The funny idiot is back!

A random anonymous visitor, talking slightly crazy, setting same name like me and repeating my messages….. then, BIG SURPRISE, he said that is exactly the same person from the first screenshot posted in Chatting with website visitors as example of idiot calling me robot!

Beside this visit, he also visited 2 times in May 2012 (6 months earlier), at approximately same hour.
He call me a NO-LIFER that sit at computer 24/7, just because he visited me 3 times during american morning (evening at me – so I am always at home).
If I wasn’t online, he may not even realize that someone WILL be ever online.
So, dear idiots, please check my website in morning, evening and night, before saying that I sit 24 hours per day at computer. As a HUMAN who need to sleep, I provide chat and customer service MAX 14 hours per day. This does NOT mean that I sit at computer all the 14 hours, but if you type a message, I try to get at computer and answer you as fast as I can!
BTW, same chat is used by companies too, who employ multiple people so you may see their chat support online 24/7.

Saturday, 3 Nov, 2012
Landing page:
[20:24] Teoalida: Hello from website admin, if you need any help or just want to chat, reply here!
[20:24] Visitor: This chatbox is so annoying…
[20:25] Visitor is now known as Teoalida
[20:25] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[20:25] Teoalida: my one?
[20:25] Visitor Teoalida: Yes.
[20:25] Teoalida: or the chat published in this page
[20:25] Visitor Teoalida: or the chat published in this page
[20:25] Teoalida: You can minimize it if don’t need me
[20:25] Visitor Teoalida: You can minimize it if don’t need me
[20:26] Teoalida: It seems as if Teoalida spends 100% of his/her time on the computer, non-stop, everyday. I wonder if Teoalida has a life outside the computer life.
[20:27] Teoalida: btw, why do you set same name like me?
[20:27] Visitor Teoalida: I don’t know.
[20:27] Teoalida: What proof do you have that my life is o computer?
[20:27] Teoalida: Just because my website shows the virtual life?
[20:27] Teoalida: Want to see me with friends? go on Facebook
[20:28] Teoalida: btw… new website
[20:28] Visitor Teoalida: Well, let me see. Every time I visit this website, I see this little pop-up chatbox that says that Teoalida is ready to chat with you. It’s kind of freaky.
[20:28] Teoalida: because that’s how it works
[20:29] Teoalida: I can send you a message only after you send me one
[20:29] Teoalida: without that greeting, people would not send me any message
[20:30] Visitor Teoalida: I see.
[20:30] Teoalida: What I could do?
[20:30] Visitor Teoalida: “Is this automated?” LOL. XD
[20:30] Visitor Teoalida: “Are you a fucking robot?” XD LOLOLOL.
[20:31] Teoalida: that happens with kids
[20:32] Teoalida: Every time I visit this website, I see this little pop-up chatbox <— EVERY time? I see that this is your first visit
[20:33] Teoalida: and if you visit my website in evening you no longer see me online because I go to sleep
[20:33] Visitor Teoalida: Haha! I can’t believe you actually posted a screenshot of my conversation with you! I’m actually the person who had a conversation with you and you posted this screenshot under “Funny-stupid chat with an idiot”.
[20:34] Teoalida: Sorry but I can’t know who are you
[20:34] Teoalida: all what I see is that you had just 1 website visits (current one)
[20:35] Visitor Teoalida: I was using a public computer. 😛
[20:35] Teoalida: Are you any of the people who talked with me in the past?
[20:35] Visitor Teoalida: Still, you must SIT at your computer.
[20:35] Visitor Teoalida: Yes.
[20:36] Teoalida: Tell me something about what we talked, otherwise I can’t remember
[20:36] Visitor Teoalida: I asked you what hair color you have.
[20:36] Visitor Teoalida: You replied black.
[20:37] Teoalida: if in this century, computers are the workplace for most people… what is your proposal?
[20:37] Teoalida: Really? you are THAT person?
[20:37] Teoalida: That times I was using SnapEngage, now I found that Zopim is better
[20:37] Visitor Teoalida: I see.
[20:37] Teoalida: different chat service, can’t track visitors of past one
[20:38] Teoalida: If you didn’t closed SnapEngage window in that moment, you maybe would understand how this works
[20:39] Teoalida: That’s why I use Zopim…. closing chat window do not disconnect from chat
[20:39] Visitor Teoalida has left the conversation

I regret that I did not told him “Hey, do you ever heard of SMARTPHONES? We no longer need to sit at computer to be online!

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