. I am 100% sure that for September BTO launch, the income ceiling will be raised to $12,000 and is impossible the EC income ceiling to remain the same.

        • Esther on August 25, 2015 at 4:22 am
        • Reply

        … From the news? The raise in income ceiling was only recently announced in the National Day Rally 2015.. It has been raised to $14K with effect from 24 Aug 2015. FYI: http://www.hdb.gov.sg/fi10/fi10296p.nsf/PressReleases/D51979168C682B2148257EAB002450B1?OpenDocument

        1. Interesting, it was raised between your first and second comment! when you left first comment, you did not expected the income ceiling to be raised 5 days later?
          I corrected my website today.

    • mk on September 14, 2015 at 8:56 am
    • Reply

    hi. your website data is really informative. i would like ask, based on published TOP dates, is there a possibility for the developer to TOP earlier?
    i say this as i noticed the Amore published TOP is July 2017 (in line with your site), but on the construction information located at the actual site, it states completion date of 1 Nov 2016.

    1. Haven’t you seen this row?
      EC completed in 2013-2014 had original estimated completion date around 6 months later. so I guess that the current under construction EC may be completed 6 months earlier than indicated.

    • Diana on September 22, 2016 at 7:56 am
    • Reply

    Hi There, FYI – Ecopolitan EC just TOPed.

    1. Thanks for reporting, list updated!

    • Levis on November 13, 2016 at 4:15 am
    • Reply

    Hi any ideas whether gov will build more EC in town area like bishan,TPY,serangoon and bugis?

    1. See http://www.hdb.gov.sg/cs/infoweb/doc/ecmaster-development-29-feb-16
      There are 3 EC sites sold waiting for the EC to be designed and launched for sale

    • cheryl on December 25, 2016 at 10:12 am
    • Reply

    Can a single singaporean buy newly launced executive condo?

    1. CAN’T… for buying new EC is important to have a family nucleus like HDB, the difference compared with HDB is only when you buy from resale market. I got a lot of people asking me if single PR can buy resale. Single PR can buy only resale EC. 2 married PR can buy both resale HDB and EC.

    • x9090 on January 10, 2017 at 2:52 pm
    • Reply

    Maybe this question was answered earlier but I wanted to clarify if it is true that there is no income ceiling restriction imposed to buying a second-hand EC after it has reached 5 years TOP date?


    1. Like HDB, income ceiling is just when you buy new flats, not for resale.

    • Andy on February 9, 2017 at 9:09 am
    • Reply

    Of all the ECs build any ECs resale flat sold at a loss ?

    1. I never monitored new or resale prices. EC bought at the price peak of 2012 may be hardest hit but we will know exact profit only when they reach resale market in 2020. However, I don’t think that resale price will fall under new price.

    • JJ.Elle on May 3, 2017 at 9:28 am
    • Reply

    Hi, Teolida,
    Can you advise me as to whether a DBSS can be purchased by single PR? Believe EC can, right?

    1. DBSS is under HDB regulations, so… single PR can’t purchase. You can purchase a 5-year old EC.

    • Jimmy Goh on June 27, 2017 at 6:32 am
    • Reply

    Hi Teoalida ….
    Should we buy the executive condo hundred palm in Yio Chu Kang?

    A good buy or should we avoid it?

    Please advise.

    1. I am not the right person to advise if any property is a good or bad buy. If someone else can answer, please reply.
      Don’t forget to provide more details like flat type, sqm and price.

      • Felix on March 10, 2018 at 4:30 am
      • Reply

      Hi hundred palms is already sold out. If you would like to know more about Rivercove EC (only EC launching in 2018). pls kindly contact me at 9833 6669.

    • Audrey on July 13, 2017 at 5:49 am
    • Reply

    Hi Teoalida,

    I currently owned a resale HDB without gov /cpf grant bought under single scheme and will only MOP in 3 years.

    And now I got married recently, I would like to purchase a EC with my spouse (SPR), isnt possible to buy the EC without letting go my current HDB?

    Please advise. Thanks!

    1. You can appeal to HDB to say that your status changed (got married) and they will allow you to buy EC during MOP of HDB, an EC which do not complete earlier than MOP, because you need to sell HDB within 6 months after getting keys of EC.

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