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Current database contains daily prices from 28 April 2013 to 30 November 2018. Total 2071 coins, 942297 rows and 13 columns. He has not provided me also scraper to update data, but if there are people interested in updates I will make my own scraper.

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Housing statistics

Per total, 53% of housing are owner-occupied. Is hard for me to make estimation about average apartment size in Hong Kong or about the ratio sqm per person, due to lack of detailed statistics about housing system, high income inequality, many people living in extremely small 1-room apartments, illegally-divided apartments, as well as boathouses, caged homes, rooftop huts and other forms of inhumane homes.

Due to low traffic from Hong Kong on my website and lack of feedback from visitors of this particular page (to inform me what statistics are you interested), I no longer update this page. You can get newer statistics from government website (housingauthority.gov.hk)

Public housing

Public Rental Housing (usually having “Estate” at end of name) have flats usually 20-60 sqm, but a small number of flats are even 8 sqm (internal floor area).

Home Ownership Scheme (usually having “Court” at end of name) have flats usually 30-60 sqm but a small number of flats are 19 sqm (saleable floor area).

Private Sector Participation Scheme (usually having “Garden” or “Terrace” at end of name) have flats usually 35-70 sqm (saleable floor area).

Tenants Purchase Scheme are usually 20-65 sqm, but a small number of flats are even 8 sqm (which floor area?).

The biggest public flats are located in Melody Garden and Neptune Terrace, being 80 sqm (saleable floor area).

PRH and non-purchased TPS flats houses 31% of population, while HOS, PSPS and TPS houses 17% of population.

As 2011, Housing Authority have exactly 400 estates under management, of which 204 PRH/TPS and 196 HOS/PSPS.

According Housing Authority Annual Report 2010, as 31 March 2010 were 703,608 PRH flats and 437,184 of HOS/PSPS/TPS flats.

PRH flats comprised 679,822 households, average of 2.95 people, 12.6 sqm per person. This means average flat size of 36.5 sqm.

Housing Authority do not provide information about how many people live in HOS/PSPS/TPS flats but I estimate their average flat size around 45-50 sqm.

Private housing

Private housing in Hong Kong include tenement buildings, stand-alone buildings, private housing estates, villas and village houses. Flat sizes are sometimes even smaller than Home Ownership Courts, since most flats are aimed to same group of low-income people like public housing, and private developers are desperate to fit as many units is possible under permissible gross floor area. The difference are the facilities: swimming pools, security guards, and large private estates have shopping centres at first floors (some public housing estates also inclide commercial space).

There are NO official statistics about average size of private housing. No wonder that may be under average HOS flat size.
Old apartments (1960s) are bigger than today ones, many of them were subdivided illegally into 10-15 sqm units or even smaller. Since this is illegal, nobody track the size of them.

According khournal.org, over 90% of Hong Kong families today live in homes smaller than 700 square feet (65 sqm).

Some statistics about private housing, especially about prices, counts only apartments less than 70 sqm. Probably that is the limit over which the price per square foot increase like crazy.

Some private developments contain apartments big as 200-500 sqm, they being some of the most expensive apartments of the world. Example: Most expensive in June 2008, Most expensive in Oct 2009.

Distribution of Population by Type of Housing

Year (as 31 March) 2000 2005 2010
Mid-year Population 6,665,000 6,813,000 7,061,000
Public Permanent Housing 50.7 48.5 47.5
– Rental Flats 35.1 30.1 29.7
– Subsidized Sale Flats 15.6 18.4 17.8
Private Permanent Housing 47.9 50.6 51.6
Public Temporary Housing 0.1
Private Temporary Housing 1.3 0.9 0.9

Land Domestic Households

Year (as 31 March) 2000 2005 2010
Public Permanent Housing 47.8 46.4 46.5
– Rental Flats 33.3 29.8 30.1
– Subsidized Sale Flats 14.5 16.6 16.4
Private Permanent Housing 50.5 52.4 52.4
Public Temporary Housing 0.1
Private Temporary Housing 1.6 1.3 1.1

Average Domestic Household Size

Year (as 31 March) 2000 2005 2010
Public Permanent Housing 3.5 3.2 3.0
– Average household size in Public Rental Housing 3.5 3.1 2.9
– Average Living Space per Person in PRH estates 10.4 sqm 11.7 sqm 12.6 sqm
– Average PRH flat size (calculated) 36.4 sqm 36.3 sqm 36.5 sqm
– Average household size in Subsidized Sale Flats 3.5 3.4 3.2
Average household size in Private Permanent Housing 3.1 2.9 2.9
Average household size in Public Temporary Housing 2.3
Average household size in Private Temporary Housing 2.7 2.3 2.4

Stock of Permanent Residential Flats

Year (as 31 March) 2000 2005 2010
Overall 2115 2408 2537
Public Housing 1016 1096 1135
– HA PRH Flats 651 661 674
– Housing Authority Interim Housing Flats 4 8 5
– Housing Society Rental Flats 33 33 34
– Housing Authority Subsidized Sale Flats 310 368 376
– Housing Society Subsidized Sale Flats 19 18 17
Private Housing 1099 1312 1401

Source of above data: http://www.housingauthority.gov.hk/hdw/content/document/en/aboutus/resources/statistics/HIF2010.pdf.
Updated data for 2012: http://www.housingauthority.gov.hk/en/common/pdf/about-us/publications-and-statistics/HIF.pdf.

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