Jul 24

Hi, I am Mr. X

People who previously chatted with me, when they visit my website again, are advised to say Hi, I am Mr. X, to help me knowing that are same person.

But sometimes people who visit my website for first time also use this form of addressing, and if their name is identical, the chat turns FUNNY!

Chat started on Sunday, July 24, 2016 11:37:57 AM
Country: Singapore
Page URL: http://www.teoalida.com/

(11:37:57 AM) *** Visitor 32677139 has joined the chat ***
(11:37:57 AM) Visitor 32677139: Hello?
(11:38:21 AM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(11:38:22 AM) Teoalida: hi
(11:38:35 AM) Visitor 32677139: Hi, do I address you as Teo or Alida?
(11:38:40 AM) Visitor 32677139: This is William by the way. 😀
(11:38:52 AM) Teoalida: oh, any news?
(11:39:10 AM) Visitor 32677139: I just noticed your messaging option this time. I came to your site a while ago.
(11:39:12 AM) Visitor 32677139: Very nice site.
(11:39:28 AM) Visitor 32677139: I am going to buy the floor plans from your website as an appreciation of all the work you have done.
(11:39:29 AM) Teoalida: like that is the first time you see it
(11:39:41 AM) Teoalida: what messaging option?
(11:39:56 AM) Visitor 32677139: Yes, did you always have the messaging option?
(11:40:00 AM) Visitor 32677139: Maybe I have never seen you online.
(11:40:07 AM) Visitor 32677139: I just thought I’d say Hi and Thanks.
(11:40:08 AM) Teoalida: ????!!!! I don’t understand
(11:40:27 AM) Teoalida: BTW, any comments about the last EC customer I sent you?
(11:40:36 AM) Visitor 32677139: oh…
(11:40:44 AM) Visitor 32677139: I think you have mistaken me for some other William.
(11:40:48 AM) Visitor 32677139: I have never spoken to you before.
(11:41:00 AM) Visitor 32677139: I am not an agent, I am just someone looking at HDB to buy and am thankful for your site.
(11:41:15 AM) Teoalida: Indeed I have an agent partner named William… if you’re not him, this is name coincidence
(11:41:22 AM) Visitor 32677139: LOL
(11:41:44 AM) Visitor 32677139: I’m sorry, I only mention that I am William.
(11:41:53 AM) Visitor 32677139: I didn’t know how to address you. Because your site is called Teoalida.
(11:43:26 AM) Visitor 32677139 has changed their name to William.
(11:45:25 AM) Teoalida: well… so can I help you with anything?
(11:46:08 AM) William: I came to your site looking for the Pinnacles Duxton floor plan as well as some old resale HDBs in Clementi.

Chat continued for one more hour… that was all funny part.

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