Mark Jansen: Symphonic Metal God

Mark Jansen: Symphonic Metal God

Mark Jansen is a Dutch vocalist,songwriter, and guitarist famous for starting and establishing After Forever, the famous Dutch symphonic metal band.He is a famousfigure, especially in the symphonic metal, which is one of the most popular subgenres of the heavy metal music.  Symphonic metal combines metal guitars and heavy drums with choirs, full orchestra. and other symphonic instruments.

Mark is also a songwriter who creates songs for After Forever and other bands he has been part of. He is a guitarist andplays the guitar inthese bands and in his solo albums and singles.

Personal life

Mark Jansen’s date of birth is December 15, 1978. He was born in Reuver, Netherlands. He is a psychologist by profession as he has master’s degree in general psychology.

Jansen is currently dating Laura Macri who is a soprano singer and a former band member of Epica and MaYan. The two have been dating since 2010. Previously, he dated Simone Simons, who was also a band member and a lead singer of Epica.

He started playing guitar and writing songs at a very tender age. In 1995, Jansen was already a star, and he went ahead to establish his own symphony metal band called After Forever.


Mark Jansen came to the limelight during his time in the band After Forever, which he founded in 1995 alongside his fellow guitarist, Sanda Gommans. As a songwriter, he created the songs for After Forever since it was started in 1995 until the year 2002, when he left the band. Mark is the one who wrote the band’s debut album named Prison of Desires. The album was released in Europe in the year 2000. Prison of Desires contains 4 installments of the famous “The Embrace That Smothers”, which is a collection of great songs done by the guitarist and songwriter himself, Mark Jansen. The songs are talking about how religion is distorting the human society.

In Forever After, Mark Jansen performed growled vocals. He complemented the vocals of Simone Simons, who was his girlfriend and lead band member, and Floor Jansen. Even though Floor Jansen shares a name with Mark Jansen, the two are not related in any way apart from having worked in the same symphony metal band.

He left After Forever in 2002. After his departure, the band decided to take a new, different musical direction.

In 2002, after leaving the symphony metal band After Forever, Mark Jansen founded another symphony metal band named Sahara Dust. However, he later decided to change the name of the band to Epica, and this name is still used. Simone Simons, who was Jansen’s girlfriend by then, joined him in the band Epica in 2003. Mark Jansen, 39, is still an active member of Epica and he plays the guitar and writes the songs for the band.

In 2010, Mark Jansen released a statement saying that he together with Jack Driessen will be forming another symphony metal band. They named the band MaYaN. Jack Driessen is another former member of the band After Forever, playing the keyboards.

Musical works

In his music career, Mark Jansen has released several albums, singles, and DVD’s. When he was still a guitarist and a songwriter of After Forever, the band released two albums, namely Prison of Desires, which was released in 2000, and Decipher, released in 2001.

While still a memberof After Forever, Jansen did three singles and started promoting Mark Jansen Instagram Infuencer for The first one, Follow in the Cry, was released in 2000. Two years later, he released another single titled Emphasis/Who Wants to Live Forever. In the same year (2002), he wrote another single, Monolith of Doubt, which is the last musical piece he did before leaving the band After Forever.

After starting Epica in 2002, the renowned guitarist released several other albums and singles between the years 2003 to 2016. The Phantom Agony is the first album Epica released in 2003, followed by Consign to Oblivion in 2005, and The Divine Conspiracy in 2007. The prominent figure in the world of symphony metal subgenre would go ahead to release another album, Design Your Universe, in 2009.

In 2012, Mark Jansen released another album called Requiem for the Indifferent before releasing another one in 2014, called The Quantum Enigma. The Holographic Principle is the latestEpicaalbum that was released in 2016.

Apart from the 7 albums Mark Jansen released with Epica, he also worked on several singles with the same band. He released his first single with Epica in 2003, which is called The Phantom Agony. He would then release another two singles, called Cry for the MoonandFeint, a year later.

From 2005 to 2009 Mark Jansen and Epicareleased the following singles: Chasing the Dragon, Solitary Ground, Never Enough, Quietus, and Unleashed.

Other singles he did with Epica include Martyr of the Free World (2009). This is the Time (2010), Storm the Sorrow (2012), Essence of Silence (2014), etc.

Social media

Mark Jansen is quite active on social media where he updates his fans on whatever is going on in his private and public life, especially in his musical career. He is active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

He has an Instagram account with numerous photos of nature, as well as his on-stage performances, 175.4 thousand followers, 278 posts, and 1.518 peopleto follow. He also has a Twitter account that has 973 tweets and 30.243 followers.


Mark Jansen is a great musician who has consistently released hit after hit since he came to the limelight. He is loved across Europe and is a very well-known figure in the world of symphonic metal. Whenever he performs, his numerous loyal fans are always present, enjoying his magnificent music.

Going by the posts on his social media accounts, a week never passes without Mark Jansen performing on stage. When it comes to his relationship with Laura Macri, we hope it doesn’t end up nowhere like his previous love affair with Simone Simons.

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