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Tiong Bahru old mapI collected over 1000 HDB flat floor plans with dimensions in PDF format. When HDB launch Sale of Balance Flats, I am spending hours saving every PDF file from HDB website. I also offer real estate consultation voluntarily, to people who contact me via LIVE CHAT, or requesting possible floor plans from a specific block.

In case you don’t know already how HDB flats floor plans, block floor plans and site plans look like, download a sample:



Buy complete collection of brochures via Paypal or credit card. I will send you the archived collection via WeTransfer.com, due to their size, they cannot be stored on server for automatic download.


Why I am selling

Althogh I am making some money from AutoCAD & architectural design services, the Housing in Singapore section of website and helping people via chat remains mostly a non-profit time-wasting voluntary activity. People suggest adding more info, which bring more traffic to website, forcing me to upgrde to Virtual Private Server that cost $130 per year. The chat software also cost me $200 per year.

HDB sell floor plans for $5 per floorplan, which is apparently the worker fee to find the right floor plan and email to you, and a fee to prevent too many requests, rather the cost of floor plan itself, and you are free to redistribute floor plans, many people post them on forums asking for reno ideas, where anyone can download them freely.

A DONATE button would not bring any significant income. So, I decided to sell my collection of BTO and SBF brochures. Why would you pay $5 for one floorplan when you can pay $40 for hundreds of floor plans? Don’t miss such great offer!

Some people may say that is a copyright issue to sell HDB floor plans for money. I would have offered them for free download if would not have taken 10-15 hours at each SBF launch, to navigate block to block and download each PDF file. Please consider the payment as a fee for my effort, plus a form of donation for maintaining the website as whole, rather than payment for floor plans. No copyright intended for HDB floor plans. Also I am NOT intending to make high profits by selling HDB property.

If you want to continue dedicating time to collect floor plans at future SBF launches, and to continue helping random website visitors via chat, you need to reward my time and effort!

Warning: number of sales was never enough to worth my time. In the future I may dedicate my time to other jobs more profitable so would not be able to collect PDF floorplans anymore. They will gone forever if are not saved 2-4 months after date of launch.

Any help is appreciated!
I am looking for people with free time that can download the PDF floor plans from HDB website.


The 1000+ floor plans are complete collection of flats offered in SBF, NOT complete collection of all HDB flats ever built. There is NO guarantee that you will get at least 1 floor plan from any given block number.
If you want to collect individual HDB flat floor plans with dimensions, buy the March 2012 SBF, which contains lots of repurchased flats. Newer SBF contains mostly unsold flats from BTO project thus most files are block floor plans without dimensions.

If you want floor plan of a specific block, and it is not displayed on HDB Floor plans page, you can contact me…  I am happy to help up to 5 people per day for FREE.

Especially in case of pre-2000 flats there are 90% chances to have the right floor plan, but in case of BTO flats and 1990s premium projects the chances are less than 20%. Do not ask me floor plans of blocks under construction, floor plans with dimensions are provided at key collection, not earlier. I can give you PDF brochures, without dimensions.

I have high experience in HDB architecture so I can identify flat types in 99% of HDB blocks just by looking in satellite photos, eventually street view, takes 5 min to provide you possible floor plan (if I have), you get a rough idea of flat layout before purchasing, but I offer NO guarantee that will be 100% matching / correct for your flat.

If you already purchased a flat and want a floor plan for renovation, you are advised to buy floor plan from HDB for $5 to get the CORRECT floor plan.

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