Weird customers that I cannot understand

Some people send me vague messages that makes me impossible to understand them. I am posting these chats there hoping that someone can explain me what these people wanted, and hoping that more customers will contact me, this time explaining clearly what they wants.

“Clustering” service… WTF does this mean?

Does anyone understand what this guy wanted? Leave comment!

Chat started on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 10:30:14 AM
Country: Singapore
Page URL:

(10:30:14 AM) *** Visitor has joined the chat ***
(10:30:14 AM) Visitor 80577985: Do you do “clustering”?
(10:30:39 AM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(10:30:42 AM) Teoalida: what does clustering mean here?
(10:32:58 AM) Visitor: Hmm… like in district 82, Punggol, 600++ HDB blocks, you cluster them by nearby, walking distance, to a cluster of 20 blocks each
(10:33:09 AM) Visitor: hope u understand my quetion
(10:33:20 AM) Teoalida: are you referring at HDB blocks database?
(10:33:53 AM) Visitor: wait i take a look again… moment pls
(10:30:39 AM) *** Visitor is viewing ***
(10:36:07 AM) Visitor: Not really, like with maps and you help “cluster” them by average nearby block of say 20 each cluster, so total for district 82 punggol will be about 20 cluster
(10:36:28 AM) Teoalida: what do you want more exactly from me?
(10:36:35 AM) Teoalida: do you want to make articles or databases in Excel?
(10:37:54 AM) Visitor: I actually wanted a pay service to someone who can do clustering of HDB blocks within a district with maps/blocks numbers…
(10:38:09 AM) Visitor: is there a nos i can call to make enquires?
(10:39:32 AM) Teoalida: I don’t understand what service do you want. articles, excel, drawing maps, or… something else?
(10:40:00 AM) Visitor: is there a nos i can call to talk to you?
(10:40:42 AM) Teoalida: what NOS?
(10:40:54 AM) Teoalida: make enquiries on this chat
(10:41:05 AM) Visitor: your contact telephone nos?
(10:41:15 AM) Visitor: nevermind, sorry to have wasted your time…
(10:41:51 AM) Teoalida: or email me
(10:42:39 AM) Teoalida: BTW, the HDB Database in Excel does have lines (borders) to delimitate clusters of blocks
(10:42:41 AM) *** Visitor has left ***

Web scraping service that I cannot understand

Customer left a message in CHAT in middle of night when I was offline, I replied via email telling him to come on chat during daytime to have a quick chat, but he didn’t, we exchanged few emails but he was writing only short vague replies and I did not understand his project requirements. Are YOU able to understand?

Offline Message left on 07 Mar 2018, 04:14 AM (GMT+0)

Hi there – I’m lookinf for someone to create a database for me by combining scraped data from multiple sites for companies and product categories, then match them to a company directory on another site Can you let me know if this makes sense and if it’s something you could do? Thanks!


Matching data from multiple websites is difficult when same car names vary from a website to another so I may let you to try it, I will provide raw scraped data from each website


Hi there, why did you never replied after I replied your offline message? Are you still interested in my services? or found someone else providing same service at cheaper price?

Message me again on live chat during daytime so we can communicate faster.


Can you let me know if you can scrape from the following


I though that is in automobile field, but is not, no problem there, I CAN do scraping in any field, BUT… this website is very broad with a lot of products unrelated each other, each having different description fields. Can you explain in detail what do you want to scrap from there? instead of link to main page, give link to the page containing the data you want to scrap



Can you visit my website and message me on chat so we can talk faster and understand exactly what data do you require? do you want name, address and phone, or something else? Check the attached file and tell me if is OK


Haven’t heard from you for another week, what are you doing? May I know how many people you contacted so far for web scraping services?

If you cannot spend time to reply faster and to write LONGER emails to explain your project requirements in detail, probably NO programmer will ever spend his time to help you


Thanks for the feedback
We are going to go a different direction for our requirements

Payment plan… for WHAT?

Country: Thailand
Page URL:

Offline Message left on 10 Apr 2018, 04:21 AM (GMT+0)

Can you send me payment plan Dave


What are you paying for? May I know if you are interested in my house design services or asking about housing mortgage or something else?


I thought you where advert selling house in phillioines
Thats why i ask for payment plan for the house i see
Your email was there so i asked for the plan
I must be wrong you not advert to sell houses


If you are a housing developer I can advertise you with a banner in Philippines or other World pages… similar with what I did for real estate agents in
Price: $20 per month as written in
from ” Can you send me payment plan ” how I was supposed to understand…?


Think we forget this
A house was advertised
It say contact agent
That was you
I did send for more information on that house
Now its getting complicated
So lets forget the whole thing ok


I don’t understand!!!!

It say contact agent – That was you ?????????

If you read my website further (About me) you will see that I am NOT agent, my background is in AutoCAD architectural design, but currently I am focusing on data providing because is more profitable. So advertising houses for sale does NOT interfere with my own business. What do you want to advertise? I see you from Thailand but message was sent from Philippines page.
For faster communication visit website and send message via live chat again

What does this guy meant with advertising a TV?

Country: Singapore
Page URL:

Offline Message left on 18 Jun 2018, 05:09 AM (GMT+0)

hi, i was wondering if you have any spaces for advertising a 75 inch digital screen.


Just woke up, you can come now on website for a live chat
So… you want to advertise selling a TV? you can make a banner and I will post on any page you like, but may I know why did you choose a website focusing on real estate for this ad?

He came on chat afterwards:

Chat started on Monday, June 18, 2018 9:40:38 AM

(9:40:38 AM) *** farah has joined the chat ***
(9:40:38 AM) farah: hi i sent an email regarding the digital screen
(9:40:42 AM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(9:40:45 AM) Teoalida: welcome on chat
(9:40:55 AM) farah: i think you got me wrong
(9:41:09 AM) farah: i wanted to know if you have any commercial department
(9:42:16 AM) farah: i am starting an advertising company and i would like to advertise other companies
(9:42:42 AM) Teoalida: I am confused, can you explain in detail?
(9:43:25 AM) farah: do you have a commercial department i can contact?
(9:43:52 AM) Teoalida: what commercial department, I am one-man business
(9:46:37 AM) *** farah has left ***

A customer who put me in confusion… email/SMS spamming is national sport in India?

This Indian Googled “buy Singapore database” thus found my website containing some databases about real estate of Singapore but he was actually looking for a database of people with their emails and phone numbers (personal information illegal to distribute). He felt confused and told me to remove the keywords he searched, and I am sorry for putting him in even bigger confusion by not telling him earlier that I am actually selling Singapore databases… but NOT of personal information.

Chat started on Thursday, August 02, 2018 2:12:56 PM

(2:12:56 PM) *** Visitor 19672232 has joined the chat ***
(2:12:59 PM) Teoalida (site owner): Hi there… are you looking for a specific database? you are welcome for a chat!
(2:13:08 PM) Visitor 19672232: hi
(2:13:15 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(2:13:17 PM) Teoalida: what’s up
(2:13:56 PM) Visitor 19672232: yes i am looking for general database of customers in singapore
(2:14:16 PM) Teoalida: what customers are you referring to?
(2:14:33 PM) Visitor 19672232: general public
(2:14:47 PM) Visitor 19672232: for selling health supplements
(2:15:28 PM) Visitor 19672232: like multi vitamins, knee pain relief cream, food supplements
(2:15:54 PM) Teoalida: and what I can do for you?
(2:16:05 PM) Teoalida: how did you found my website? what was your google search?
(2:17:27 PM) Visitor 19672232: i am looking for singapore database with minimum of name contact number, email and address or if it can be segregated on basis of age or extensive details
(2:18:06 PM) Visitor 19672232: i searched buy singapore database
(2:18:10 PM) Teoalida: what makes you to think that I am selling databases of emails and phone numbers?
(2:19:38 PM) Teoalida: BTW, is email/SMS spamming a national sport in India? This country do not have personal data protection laws? I have seen many people from India asking for databases of people’s personal info. From other countries I am not getting such messages
(2:20:04 PM) Teoalida: I also did a google search “India car owners database” and can’t believe that there are websites selling such thing
(2:20:42 PM) Visitor 19672232: i didnt say i think you do sell, your website came up in my search i opened it your chat popped up so you asked me how can i help you i told you my query so if you can well and good if not then kindly remove such key words from adwords so you do not waste someone elses time like you just did mine
(2:21:15 PM) Teoalida: there a big red text and you seems to not read before messaging me
(2:21:21 PM) Visitor 19672232: telle and phone marketing is a legal business if you are aware
(2:21:29 PM) Teoalida: since you messaged me I assumed that you need something else and not phone numbers
(2:21:50 PM) Visitor 19672232: before i could read anything your msg popped up
(2:22:17 PM) Teoalida: legal is when people subscribed to your newsletters. Buying an email list and send promotional emails that people didn’t agreed to receive isn’t legal
(2:22:17 PM) Visitor 19672232: so be nice to your visitors even if you cannot provide services
(2:23:23 PM) Visitor 19672232: in USA UK AUS and many countries phone marketing and telle marketing is legal for your kind information
(2:23:33 PM) Teoalida: email marketing services like warn you against using email lists purchased from somewhere
(2:24:04 PM) Visitor 19672232: i didnt ask for email marketing
(2:24:12 PM) Visitor 19672232: i simply asked what you have
(2:24:21 PM) Visitor 19672232: if you got nothing then stop
(2:24:27 PM) Teoalida: see how many I have
(2:25:14 PM) *** Visitor 19672232 has left ***

Very, very, VERY WEIRD customer

Country: Colombia
Page URL:

Chat started on Thursday, August 02, 2018 10:11:36 PM

(10:11:36 PM) *** Visitor 12824970 has joined the chat ***
(10:11:38 PM) Teoalida (site owner): Hi there… are you looking for a specific database? you are welcome for a chat!
(10:11:54 PM) Visitor 12824970: Hi there
(10:12:02 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(10:12:05 PM) Teoalida: what’s up
(10:12:19 PM) Visitor 12824970: I’m looking for some reliable data on the total market value of different commercial/residential RE markets by country
(10:12:26 PM) Visitor 12824970: This data is surprisingly hard to find
(10:12:36 PM) Visitor 12824970: So are home sales per year in different countries
(10:12:43 PM) Teoalida: do you mean price of all properties in a country?
(10:12:48 PM) Visitor 12824970: Yep
(10:12:54 PM) Visitor 12824970: The total value of all properties
(10:13:02 PM) Teoalida: this is one of weirdest things that people asked
(10:13:06 PM) Visitor 12824970: hahaha
(10:13:13 PM) Visitor 12824970: how about the housing inventory?
(10:13:34 PM) Visitor 12824970: Another tricky one. Such as number of homes available for sale in that country, how many home sales per year, etc
(10:13:45 PM) Teoalida: how do you know homes estimated value? their price is known only when are sold. and they are sold at various dates
(10:14:09 PM) Teoalida: United States publish average home prices but I think that is about new homes only… multiply with number of housing stock
(10:14:31 PM) Visitor 12824970: yeah, that’s an option
(10:14:50 PM) Visitor 12824970: What about sales volume?
(10:15:15 PM) Visitor 12824970: I’ve been having trouble finding the total number of homes available for sale, which makes it tough to find inventory
(10:16:03 PM) Teoalida: you can find number of apartments sold by year
(10:16:09 PM) Teoalida: at least in Singapore
(10:16:35 PM) Teoalida: but checking this country by country can’t imagine the effort… why do you do this?
(10:16:59 PM) Visitor 12824970: I’m creating a report for a client
(10:17:06 PM) Visitor 12824970: The real estate markets of 30 different countries
(10:17:23 PM) Visitor 12824970: But to be honest, I’m beginning to think it isn’t worth the headache!
(10:17:43 PM) Teoalida: where do you find such strange clients? under what label do you promote your services?
(10:17:52 PM) Visitor 12824970: haha
(10:18:01 PM) Visitor 12824970: Mainly through Upwork
(10:19:00 PM) Teoalida: beware on Upwork because if you take a project than later turned impossible to complete, it may leave you with bad reputation, how do you deal with such cases?
(10:20:06 PM) Visitor 12824970: That’s a good point
(10:20:10 PM) Visitor 12824970: So far, that has never happened to me
(10:20:30 PM) Visitor 12824970: I’m a bit concerned regarding this project, just because it is so ambitious and doesn’t pay particularly well
(10:20:37 PM) Visitor 12824970: So far I’ve completed roughly 1/3 of it
(10:20:41 PM) Visitor 12824970: and I’m behind schedule
(10:20:49 PM) Visitor 12824970: So my perfect rating may be in danger 🙁
(10:22:38 PM) *** Visitor 12824970 has left ***

Weird enquiry from an Indian not understanding what I sell and putting me in confusion

Country: India
Page URL:

Chat started on Sunday, September 16, 2018 9:02:41 PM

(9:02:41 PM) *** Visitor 78299220 has joined the chat ***
(9:02:43 PM) Teoalida (site owner): Hi there… are you looking for a specific database? you are welcome for a chat!
(9:03:56 PM) Visitor 78299220: Can you plse provide me data of insurance co.
(9:04:10 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(9:04:15 PM) Teoalida: what insurance companies?
(9:04:16 PM) Visitor 78299220: Such as lic
(9:04:19 PM) Teoalida: this database is about mobile phones devices
(9:04:31 PM) Teoalida: but I can create a custom database for you via web scraping
(9:04:37 PM) Teoalida:
(9:04:43 PM) Visitor 78299220: Customer database
(9:05:42 PM) Visitor 78299220: I need customer name mobile no city and policy holder
(9:05:59 PM) Teoalida: LOL
(9:06:09 PM) Visitor 78299220: Database of utter pradesh
(9:06:19 PM) Teoalida: from your 1st message I though that you want a list of companies in insurance
(9:06:36 PM) Visitor 78299220: No
(9:06:42 PM) Teoalida: ask the insurance company to share with you their customers data
(9:07:15 PM) Teoalida: do you really think that they will disclose their data to third-party people and potential competitors?
(9:07:34 PM) Visitor 78299220: No
(9:07:54 PM) Visitor 78299220: I was just asked if you can provide me
(9:07:58 PM) Teoalida: do you realize that what do you ask is off my website topic?
(9:08:10 PM) Visitor 78299220: Ok
(9:08:14 PM) Visitor 78299220: Thanks
(9:08:17 PM) Teoalida: leave an email address
(9:08:29 PM) Teoalida: I would like to ask you later if you found anyone to provide you
(9:08:35 PM) Teoalida: because I DON’T believe that you will ever find
(9:09:00 PM) *** Visitor 78299220 has left ***

Someone asking for phone numbers database, he don’t understand that I do scraping from PUBLIC data and people’s phone numbers are PRIVATE information that we cannot find public.

Country: Taiwan
Page URL:

Chat started on Friday, September 21, 2018 8:03:06 PM

(8:03:06 PM) *** Visitor 46754724 has joined the chat ***
(8:03:08 PM) Teoalida (site owner): Hi there… are you looking for a specific database? you are welcome for a chat!
(8:04:56 PM) Visitor 46754724: yup
(8:05:04 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(8:05:05 PM) Teoalida: 🙂
(8:05:08 PM) Visitor 46754724: im looking for Singapore mobile number database
(8:05:23 PM) Teoalida: hmm, what makes you to think that I have phone NUMBERS database?
(8:05:48 PM) Visitor 46754724: not sure. I just google it then come to this website
(8:06:42 PM) Teoalida: the ONLY database I have containing phone numbers is the managing agent one…
(8:07:11 PM) Teoalida: scraped from public data
(8:07:33 PM) Teoalida: but if you want population phone numbers, this is personal information illegal to be distributed
(8:07:50 PM) Visitor 46754724: do you have database such as call log, moneylender or grab driver?
(8:08:22 PM) Teoalida: grab driver? what is this
(8:08:33 PM) Visitor 46754724: uber driver
(8:08:55 PM) Teoalida: I create databases scraping PUBLIC data from websites
(8:09:10 PM) Teoalida:
(8:09:24 PM) Teoalida: let me know if I can create anything for you
(8:09:51 PM) Visitor 46754724: Singapore moneylender customer list?
(8:10:02 PM) Visitor 46754724: singapore call log ?
(8:10:46 PM) Teoalida: give me link what website do you want me to scrap data from
(8:13:20 PM) Visitor 46754724: I got no idea
(8:16:21 PM) Visitor 46754724:
(8:17:51 PM) Visitor 46754724:
(8:17:59 PM) Visitor 46754724: this two website?
(8:18:05 PM) Teoalida: what do you want me to do here?
(8:18:18 PM) Visitor 46754724: you said you want to scrap data from
(8:18:23 PM) Visitor 46754724: I send you this website
(8:18:27 PM) Teoalida: what data to scrap from there?
(8:18:42 PM) Visitor 46754724: customer mobile number
(8:18:53 PM) Teoalida: I repeat, I do scraping from PUBLIC data
(8:19:14 PM) Teoalida: where do you see customer mobile number public on these websites?
(8:20:15 PM) *** Visitor 46754724 has left ***

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