DELETED from Map of HDB blocks

Colored by block height

Blue = 1-5 floors, Pink = 6-10 floors, Red = 11-13 floors, Brown = 14-16 floors, Yellow = 17-20 floors, Green = 21-25 floors, Cyan = 26-30 floors, Gray = 31-40 floors, White = 41-50 floors.


I compiled HDB Database and since 2015 I offered it for sale in Excel format, being purchased by several real estate agencies as well as telecommunication and home insurance companies. The price is a bit too high for ordinary people who just need to view info about several blocks.

Now you can search here information about desired block for FREE!

Drop-down boxes launched in July 2017, display year build, number of units, upgrading programmes, and few more info. A lot of crap is yet to be done.

Map service added in September 2017.

November 2017 – added floor plans for 1960s and 1970s blocks and SERS prediction.

September 2018 – added floor plans for 1980s, 1990s, 2000s up to BTO-era, and link to brochures for BTO blocks, counted number of floors and units per floor for about 90% of blocks.

Please report errors on the map!

Enquire information about a HDB block

This drop-down box show ALL buildings, standing or demolished, including multi-storey carparks and pavilions, while the above map show only standing residential buildings.

Note: if you use web proxy you may not be able to pass CAPTCHA.

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