How to NOT address to a business partner

During 2 days I got 4 chats from SAME IP located in Australia, first time whoever the person was, gave me a BAD impression of a child making PRANKS claiming that is a diplomat and his parents are living North Korea (this page gets heavy traffic of school-age children making pranks, you can read more examples of stupid chats here so I usually do not take in serious ANY chat initiated from North Korea page). At 2nd chat he asked about Malaysia but still had North Korea page opened.

Next day at 3rd chat he say that is from a construction company and yesterday person was a colleague, the fact that message was sent from same North Korea I was sure that he is still joking, he quit chat and came back for a 4th time saying that wants to do business with me. I asked him to prove that he if serious and he quit again, probably disappointed that I did not took him in serious.

Would you take in serious a person addressing you in this way?

There is a SMALL probability that they were indeed from a construction company and could do business with them, an employee looking for info about North Korea found my website and had fun on my chat, then told to his boss “hey, we found an experienced architect, can we employ him?” and the boss came to give me business, but checking the pages they opened, they DID NOT opened any page under /design section, so why a company would employ someone for architectural services without checking his architectural portfolio?

I hoped that he will come back for a 5th chat so I can ask more details about job and see if it suits me or pass it to my partner architects, but I never saw him again.

Page URL:
Chat started on Monday, July 09, 2018 1:28:32 PM

(1:28:32 PM) *** Visitor 67870036 has joined the chat ***
(1:28:34 PM) Teoalida (site owner): Hi there… may I know what are you looking for? If you need any help, drop here a message!
(1:43:03 PM) Visitor 67870036: hi i am looking for a property in pyong yang
(1:43:10 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(1:43:16 PM) Teoalida: why there?
(1:43:35 PM) Visitor 67870036: because I like the city. My family has always talked about moving there
(1:44:24 PM) Teoalida: I haven’t read anywhere about any way of migrating in North Korea
(1:44:33 PM) Teoalida: you can only go there as tourist via guided tour
(1:44:43 PM) Visitor 67870036: oh really
(1:44:48 PM) Visitor 67870036: do u know any real estate agents there?
(1:44:54 PM) Visitor 67870036: I’m lookng for a 3 bedroom apartment
(1:44:55 PM) Teoalida: or (very difficult) to get employed in an embassy
(1:45:05 PM) Visitor 67870036: I am employed in an embassy though
(1:45:08 PM) Visitor 67870036: I am a diplomat there
(1:45:15 PM) Teoalida: but why someone from western world would want to move into most enclosed country on earth?
(1:45:40 PM) Visitor 67870036: because my parents live in north korea
(1:46:27 PM) Teoalida: I think that you’re either retarded and obsessed by communism, either you like making pranks on customer service chats
(1:47:34 PM) *** Visitor 67870036 has left ***

Page URL:
Chat started on Monday, July 09, 2018 1:47:10 PM

(1:47:10 PM) *** Visitor 87385589 has joined the chat ***
(1:47:11 PM) Visitor 87385589: hello
(1:47:15 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(1:47:15 PM) Teoalida: hi
(1:47:25 PM) Visitor 87385589: do u have any experience in buying a house in malaysia
(1:47:57 PM) Teoalida: you have same IP with the idiot contacting me few minutes ago making pranks about North Korea
(1:48:36 PM) *** Visitor 87385589 has left ***

Page URL:
Chat started on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 3:19:15 PM

(3:19:15 PM) *** Visitor 78530842 has joined the chat ***
(3:19:15 PM) Visitor 78530842: Hi
(3:19:21 PM) Visitor 78530842: do u design houses?
(3:19:30 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(3:19:40 PM) Teoalida: in the past, yes I designed
(3:19:54 PM) Visitor 78530842: I’m looking to build a house in Penang
(3:20:20 PM) Teoalida: however why are you looking in North Korea page?
(3:20:36 PM) Visitor 78530842: i was just interested beacuse i thought u couldnt buy in north korea
(3:20:43 PM) Visitor 78530842: its interesting that u have a north korea page
(3:20:54 PM) Visitor 78530842: im actually looking at your hdb flat designs
(3:21:10 PM) Teoalida: you have same IP with a person who yesterday said wants to move in North Korea, that his parents are in North Korea, and other childish jokes
(3:21:26 PM) Visitor 78530842: im from a building company
(3:21:31 PM) Visitor 78530842: it might be my colleague yesterday
(3:22:53 PM) Teoalida: prove that you are serious and not joking
(3:52:35 PM) *** Visitor 78530842 has left ***

Page URL:
Chat started on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 4:06:59 PM

(4:06:59 PM) *** Visitor 78530842 has joined the chat ***
(4:07:00 PM) Visitor 78530842: ok fine dud i wanted to give u business
(4:07:04 PM) Visitor 78530842: but if u dont want it thats ur problem
(4:07:08 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(4:07:13 PM) Teoalida: tell me more about your business
(4:07:18 PM) Teoalida: to see if you are serious or not
(4:07:35 PM) Visitor 78530842: well we are a regional construction company based in melbourne australia
(4:07:48 PM) Visitor 78530842: we mainly work with architects to do 4-5 bedroom residential buidings
(4:07:56 PM) Visitor 78530842: we r looking to outsource our designs
(4:07:57 PM) Teoalida: Do note that MANY people propose me business every month but some pay so low that doesn’t worth my time. How much do you pay?
(4:08:13 PM) Visitor 78530842: r u an architect?
(4:08:34 PM) Teoalida: I have been worked in architecture in 2012-2016
(4:08:57 PM) Visitor 78530842: r u in singapore
(4:09:11 PM) Visitor 78530842: because u have a lot of hdb designs
(4:09:38 PM) Teoalida: architects from all over the world go to Singapore to study the excellence of HDB and try to do the same in their countries
(4:09:49 PM) Visitor 78530842: oh i see
(4:10:43 PM) *** Visitor 78530842 has left ***

I was typing a long message when he quit the chat: 

As you probably read on website I left architecture in 2016 due to bad experiences had when working for individual customers, most of them being located in third-world countries paying little or nothing. BUT if you are from Australia and you’re a big company rather than an individual, and generous in payments, I may be interested in working for you!

But honestly, the way in which he addressed me in 1st day gave me a bad impression of a child making jokes than a potential business partner, I was ready to BAN HIS IP.

Dear businessmen, be careful how do you address someone you want to do business with!

Funny horny girl

A lonely but horny girl, visited The Sims section of my website and started talking about something totally unrelated with website content! I replied her, with funny messages but still maintained a level of seriousness.


Wednesday, 9 Jul, 2014
Country: United States
[1:41] chat support @ (trigger): Hello and welcome to my The Sims fan page… if you need anything or just wanna chat, drop here a message!
[1:42] Visitor: so how are you
[1:42] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[1:42] Teoalida: happy, why?
[1:42] Visitor: just asking are u a boy or a girl
[1:42] Teoalida: boy
[1:43] Visitor: how old are u
[1:43] Teoalida: hmm… give me an age?
[1:43] Visitor: for me
[1:44] Visitor: wanna have sex
[1:44] Teoalida: Why do you ask for personal info without telling first what do you want
[1:44] Visitor: sex
[1:44] Teoalida: but I see what do you want… to have fun on online chats!
[1:45] Visitor: i guess so but have sex with me
[1:45] Teoalida: are you girl or boy?
[1:45] Visitor: girl
[1:45] Teoalida: because I am NOT gay
[1:46] Teoalida: Are you serious?
[1:46] Visitor: yes
[1:46] Teoalida: Long time passed since last time I heard a girl saying that wants sex
[1:47] Visitor: really but so sex or not
[1:48] Teoalida: How to have sex online???!!!
[1:48] Visitor: we can meet up somewhere but i need to how old u are
[1:49] Teoalida: 25… and you?
[1:49] Visitor: 23
[1:49] Teoalida: Wanna met? let me open Google Earth to measure
[1:50] Visitor: ok
[1:50] Teoalida: 8830 km
[1:50] Visitor: where do u want to meet
[1:50] Teoalida: distance between your city and my city
[1:51] Visitor: where do u want to meet
[1:52] Teoalida: You are kidding so much…. can you come to me? I don’t have passport
[1:52] Visitor: sure but where do u live
[1:53] Teoalida: Keep browsing my website and you will see
[1:54] Visitor: okay when i get there fuck me hard til i scream
[1:54] Teoalida: I see that you opened a single page and opened chat right away
[1:54] Visitor: yep i sure did
[1:55] Teoalida: there’s 3 buildings from my country that I built in The Sims and published on website
[1:55] Visitor: so are u going to do it
[1:55] Teoalida: No, because I am a serious man
[1:55] Visitor: are u white or black
[1:56] Teoalida: I don’t enjoy joking so much
[1:56] Teoalida: c’mon I am not from USA in case that’s what do you think
[1:57] Visitor: so are u fuck me or not answer the question please
[1:57] Teoalida: I have sex only with serious girls
[1:57] Visitor: i am a serious girl honest
[1:59] Visitor: so are u white or black can u please answer this question
[1:59] Teoalida: clearly you AREN’T…. a serious girl will NEVER ask for sex a boy met online especially if met in a The Sims fan page and don’t know anything about him, instead of met in a dating website
[1:59] Teoalida: white
[1:59] Visitor is now known as Kathy123
[2:01] Kathy123: me too i so sorry i just really want sex i seen everybody doing it i just thought it would be cool if some did it to me because i want know how it feels
[2:02] Teoalida: You don’t have boyfriends in your own city?
[2:03] Kathy123: i did he never wanted to do with me and we broke up because he had to move
[2:03] Teoalida: I am not referring at ONE… you don’t have boys in your city to make one boyfriend?
[2:04] Kathy123: did not think of that i gonna go out and try find one and have sex with him
[2:05] Kathy123: so can we be friends
[2:05] Teoalida: most boys I know love sex…. any estimation how many boys refuse a girl asking for sex?
[2:06] Teoalida: how much % of boys refuse a girl asking for sex?
[2:06] Kathy123: 100%
[2:07] Kathy123: or none i dont know
[2:07] Teoalida: Can’t believe
[2:07] Teoalida: or you are superugly or something else that keep boys away
[2:08] Kathy123: i have to go i dont spend time with boys u call me ugly
[2:08] Teoalida: sorry if was offence
[2:08] Kathy123: its okay so friends
[2:08] Teoalida: and yes we can be friends BUT CAN YOU talk about something else? related with website
[2:09] Teoalida: I haven’t put this chat to talk about sex and other kidding
[2:09] Kathy123: bye r u going to be on tomorrow
[2:10] Teoalida: wait… can I post this chat in FUNNY CHATS section? you were really funny!
[2:10] Kathy123: it was all a joke any way
[2:10] Teoalida: in 2 years you were only 2nd person who talk about sex
[2:11] Teoalida: For your laughing… this was 1st
[2:11] Kathy123: r u going to be on tomorrow
[2:12] Teoalida: yes, everyday… but if you visit my website later hour than now, I will be sleeping
[2:12] Kathy123: bye
[2:12] Teoalida: I go to sleep in about 30 min
[2:13] Teoalida: = I will be offline
[2:13] Kathy123: okay lmao
[2:16] Kathy123 has left the conversation

Wednesday, 9 Jul, 2014
Country: United States

[2:24] chat support @ (trigger): Hello and welcome to my The Sims fan page… if you need anything or just wanna chat, drop here a message!
[2:27] Kathy123 is now known as Maria Anderson
[2:27] Maria Anderson: do u have any glass houses
[2:28] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[2:28] Teoalida: There is one posted under name The cube of glass
[2:28] Maria Anderson: is that the only one
[2:28] Teoalida: or… how do you define glass house?
[2:28] Teoalida: show me examples?
[2:29] Maria Anderson: glass all over the house
[2:29] Teoalida: And look there for photos with all
[2:29] Teoalida: which is the most beautiful and most ugly?
[2:29] Maria Anderson: thank you very much u are very helpful
[2:32] Maria Anderson: do have small house with one or two or three bedrooms
[2:32] Teoalida: I have 3 houses, that table should help you to find right house
[2:32] Teoalida: BUT… you never build? only download ready-made houses by other players?
[2:33] Maria Anderson: thanks i have a question
[2:34] Teoalida: I have 37 houses… I mean
[2:35] Maria Anderson: i have made to the cube of glass but i can`t see the house
[2:36] Teoalida: Works fine at me
[2:36] Teoalida: images displayed, download link working
[2:36] Teoalida: what you can’t see
[2:36] Maria Anderson: the picture of the house to see the inside like the other ones
[2:37] Teoalida: There are few photos not working because I deleted all from Photobucket, instead of reuploading same screenshots on own server, I wanted to go in game to take new screenshots… but didn’t had time
[2:37] Maria Anderson: okay bye
[2:37] Teoalida: Do you mean that I didn’t posted floorplan?
[2:37] Teoalida: is done on purpose
[2:38] Maria Anderson has left the conversation

An architect having fun

Someone made a joke with Indian outsourcing in SketchUp then disclosed that is an architect from United States. I don’t understand why he accused me “are you trying to troll me?

Country: United States
Page URL:

Chat started on Tuesday, July 03, 2018 10:14:28 AM

(10:14:28 AM) *** Visitor 18194036 has joined the chat ***
(10:14:30 AM) Teoalida (site owner): Hi there… may I know what are you looking for? If you need any help, drop here a message!
(10:25:11 AM) Visitor: hi
(10:25:20 AM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(10:25:21 AM) Teoalida: what’s up
(10:25:40 AM) Visitor: how are you tonight?
(10:26:01 AM) Teoalida: working as everyday, who are you? returning customer?
(10:27:04 AM) Visitor: My name is Adhbar, and I am contacting you from India to offer you CAD services in a new and revolutionary software called SketchUp.
(10:27:28 AM) Teoalida: did we talked before?
(10:27:44 AM) Visitor: I don’t think so, sir
(10:27:52 AM) Teoalida: weird, you addressed like a returning customer
(10:28:20 AM) Teoalida: and why I would hire someone working in “revolutionary software” SketchUp when I am myself using AutoCAD for 20 years?
(10:28:32 AM) Visitor: LOL
(10:28:38 AM) Visitor: I’m kidding you
(10:28:56 AM) Visitor: My name is Daniel and I’ located in Houston, Texas
(10:29:22 AM) Teoalida: if you can learn AutoCAD and architecture I can give you part of my works
(10:29:24 AM) Visitor: I found your articles on Indian spammers because I am struggling with the same problem
(10:29:41 AM) Visitor: I am an Architect myself
(10:30:11 AM) Visitor: I’ve been using AutoCAD for 20 years as well
(10:30:54 AM) Teoalida: do you managed to earn any significant sum of money from this kind of jobs?
(10:31:12 AM) Visitor: Yes
(10:31:31 AM) Teoalida: how much are you earning?
(10:31:57 AM) Teoalida: and how do you find customers? do you have a website to promote your services? do you get contacted by customers wasting your time looking for free services like at me?
(10:32:49 AM) Visitor: Where are you located?
(10:33:06 AM) Teoalida: Romania
(10:33:15 AM) Teoalida: how I can contact you? any email or skype?
(10:33:21 AM) Teoalida: BRB 5 min
(10:34:02 AM) Visitor: Are you trying to troll me?
(10:34:46 AM) Teoalida: why do you call troll?
(10:35:09 AM) Visitor: I am reading your article about how to deal with Indian spammers
(10:35:21 AM) Teoalida:
(10:35:21 AM) Teoalida: BRB
(10:35:23 AM) Visitor: Maybe you think I am an Indian spammer
(10:39:17 AM) Visitor: Have a good night. Thanks for the information on how to deal with Indiands
(10:39:20 AM) Teoalida: i
(10:39:23 AM) Visitor: Indians*
(10:39:29 AM) Teoalida: I understand that you are an architect and being spammed by indians
(10:39:33 AM) Teoalida: I am not calling you a spammer
(10:39:51 AM) Teoalida: I am asking how successful is your experience in architecture
(10:40:07 AM) Visitor: It is quite successful
(10:40:20 AM) Teoalida: because mine was a failure
(10:40:26 AM) Teoalida: how did you made it successful?
(10:40:27 AM) Visitor: I won’t disclose my income, though
(10:40:47 AM) Visitor: Are you a graduated architect?
(10:41:09 AM) Teoalida: Let me disclose my income… 5000 USD earned in 4 years in which I offered architecture services
(10:41:23 AM) Teoalida: and now I am earning from IT same sum, but per month
(10:42:30 AM) Teoalida: I am not graduated, well this isn’t a problem. The main problem is that 9 of 10 people who contacted me wanted floor plans for FREE!!!
(10:42:54 AM) Visitor: Yes, I know how that works
(10:42:56 AM) Teoalida: so I am asking if you have a website similar with mine
(10:43:10 AM) Visitor: So you’re not doing architecture anymore?
(10:43:18 AM) Teoalida: because making a website like this + live chat made me filled up by indians wasting my time looking for free services
(10:43:44 AM) Teoalida: the PAYING customers were another problem, most wanted so many revisions for their project that I never enjoyed architecture job
(10:44:03 AM) Teoalida: read full story
(10:44:14 AM) Teoalida: if you want some US projects from me let me know
(10:45:45 AM) Teoalida: also do you happen to know who is this? , also any opinions about this chat is welcome
(10:47:59 AM) Teoalida: One of the architects that I employed is from Philippines and he earn $2000 per month after 20+ years of career, he PROVED how poorly is paid architecture and convinced me to quit job, can you prove that architecture is well paid?
(10:53:30 AM) Teoalida: how long takes to design a house in average? how do you deal with customers who change mind often and ask 10+ revisions for a house?
(10:55:12 AM) *** Visitor 18194036 has left ***

The funny idiot call me robot

Talking for 5 min and still believing that he is talking with a ROBOT!

Real robots reply fixed messages based by certain words.
How to identify chat bots: write single-word messages with bad grammar (robots would not understand), or repeat same question (robots would repeat too).

23 May 2012:
Website address:
Chat transcript:
(14:08:20)  Teoalida Hello, as the website admin, I made this chat to can talk with visitors … Do you enjoy my website or have any questions? Reply here to start a live chat with me!
(14:08:20)  Visitor Hello.
(14:08:38)  Visitor Are you alive?

He closed chat window in 20 sec, faster that I could answer

24 May 2012:
Website address:

Chat transcript:
(16:23:41) Teoalida Hello, I am not a robot, I am the website admin, I made this chat to can talk with Visitors … How I can help you? Do you have any questions? Reply here to start a live chat with me!
(16:23:41) Visitor Is this thing automated?
(16:23:51) Visitor Hello?
(16:23:55) Teoalida What to be automated?
(16:24:06) Visitor Are you a real person?
(16:24:12) Teoalida What do you think?
(16:24:19) Teoalida C’mon test me
(16:24:32) Visitor What is your hair color?
(16:24:44) Teoalida black, why matters that?
(16:25:12) Visitor How black is it? Pure black or with a slight grayish tint to it?
(16:25:30) Teoalida aka brunette
(16:26:01) Visitor How often do you log in?
(16:26:12) Teoalida where to log in?
(16:26:21) Teoalida I am online every evening
(16:26:25) Visitor How often do you use the computer? Do you sleep?
(16:26:34) Teoalida But what is all this…
(16:26:43) Teoalida How old are you?
(16:26:55) Teoalida Are you still believe that you talk with a robot?
(16:27:27) Visitor An artifically intelligent robot.
(16:27:53) Teoalida Visitors of all other pages talk with me normally…. only Visitors of Gaming-related pages ignore the chat pop-up or behave crazy
Live chat transcript times in GMT.

He disconnected while I was typing, explaining him how the chat works. Maybe I shall give a link, to check, maybe he would understand.


Incredible! Same person came back on 3 Nov 2012, causing another funny crazy chat… calling me NO-LIFER that sits at computer 24/24 just because I was online when he visited me 3 times at SAME time of day.
So, who visit me when I am online call me no-lifer, who visit me while I sleep, may not believe that someone WILL be ever online!
Dear idiots, please visit me in morning, evening and night, before saying that I sit at computer 24/24.

ANGRY Filipino customer

How I can help someone addressing me cursing words?
I try to be nice even with the angry people because some people may swear me then turn into customers (example), but the following one keep swearing me that I can’t help… is not clear what help he needed.

Note: I have no proof that he is from Philippines, I assume this, because he asked me if I am filipino, but mispelled, thus he may be a foreigner interested in Philippines. Also people from Philippines are generally nice, in 2 years of business he remains the only one who insulted me.

Thursday, 15 May, 2014
Country: Saudi Arabia
Page URL:
[17:41] (trigger): Hello from website admin! If you need any help or just wanna chat, drop here a message!
[17:41] Visitor: fuck you
[17:41] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[17:41] Teoalida: reason?
[17:42] Visitor: i cant find a good plan for a flat
[17:42] Teoalida: Sorry but this is not a reason to swear, you could ask me instead
[17:42] Visitor: with c.m
[17:42] Teoalida: which flat are you talking about?
[17:43] Visitor: your mothers
[17:43] Teoalida: Certain HDB flat… or are you real estate developer?
[17:43] Teoalida: building own apartment block?
[17:43] Visitor: where are you?
[17:44] Teoalida: Singapore, why?
(NOTE: so far he clicked 8 floor plans of Singapore HDB flats show on my website, so I though that he is singaporean asking for floor plan of a HDB flat)
[17:44] Visitor: are you a real person
[17:44] Visitor: ?
[17:44] Teoalida: C’mon what is wrong with you?
[17:45] Teoalida: Let me know how I can help you
[17:45] Visitor: i know you are a mistake i told your mother to take pells
[17:45] Teoalida: I don’t see the point of these questions
[17:46] Visitor: you are a felepino
[17:46] Teoalida: filipino?
[17:46] Visitor: i hate engineering there i hate you too
[17:47] Visitor: u r girl or boy?
[17:47] Teoalida: I am not from Philippines but for your info: I have designed few buildings in Philippines, about half of customers contacted me from Middle East countries
[17:48] Teoalida: but in Middle East are also indians and singaporeans asking me about HDB flats
[17:48] Teoalida: in case you are from Philippines looking for apartment plans to build… why you don’t say this from first time?
[17:48] Teoalida: What is all this rude language?
[17:48] Teoalida: See
[17:49] Visitor: so where can i find an apartment with five spaces in c.m just an example please
[17:49] *** Visitor is now viewing ***
[17:49] Teoalida: 5-room apartment?
[17:49] Teoalida: or 5 apartments in one building?
[17:49] Visitor: no just five spaces
[17:50] Visitor: no no one apartment only
[17:50] Visitor: with five spaces
[17:51] Teoalida: something like these?
[17:51] Visitor: are these in c.m
[17:51] Teoalida: five spaces in c.m – what is C.M ?
[17:52] Visitor: canti meters
[17:52] Teoalida: what is CANTI? I show the rooms size in SQUARE meters
[17:52] Teoalida: anyway, if you want to help you with a apartment design, I need land dimensions (length and width)
[17:53] Visitor: thank you ,you didnt help with anythink dickhead
[17:54] Visitor: whats your instagram account??
[17:54] Teoalida: and YOU didn’t asked me anything clear… just swearing
[17:54] Teoalida: I don’t use instagram
[17:54] Visitor: what do u ude?
[17:54] Visitor: use***
[17:54] Teoalida: use for…?
[17:55] Teoalida: Yahoo and Gtalk are enough for communication
[17:55] Teoalida: Images are hosted on my own server
[17:55] Visitor: no i mean for social life friends and bitches??
[17:56] Visitor: do u wanna go to a nightclub stripclup??
[17:56] Teoalida: Social life means face-to-face, no? how I can use a software
[17:56] Teoalida: I chat with real life friends via Yahoo messenger, eventually Facebook
[17:56] Visitor: seriously !!!!
[17:56] Teoalida: if that’s what do you ask
[17:56] Teoalida: but let’s stop kidding
[17:56] Visitor: see you in hell
[17:57] Teoalida: Your behavior give impression of a kid browsing random websites to swear the owners…. not like a customer
[17:58] Teoalida: I am in DOUBT if anyone will help you if you address with such language
[17:58] Visitor has left the conversation

What this guy wants from me?

What does this person wanted from me!!!???
Every day, I am contacted by few people from Singapore for info about HDB and chit-chat, I am also contacted by people all around the world for architecture / CAD design services.
I differentiate customers by chit-chatters by the way they address me and by what pages they click.
Look how THIS guy is addressing me!! Sometimes I mistreat chit-chatters as potential customers, but could be this a potential customer, mistreat as chit-chatter and lost?

Who’s attitude is rudest? my one or visitor’s one? Please leave comments!

Wednesday, 12 Dec, 2012
Country: Singapore
Page URL: http:/
[3:34] Teoalida (trigger): Hello from website admin! Can I help you with anything? drop here a message!
[3:42] Visitor: Hi. What do you do for a living?
[3:42] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[3:42] Teoalida: Are you curious how I earn money?
[3:42] Teoalida: so far I eat parents money, trying to start own business
[3:43] Visitor: I see. I am looking at your website, so thinking of what do u do actually.

[3:43] Teoalida: Nice
[3:44] Teoalida: I am curious too, what others understand about me just by seeing website?
[3:44] Visitor: do you do design for people?
[3:44] Teoalida: yes and this is main income forme (typo: for me)
[3:44] Visitor: I do not know you, so can only understand from your website
[3:46] Visitor: how old are you anyway?
[3:47] Teoalida: you’re in About me page and didn’t saw my age?
[3:47] Teoalida: but that is good, try giving me an age!
[3:47] Teoalida: I am surprised how broad range was other’s guess
[3:49] Visitor: Hmm. Good luck in your venture.
[3:50] Visitor: Not keen in engaing your services from the way you speak. Thanks.
[3:50] Teoalida: Do you have any suggestions? at this moment my business does not work as I imagined
[3:51] Teoalida: from the way I talk? did I made any mistake?
[3:51] Visitor: See ya!
[3:51] Visitor has left the conversation
[3:51] Teoalida: Explain me…. and btw, people looking for my services are NOT asking such questions like you, so I talk differently
[3:51] * You are not in a chat *


I am sorry for being an IDIOT when I said “I eat parents money“, shall say that I am “unemployed, just a little freelancing“, but after showing this chat to 2 friends, both said that the visitor is a BIGGER IDIOT, is totally RUDE to start a chat by asking about personal life! And that is OK to post it on website as funny-stupid chats.

What do I should answer to such people asking “what I do for a living” or saying that “know nothing about me“?
You should ask me whatever do you want and you will see if I can help you regardless of my job (see another funny chat – visitor left because I do not have the job that he thought).
In the same time, I need to know if my website show a correct image about what I am doing, asking such questions or playing “guess my age” with customers NOT recommended, so I do such surveys with chit-chaters. I usually tell my age AFTER I offer what he/she want. Anyway 99% of the visitors using chat do not even ask about age. PS: my age was public in About Me page (deleted soon afterwards), but he may not have read entire page.

After this incident, i have reviewed my style of chatting and identifying customers, next time when someone ask weird questions I will ask him “What are you looking for?”
I also have rewritten the About me page, let’s hope that now is clear what I am doing.

According visitors statistics, he had 7 visits of my website (or shared IP), looking for Singapore HDB floor plans, then clicked About Me, other 8 pages including 2 Funny Chats, then clicked Car Database and started the chat. He did not clicked any page under Design section.
Probably he was surprised to see a Car Database on same website with Singapore real estate, that is why asked me what I actually do…
Not engaging in my services by the way I speak? LOL… was he actually interested in my services?
Real customers interested in my services typically start chatting with “Can you help me…“, “Do you have…” or “I am looking for…” so I speak in different way.


Update: During the following year I has been asked same question “Do you do design for people?” by 2 other people, referring at interior design services. I came in final conclusion that the above guy from 12 December 2012 may have been interested in interior design for a HDB flat , and in this case he would have been my FIRST customer in Singapore and also FIRST customer for interior design services.
I am designer specialized in architecture field so I have customers mostly in booming third-world countries (India, Philippines, etc). In Singapore very few people are rich enough to build houses. On my website I also offer large amount of info about Singapore’s HDB so I expect to be contacted by Singaporeans for HDB-related advices and chit-chat, 99% of them are NOT interested in design services. Considering the RUDE way he addressed me without telling what he is looking for, I did NOT expected that he may be a customer. In the future when someone ask about personal life, I ask what you are looking for, before answering something that may turn customers away.


The following is an example of NORMAL way of chatting

Visitor ask help, I help him, THEN we talk about personal life, and tell him my age. Nobody gets angry.

Wednesday, 20 Mar, 2013
Country: Singapore
Page URL: http:/
[15:02] Teoalida (trigger): Hello from website admin! Can I help you with anything? drop here a message!
[15:04] Visitor: Hi, i would like to request for a particular block floor plan in bukit panjang. Are you able to help?
[15:04] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[15:04] Teoalida: sometimes yes, sometimes no
[15:05] Teoalida: newer block = hard to find
(private chat)
[15:36] Visitor: I see, so how do u make a living?
[15:36] Teoalida: what do you mean?
[15:36] Visitor: U have another job?
[15:37] Visitor: what u do when u are not online?
[15:38] Teoalida: I live with parents money
[15:38] Teoalida: but I have own money too from part-time work

[15:38] Visitor: i see, semi-retired?
[15:41] Teoalida: How old do you think that I am?
[15:41] Visitor: I would say 22
[15:41] Teoalida: how I could be retired at this age?
[15:42] Teoalida: You’re near… I’m 24, but I am surprised how many people think about 40+ due of my knowledge

Another one asking same question but does not seems to be interested in my services

Country: Czech
Page URL:

Chat started on Sunday, January 06, 2019 9:55:29 AM

(9:55:29 AM) *** Visitor 54785186 has joined the chat ***
(9:55:31 AM) Teoalida (site owner): Hi there… may I know what are you looking for? If you need any help or just want to talk about what is on website, drop here a message!
(9:55:53 AM) Visitor 54785186: what do you do for a living?
(9:56:08 AM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(9:56:13 AM) Teoalida: a variety of stuff seen on website
(9:56:30 AM) Teoalida: do you have any business proposal?
(9:56:38 AM) Visitor 54785186: cool…nice to be able to make money online 🙂
(10:00:28 AM) Teoalida: you remind me of – starting chat with same question like yours, gave me impression of a curious kid so I replied informally, but actually was a customer looking to do business with me and I LOST him
(10:05:40 AM) *** Visitor 54785186 has left ***

Funny singlish with Lim Pei

There’s IMPOSSIBLE to read this chat without laughing…
That’s a truly funny singaporean english. Using lots of words that I do not understand, including the overused ARH and LIM BEI words which at end I figured that may have been his name.

Funiest parts in RED!


Chat started on Sunday, January 04, 2015 5:16:54 PM
Country: Singapore

(5:16:54 PM) *** Visitor has joined the chat ***
(5:16:55 PM) Visitor: Anyone alive
(5:17:17 PM) Visitor: Wah got so good website got chat somemore
(5:17:25 PM) Visitor: Testing 123
(5:18:04 PM) Auto-respond: The human is probably busy or out of office for a moment. Please wait few minutes or leave your email address where to reply you when I come back! (auto-respond if nobody pick up the chat in 60 sec)
(5:18:36 PM) Visitor: Haha fake one lah
(5:18:41 PM) Visitor: Bye
(5:19:01 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(5:19:10 PM) Teoalida: I’m here now
(5:19:16 PM) Teoalida: what fake???
(5:19:44 PM) Visitor: Confirm bo
(5:19:50 PM) Visitor: Real one meh
(5:19:59 PM) Teoalida: Your messages are funny.. testing, right? you want nothing serious from me?
(5:19:59 PM) Visitor: Computer lah
(5:20:14 PM) Visitor: Must be some scripts
(5:20:24 PM) Teoalida: what scripts do you see?
(5:20:34 PM) Visitor: Computer scripts lah
(5:21:14 PM) Teoalida: the only thing that may be called script is auto-respond… similar with phone answering machine
(5:21:44 PM) Visitor: Icic

(5:21:54 PM) Visitor: Why your website the bto projects
(5:22:00 PM) Visitor: Never put picture
(5:22:11 PM) Visitor: So we can trace back the projects ma
(5:22:40 PM) Teoalida: what do you suggest? going with photo camera on streets and take 200 photos one for every BTO?
(5:22:47 PM) Visitor: No la
(5:22:54 PM) Visitor: Use the hdb one
(5:23:03 PM) Visitor: Those project sales one
(5:23:10 PM) Visitor: Artist impressions
(5:23:36 PM) Visitor: Lidat at least we know the project design ma
(5:23:39 PM) Teoalida: hmm… is nice to display HDB photos on my website?
(5:23:45 PM) Teoalida: without permission?
(5:23:58 PM) Visitor: ai ya u not doing business also wat
(5:24:09 PM) Visitor: U jus providing info
(5:24:12 PM) Teoalida: maybe HDB photos are free to use as other sites posted too
(5:24:22 PM) Visitor: Ya lor
(5:24:39 PM) Teoalida: but this will overload my website, so many photos, what is the purpose of that?
(5:25:04 PM) Teoalida: if I post artist impressions, tomorrow someone will want floor plans too, other one wants prices, and so on
(5:25:09 PM) Visitor: More detailed information for us
(5:25:26 PM) Visitor: Remember few years back got one guy tell u
(5:25:27 PM) Teoalida: Do I have time to do all these? voluntarily?
(5:25:49 PM) Teoalida: ai ya u not doing business also wat – what business do you suggest? I already have a business
(5:26:11 PM) Visitor: Tao ching road have good protential
(5:26:23 PM) Visitor: Now become lakelife ec lor
(5:26:41 PM) Visitor:
(5:26:49 PM) Visitor: Like ur challenger wor
(5:26:56 PM) Teoalida: Did you contacted me few years ago? or at least visited website?
(5:26:57 PM) Visitor: Go everywhere take pics
(5:27:10 PM) Visitor: Ya chat with u gere
(5:27:13 PM) Visitor: here lah
(5:27:28 PM) Visitor: Dunno real person or computer script
(5:27:41 PM) Teoalida: I added the chat 3 years ago
(5:27:58 PM) Teoalida: talked with 5000 people in this time… which one were you?
(5:28:08 PM) Teoalida: SSL connection error
(5:28:10 PM) Visitor: Link to your ho arh
(5:28:25 PM) Teoalida: read more there
(5:28:28 PM) Visitor: Your handphone arh
(5:28:40 PM) Teoalida: I don’t understand
(5:28:44 PM) Visitor: soon will be ready again
(5:28:54 PM) Teoalida: your messages are not just random and funny… but also full of grammar mistakes
(5:29:12 PM) Visitor: Lim bei go sleep liao
(5:29:16 PM) Visitor: Bye bye
(5:29:44 PM) Visitor: Good bye computer script
(5:30:04 PM) Teoalida: remember that all HDB-related pages are written and compiled voluntarily… I also have a business thus cannot spend too much time for voluntary jobs
(5:30:15 PM) Visitor: Ic
(5:30:39 PM) Visitor: Ok Lim Bei said thank you and good night
(5:30:45 PM) Teoalida: And look in before saying anythin funny again

(5:31:22 PM) Visitor: Not Found

The requested URL /about/chatting-with-website-visitors was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
(5:31:32 PM) Visitor: Lim Bei cannot access
(5:31:54 PM) Teoalida: Works at me
(5:32:06 PM) Visitor: Okok sleepy ready
(5:32:12 PM) Visitor: already
(5:32:19 PM) Visitor: Thanks for your efforts
(5:32:31 PM) Visitor: Lim Bei jio u drink coffee next time
(5:33:06 PM) Teoalida: what is this Lim Bei… you repeat too much
(5:34:13 PM) Teoalida: this works? click the second post Chatting with website visitors
(5:34:17 PM) Visitor: Lim Pei lah

(5:34:37 PM) Visitor: 1
Lim pei
Literally means “your father” in hokkien

But most commonly used to refer to oneself.
Lim pei tell you, i’m always right. Dont Kao Bei Kao Bu so much!
by shinjiono January 24, 2008
24 2 SHOP
(5:34:59 PM) Visitor: Understand what lim pei trying to said
(5:35:32 PM) Teoalida: NO! your messages are too random and FUNNY
(5:36:24 PM) Teoalida: Did you contacted me for solo purpose of making a funny chat to be posted in Funny chats section?
(5:36:31 PM) Visitor: Why u not happy with Lim Pei arh
(5:36:43 PM) Visitor: Lim Pei cannot bid for bto lah
(5:36:56 PM) Visitor: Cannot read bto stuffs arh

(5:37:11 PM) Visitor: Anyway why so project very fast
(5:37:19 PM) Visitor: Why some project very slow
(5:37:42 PM) Visitor: Why some project fast
(5:38:20 PM) Teoalida: Which is slow and which is fast? all BTOs are built at same speed
(5:38:26 PM) Teoalida: condos are built faster
(5:38:35 PM) Visitor: Why some bto on the same exercise
(5:38:42 PM) Visitor: Finish faster
(5:38:49 PM) Visitor: Then Lim Pei house so slow
(5:38:51 PM) Teoalida: because some are 15-storey and others are 40-storey?
(5:39:05 PM) Visitor: Arh
(5:39:22 PM) Teoalida: Where did you applied?
(5:39:59 PM) Visitor: Keat hong mirage
(5:40:10 PM) Visitor: Why 2016 q3
(5:40:18 PM) Visitor: Then some q2
(5:40:59 PM) Teoalida: different block height!
(5:41:13 PM) Visitor: Why the sunshine on jan 2012 now going to finish already.. Only 3 years
(5:41:21 PM) Teoalida: BTOs with basement carparks may also take more
(5:41:24 PM) Teoalida: or Premium ones
(5:42:02 PM) Visitor: Lim pei felt very unfair
(5:42:23 PM) Visitor: Should finish all same time same day
(5:43:31 PM) Teoalida: Construction speed may be affected by lots of things, weather, workers off days, etc, what would be the purpose of finishing all in same day?
(5:43:37 PM) Visitor: Lim pei will vote workers party for this so they will build faster
(5:43:55 PM) Visitor: They not sleeping arh
(5:44:18 PM) Visitor: Purpose – fair lah everyone get key same day
(5:45:17 PM) Visitor: Anyway my keat hong mirage not bad arh
(5:45:26 PM) Visitor: Got fastfood somemore
(5:45:34 PM) Visitor: Hdb seldom built fastfood
(5:45:43 PM) Visitor: Cos worry singaporean get fatter
(5:46:08 PM) Visitor: Computer script u sleep already arh
(5:46:15 PM) Visitor: Spoilt already
(5:46:26 PM) Visitor: Sot liao
(5:46:32 PM) Teoalida: ARH what does mean?
(5:46:53 PM) Visitor: Lim pei said
(5:47:12 PM) Visitor: Hdb builting fastfood resturant at keat hong mirage
(5:47:23 PM) Visitor: And hdb seldom buid that
(5:47:34 PM) Visitor: Cos worry singaporean get fatter
(5:48:44 PM) *** Visitor has left ***

Chat started on Sunday, January 04, 2015 5:51:44 PM

(5:51:44 PM) *** Visitor has joined the chat ***
(5:51:44 PM) Visitor: Good night
(5:51:50 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(5:52:00 PM) Teoalida: explain me why there’s height differences?
(5:52:24 PM) Teoalida: and stop complaining about construction speed differences between different BTO projects
(5:52:32 PM) *** Visitor has left ***