Things To Know About Time Switches

Things To Know About Time Switches

We all are aware of the fact that switching off appliances and gadget chargers from mains when they are not in use is the best way to save energy. But most of the time, this task seems difficult. For instance, running AC for all night leads to loads of power consumption, at the same time, it can make your bedroom too cool. But getting up and moving out of bed just to switch off AC is again a big challenge.

It is important to mention that we human beings have become addicted to the luxurious and convenient lifestyle. We are always excited to enjoy flexibility and automated controls. If you are expecting the same for electrical switches and outlets as well; time switches may serve your needs.

They are specially designed to custom control units that can help you save more on energy bills. Even if you forget to turn off light while moving out to the office; these timers can turn it off automatically when not in needs. You can adjust the time switches to follow custom time instructions so that everything can stay under control. Even if you are moving out for weekend adventure; there is no need to leave lights on for safety purpose. The time switches can turn them on automatically when it goes dark outside to deter intruders.

Time switches offer unlimited benefits but before we discuss such details, let us first talk about what are time switches and how they are useful for us.

What are the time switches?

Time switches can be better defined as automatic programmable switches that are capable enough to control any appliance automatically. They work for turning electricity-powered things on and off at home with the real-time control mechanism. These switches are designed with a digital timer, and the schedules can be adjusted on the daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

Market these days is loaded with different types of time switches. You may need to compare their performance and features before installing any random one at your premises. They can be easily fixed permanently on wall fittings.

How time switches can be used?

Time switches can be used for multiple smart home applications, few of them are listed below:

  • Time switches for Air Conditioners:

There is no doubt to say that Air Conditioners consume lots of power. If they keep on running for several hours without any need, they may add a huge burden to monthly bills. In such situations, installing a time switch can offer great benefits. These switches can customize the switching of HVAC systems so that they can maintain proper temperature levels without even consuming too much electricity.

  • Time switches with indoor/outdoor lights:

Another common application of time switches for residential and commercial properties is to control the lighting mechanism. Sometimes, people forget to switch lights off, and they keep on loading energy meters when they are actually not being used. In such cases, time switches can help to ensure automated control for all activities. These custom and specially programmed switches can be used to switch lights on and off whenever required. With this, you can control wastage of energy and at the same time, save more money on monthly bills. These switches can control indoor and outdoor lighting as well.

  • Time switches and appliances:

You can use time switches to control appliance activities. It is possible to save more energy by turning off the water heater, refrigerator, oven and TV when they are not in use. But if you forget to do the same manually, the time switches can serve the needs automatically. You can program them as per your routine needs and control electricity wastage at your home.

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