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Someone afraid of disturbing me

A visitor is afraid to… I don’t even know how to explain!
Try finding yourself an explanation!

Sunday, 16 Sep, 2012
Page URL: http://teoalida.webs.com/hdbbtodbsslist.htm
[16:30] Teoalida: Hello from website admin. If you need anything more or just wanna chat, ask me here!
[16:31] Visitor: are u from hdb?
[16:32] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[16:32] Teoalida: HDB employee? no
[16:32] Teoalida: But probably I know more about housing stock than most employees
[16:32] Teoalida: Why do you ask?
[16:34] Visitor: I am viewing HBD website then you pop up…
[16:34] Teoalida: LOL… this is MY website
[16:34] Visitor: Are you telling me, I got into your website?
[16:35] Visitor: Then I better get out and not disturb you (:

[16:35] Teoalida: Why?
[16:35] Visitor: Goodnight …
[16:35] Teoalida: stay here
[16:35] Teoalida: Why do you think that I made a website, if not for you, for visitors?
[16:36] Teoalida: http://teoalida.webs.com/singaporehdbfloorplans.htm see this too
[16:36] Visitor: Are you a property agent?
[16:37] Teoalida: Just a student… so far
[16:37] Visitor has left the conversation

As contrast, I show you an example of someone else starting chat in similar way but with happy end.

Friday, 28 Sep, 2012
Page URL: http://teoalida.webs.com/singaporehdbfloorplans.htm
[18:01] Teoalida: Hello from website admin. If you need anything more or just wanna chat, ask me here!
[18:01] Visitor: hello
[18:01] Visitor: who r u ?
[18:02] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[18:02] Teoalida: The admin
[18:02] Teoalida: what do you though?
[18:02] Visitor: u from HDB ?
[18:03] Teoalida: I think that I am smarter than most HDB employees
[18:03] Teoalida: Test me!
[18:04] Visitor: do u have the floor plan of an executive apartment in bukit batok west ave 7
[18:05] Teoalida: blocks 402-405?
[18:05] Visitor: wow
[18:05] Visitor: yes block 402
[18:05] Teoalida: They are posted on website as 1993-1998 block with Executive Apartments
[18:05] Visitor: website ? any address ?
[18:05] Visitor: i cant find ! THANKS
[18:05] Teoalida: Just scroll down to 1990s decade
[18:06] Visitor: MOMENT tHANKS
[18:07] Visitor: OH so they are EA ( 144 to 147 ) and Not 152
[18:07] Visitor: got it !
[18:07] Visitor: THANK U
[18:07] Teoalida: For your curiousity…. I am 23 years old
[18:07] Visitor: THATS V young !
[18:07] Visitor: good job
(chat continued for another 20 min)

Motto: don’t be afraid of students, they may be helpful too!

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