The articles shown in this section are written originally for specific people, rather than intending to appear in Google searches or be read by general visitors of my website.

For example “Dealing with Google penalty” was originally written as an email to a friend expert in SEO, and later posted on website so I can shown via direct link to other web developers.

Dealing with Google penalty

I was first penalized on 12 October 2013 causing traffic drop from 500-600 to 150 daily visitors. asked for help here!msg/webmasters/aRnMsub6Z-c/HWBQh6kkaEAJ … what is your HONEST opinion about the attitude of these so-called “helpers”? I started in webdesign 5 years ago, by collaborating with a friend to his website. Then I made my own …

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Having fun with scammers: Aisha Gaddafi

Example of scambaiting an “Advance fee SCAM” aka “419 Nigerian SCAM” Someone pretending to be Aisha Gaddafi, pretending to have 16.5 millions USD in a box and promising to give me 30% of total sum. She is telling me to contact another person from criminal group who is pretending to be a lawyer, which probably …

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Having fun with scammers: Ayesha Gaddafi II

Since few years ago I am getting over 100 “advance fee” SCAM emails per month, winning lotteries, donations, inheritances, etc. I occasionally answer to few of them with a short, informal reply. In 2013 I was bored for a moment so I tried to have fun with one (Scam baiting = wasting scammer time as much is …

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How to NOT enquiry

I have got the following email in SPAM folder: Subject: Property Enquiry Hello I am [name removed], Originally from England and presently living with my family in Paris because of my work, But presently I am planing on relocating to your area because of my retirement and I need to purchase a better home in a …

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Octoparse review

I love doing research and compiling data in databases. Since childhood I created numerous databases manually, for example a database of car models and their production years, by browsing Wikipedia for each car model and writing them into my databases. Original databases with no equivalent on internet! I do not have programming experience. I was …

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Pink color is gay?

My parents bought clothing for me, including some pink things, nobody told me to be anything wrong. After I got internet connection and freedom of making friends, some people called me gay for this, they also blamed my parents for buying wrong clothing for me and told me to dress how I like rather than …

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Strange way to make friends: using photos of little girls from child modeling websites – I met a potential pedophile?

Short story: I love collecting photos with people, mostly actors and artists, of all ages 10-40+ years old, and became friend with an architect thanks to youngest girls, he also made me aware of “child modeling” phenomenon, and I became suspicious about his psychological health. Although I collected some photos from child modeling websites, I am mostly disgusted by …

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Teoalida’s Views

Some people asking me this kind of things, so I wrote them… Although I am not sure if was a good idea to make such things public on website. Politics: I am not interested in politics… but I think that the world would be better in a stateless society, although this is impossible in a civilized …

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Women are good drivers

My dad is driving since before marriage. My mom decided to go driving school in 1998, she was training at home to driving test questions, I came to check her answers and laughed how many questions were answered wrong. I was 9 years old, I had some interest for cars and I knew traffic rules …

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Worst music ever

It cannot be even called music… better say, what was worst recorded thing that you ever heard? The worst thing heard by me were just very low but strong sounds about one per second.. I hear some car alarms so I went in balcony, I barely could hear his “music” but I hear apartment windows …

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