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These houses were originally posted in … then deleted because the page became too long, I have designed new projects meantime, replacing them with better designs, or are irrelevant for my current abilities

Quaduplex-Terraced House

Deleted 2012 – after posting new series “European Houses

This project is inspired from Europe, especially from United Kingdom, but my version is bigger… and have a little Art Deco influence? Designed in august 2010.
Terraced houses are monotonous and may leave bathrooms without windows, semi-detached houses may cause inefficient land usage. This project combines both types of housing with 2 and 3 bedrooms and, most important, all bathrooms have window! Combined building size 22 by 10 meters, with 10 meters between main facades and 4 meters between side facades, results 40 meters between alleys, max possible density is 76.93 houses per hectare, or 63.83 including a 16 meters width parking for 24 cars every 24 houses. The 3D view shows 44 meters between alleys, but will be redesigned soon!

Photo deleted by Imageshack

European Semi-Detached

Deleted 2012 – after posting new series “European Houses

Semi-detached aka duplex houses, 6 meters width house sitting on 8 meters width lot. Small version with 3-bedroom and large version with 5-bedroom. By sacrifying toilet windows, it can be built as terraced houses too. House sizes: 6 by 12/14 meters. Land areas: 8 by 22/24 meters. Distance between street axes: 52/56 meters. Max possible density: 48 houses / hectare.

This was my FIRST project, made in middle of 2010, is 100% my design and may suit the European style. Today I think that 127 sqm is too much compared with my current 3-bedroom apartments which are around 95-105 sqm. Dining area is too big. I think that a house of this size can have one extra bedroom where now is the kitchen, kitchen moved where is dining, dining moved beside stair and the WC placed under stair. See the new design as European Houses!

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Luxury Semi-Detached houses 240 & 340 sqm

The biggest house in my portfolio was Terrace Modern, which was weird since terrace houses are usually for lower-class people, so I designed a new, over 300 sqm Semi-Detached house in mid-2011.

Semi-Detached Luxury House
Luxury house with 5 bedrooms, all with attached bathroom, plus family room and maid room, private lift and swimming pool. I may add balconies for the main 4 bedrooms, and columns. Gross floor area 340 sqm (7×16 m), 10 meters frontage. Inspired from Malaysia!

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Semi-Detached Deep House
The road pattern in old areas of Singapore created some 40 meters deep housing lots. This floor plan made in march 2012 would be suitable for them (today, typical lots are 25 meters depth (with setback 7.5 meters at front and 2 meters at back). Gross floor area 240 sqm (6×20 m).
However I saw that longest terraced house is 20 meters deep (Eastwood) and longest semi-detached is 26 meters deep (Serangoon Gardens), I will appreciate if anybody can give me clues about floorplan of these superlong houses!

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What theme to use for 3D design?
I may inspire from the winner of the Most beautiful houses poll, so VOTE!!
I already planned a 3D design for first one, but now after designing second one I’m doubt what to do. What if I combine these 2 houses in a Semi-Detached Deep Luxury house, 7×20 m, 3 floors, 6 bedrooms? Would be 420 sqm!
Do I should design a 500+ sqm bungalow too?

Quarter-Detached house

Quarter detached houses are common in Malaysia, I saw their 2-storey 4-bedroom houses and this gave me idea to design this in March 2011, right after finishing Terrace Modern. But I aimed for higher density housing so I made an unique 3-storey with 3 bedrooms, that I have never seen in any country, reaching 69 units per hectare, a record for non-terraced housing. Then I designed the 5-bedroom counterpart.
I had a feeling that it is the worst house design ever made by me so abandoned the idea, but in January 2012 I revived it and improved the design. Due to staircase position, the single way to get natural light was from above, so I replaced traditional hipped roof with a terrace. The result…

Quarter-Detached house plan Quarter-Detached housing

Philippines Series 55-90 sqm

TO BE DELETED… 2012 crap design. I have designed better houses meantime!

This is the first house that I designed fully including 3D design in Philippines style, in September 2012 (actually I was still under influence of Singapore architecture).
It is also the first house that I published on website designed in decimal metric system (instead of binary metric system), without wall axis and with dimensions measured from wall face instead of axis, full thickness of external wall is included in gross floor area.

Surprisingly, Philippines is the 1st country in the number of visitors on my House Design page, as well as 1st country in number of people contacting me (even since before I repeated country name 50 times on website). My website showed houses inspired from Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, etc, but nothing from Philippines to appeal local people. A beautiful country with booming economy but lack of mass housing programmes, so people are forced to build themselves, browsing the internet for house plans?
So I took one of the houses designed for past customers, improved and made in 3 versions of floorplan, 60, 75, 90 sqm, starting at 5-meter frontage, as here the bungalow lots are usually 8-meter wide and need to reserve 1.5 m.
They are designed to maximize number of bedrooms facing to street. I also made 3D design for medium house with 4 bedrooms, in semi-detached version, because symmetry is beautiful, and it have firewall.

A customer owning a 5 meters wide land asked me to design a house but also sent me a floor plan “made by a local architect” which was horrible, violating building code (bedrooms small as 1.9 x 2.2 m instead of 6 square meters minimum area × 2 meters minimum width), insufficient kitchen space, much space wasted in hallways, etc. I provided him a properly-designed floor plan, he was very thankful but was not interested in full project.
I hope that are not many architects in Philippines like that one, otherwise this country will be fucked up.

Philippines Houses in 4 different sizes, 2 to 4 bedrooms Philippine Houses in semi-detached layout

Further study revealed that most Philippines housing lots are not deep enough to park a car in front of house, L-shaped houses are more suitable, see Philippines Series II.


Philippines Series II – 50-80 sqm

TO BE DELETED… 2013 crap design. I have designed better houses meantime!
Further studying of Philippines real estate, plus talking with a lot of people requesting plans and advice from me, revealed that most people do not own land long enough to allow parking car in front, and there is no requirement to keep the home 7.5 meters from street (Singapore law) or 6.1 meters (Malaysia law), here the law require only 1.5 meters. So a L-shaped house design is more suitable if you own a car.
Most detached/bungalow lots in Philippines have 8 meters frontage, and setbacks are 1.5 meters. So I designed the first house 5 meters wide.
I present here 3 versions, 2 made at my own will (no specific customer) and one is a downsized version of what I made for a customer (a floorplan proposal who never turned in a full project).

L-shaped house for Philippines, 2 bedrooms, 51 sqm L-shaped house for Philippines, 3 bedrooms, 68 sqm L-shaped house for Philippines, 3 bedrooms, 79 sqm

People from other countries may see these homes ridiculously small. 75% of Philippines new homes are designed at minimal room sizes required by law (while the rest are violating the law, just few are designed at bigger sizes). I totally do not understand this strategy, a house 50% bigger may not cost 50% more but will increase comfort significantly.
Bigger houses will be draw for individual cases.
Lucky people who own bigger land sizes can give me land size and number of bedrooms, optional more details… or you can get inspired from my other House Designs made for other countries.

Home for Jhanice

For this client owning a 80 sqm lot in a subdivision, I designed a masterpiece in terms of space efficiency but also in my favorite architectural style, townhouse-like with 2 firewalls, 93 sqm floor area, 3 bedrooms which are more spacious than typical rooms in this country, plus car park. Made in July 2014.

3D house design front view House for Jhanice (Philippines) 3D house design back view

Malaysia terraced houses 150 sqm land

TO BE DELETED – after I will post (april 2014?) 4 new and improved house plans

I got addicted to Malaysian houses, and I designed for fun too many houses that caused me to run out of naming ideas!! I post here the best two of my designs. Made in March 2012.

Terraced houses with 4 bedrooms plus family room are most common housing type in Malaysia, houses with airwells are also common, typical width are 6000 mm (almost 20 feet) and 6700 mm (22 feet).

Photo deleted by Imageshack


A different Terraced House

Another original high-density housing typology, inspired from Linear Maisonette block that was itself my own design in 2009. I made 2 floor plans, both 7 meters frontage, but different by number of bedrooms and also by room proportion. I think that I made car porch unnecessary wide. Max possible density 79.36 houses per hectare (calculated for the 3 bedroom house and with 8-meter wide road). Made in January 2012.
May be suitable for Latin America or India, countries with high crime rate and where privacy is important, as the living room opens to back courtyard rather than front as usual, while on upper floor, 2 of its 3 bedrooms are facing to street, for greater views.

Back-to-back terraced house floor plan, 4 bedrooms Back-to-back terraced house floor plan, 3 bedrooms



Philippines terraced houses 45-60 sqm land

DELETED FEBRUARY 2014 – I re-posted improved versions as “Philippines Townhouses”

This is an improved version of what I made in Dec 2012 for a filipino owning a 24 x 14 m land who wanted build 4 units of terraced houses with 3 bedrooms.

I post here the floor plan to 12 meters deep… to show you how is possible to build a 3-bedroom house in 60 sqm land!

Due to carport being 2.7 meters wide, I recommend to NOT build any wall between carports, otherwise opening driver door would be uncomfortable especially for modern, wider cars.

I will make 3D design too, when I will have time.

I also designed a single-storey version, inspired from (dead site), smallest and shittest house plan I ever saw!

I saw several visitors searching “house plan for 20 sqm lot Philippines” and landing in my website… sadly, none of them answered on website chat, but from what I heard from others, the smallest lots here are 40 sqm. Can someone confirm if smaller lots really exists? Answer: the 40 sqm rule is enforced only in new developments, in downtown Manila is common to see smaller lots.

Terraced house with 2 bedroomsTerraced house with 3 bedrooms

Tiny Houses for 40 sqm lots

PROPOSED FOR DELETION – not good plans and few people are clicking them
How spacious can be a 8 by 7 meter house? Another 12-year old era house good for mountain, sloped ground, since all rooms facing to front.

Surprisingly, according visitors statistics, THIS was the most clicked image of this page. I expected people to be impressed by big complexes of luxury houses, but nooo… guys do you want me to design more simple and even smaller houses?

Although nobody requested yet, I made 2 more small houses, 64 square meters 3-room and 100 square meters 4-room house plans.

Sick of house size? They are luxury in some countries such as Philippines where bedrooms are typically 4-6 sqm. Can someone explain me why they made so small houses?

3 photos deleted by Imageshack

Redesigned tiny house to match the Philippines building code

Narrowest house

Narrow 2-bedroom house

Tiny houses for 40 sqm lots

Tiny 2-bedroom house

Single-story semi-detached 50 sqm

Deleted 2016 after designing new single-storey houses in 3D

The land is cheap in small cities of Brazil and many people are poor so they build low-cost housing in single-story layout, usually semi-detached, that cover less than half of land area. Is common to see people expanding their houses until cover entire lot… I designed a 50 square meters 2-bedroom house similar with their houses… suitable for numerous other countries too.

Semi-Detached house floor plan with 2 bedrooms Semi-Detached house with 2 bedrooms


Single-storey bungalows, compact house plans

Deleted, May 2014, being replaced by “Square houses”

Designed on 11 June 2012 for someone living in Isle of Man who never saw it… because did not left any email where to send it. Read entire story.

3 bedrooms home

A variation of the above house, extremely compact house without hallways due to centrally-placed living room (style common in East Asia) with 4 bedrooms in 11×11 meters. May fit in 14x14m or 17x17m land depending by each country laws. Redesigned in May 2013 for an African customer, he did not liked it and provided another sketch with a house with hallways and I went on his idea instead. I was told that it’s OK to post the floor plans drew but unused.

Bungalow with 4 bedrooms

One more single-storey, 100 sqm house plan, designed without any specific customer.

100 square meters house plan

Single-storey square houses

Simple home floor plans which look good also from mathematical point of view, with 10 cm thick internal and 15 cm thick external wall made all rooms to be a multiple of 50 cm.

Candidate for deletion. Too simple design.
Simple house floor plan

Square house 180 sqm

This 10×10 meters house made in 2010 is one of the initial series of 6 houses made for hobby. Original idea was to use a symmetrical Neoclassic theme… but was ugly. I redesigned it in 2011, now in a more beautiful asymmetric theme.

Square house plan Square house 3D

Narrow Luxury Bungalow 256 sqm

Compact design bungalow… having 5 spacious bedrooms and 5 en-suite bathrooms, all in only 8 meters frontage! 16m depth (20m depth with proposed balconies) Designed in January 2012, was not made for a specific customer. House design inspired from the affluent neighborhoods of Brazil!

Narrow Bungalow, 8 meters wide, 5 bedrooms

VERY Narrow Bungalow 180 sqm

My customer asked for a house design narrow as 5 meters and long as crazy is possible. Because his land in countryside measures 50+ meters long and 7-10 meters wide. I was impressed myself by the floor plan and asked permission to post on website. Project put on hold until husband return from overseas.

Note that in South Asia the meaning of term bungalow is a detached single-family house regardless of number of floors, and it is seen as status symbol, being the highest form of housing available. This is different compared with United States where bungalow means single-storey house and is often associated with poor people. I though that this definition apply for Philippines too. No, they use american definition.

Narrow bungalow, 5 meters wide, 4 bedrooms

Deleted paragraph

I design apartment buildings since 2008, landed houses I (re)started to design in 2010. Originally I published 3D models and floor plans of 5 impressive housing complexes and 1 single-family home (designed for myself, you can call this hobby, fun or art), then I was surprised that the single family home was the most clicked. In 2011 a friend requested me to do a project for him, and now I announce that… I offer architecture design services for anyone in the world!

The hobby became also a business, a flow of customers started in 2012. Until that, I was posting every house I designed. In one year I has been contacted by over 100 people, but 90% of them are not interested in detailed plans or 3D design, they just need consultation and are happy with a schematic floor plan.

Publishing on website all the hundreds schemes that I designed would overload the website with low-quality designs, am I right? A spontaneous-made drawing in 30 minutes is not always an efficient house layout. Sometimes I recycle the sketch done for a specific customer, I do some modifications, finish it and publish it on website as hobby/artistic project.


Avoid contacting me if you cannot PAY for services offered!
Do you think that is ethical to…

– To contact me via chat and request a house plan (which takes 20-30 min to design) but quit the chat after 5 min?
– To contact via email but never reply when I email you the house plan I designed for you? Because meantime you found on another website a ready-designed house plan, thus no longer interested in MY service to design your house?
– To abuse the “free sketch” intending to pay someone else for full project? You should pay BOTH me and him, otherwise don’t disturb me!
– To insist to do complete project for 1000 Rs (15 USD) saying that this is architect fee in India… if indian architects are so poor to offer services for $15, I give up and STOP trying to work for Indian customers. Go to an indian architect and leave me to work for countries where customers are more generous!
– To promise to pay then say that you don’t have credit card or don’t trust me. If this is the situation, go to someone else and leave me to work for customers who have credit card and trust online services!
– To promise to pay 200 USD for complete project in PDF or DWG format, then after doing “first sketch without dimensions”, when you need to pay $50 as initial payment, invent a funny excuse to not pay, run away with sketch because you don’t need complete project or 3D design and the $200 was a LIE to get a free floor plan, OR you are not satisfied and ask re-re-revision of the sketch, beyond 30-minute limit of FREE service, solicit to add dimensions, waste MY time, then insult me for wasting YOUR time without sending the drawing for FREE?

There is NO obligation to satisfy you for FREE! I provide first sketch for free, because I need to prove that I design buildings, as some people confuse my personal website with the websites who just collect house images from random websites. Architecture is always a PAID service.

From India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and surrounding countries, lots of non-customers who are “just browsing” contact me, wasting my time doing unnecessary free sketches for people that never turn into paying customers. See BAD indian customers!
For your info: in the rest of world, people are browsing for house ideas look at the sample plans available on website, then contact me ONLY if they need me to design a new house, and some of them paying to design complete project!

Note for INDIA customers

My partner architects confirmed that India customers are the most annoying and having trouble understanding that if you cannot pay for house plans you shouldn’t disturb architects… Read few examples BAD indian customers.

If you are just browsing for FREE ready-made plans and don’t want my service of designing a custom house, feel free to browse my website without contacting me and do a Google image search to find more ready-made floor plans ideas.

If you think that my prices are too expensive for your poor country, then go to a designer in your own country. Do not disturb me from working for countries where people are more generous in payments.
Contact me ONLY if you can afford my prices!

Take example from this good Indian PAYING for consultation without designing any floor plan for him.

Designing a house in India is more difficult than in other countries, due to Vastu shastra that regulate geographical position of rooms, east and west-facing lots cannot use mirrored floor plan, etc. 6 billion people outside India never heard of Vaastu and are happy, half of India population of 1 billion people is superstitious so need a house according Vaastu rules. Pretty stupid, isn’t?

50% of India customers don’t like my first sketches, compared with 90% satisfaction ratio for rest of world. Most people try to avoid paying while one annoyed me for 2 weeks asking countless revisions until got satisfied and paid me only $40. Common along Indian customers are the people who do not explain properly what they need, then say that my sketch does not fit their needs (example). If this is the situation, would be better to STOP offering services to Indians?

You may think that asking a 30-minute sketch for FREE is no problem, but designing 100 sketches for various Indian customers without getting a single one paying, IS A PROBLEM, compared with other countries, where out of 10 sketches, 1 is paying for complete project.

Given by numerous BAD experiences with indians, what I should do?

Keep wasting 30 minutes with each person, offer consultation and floor plan sketch for FREE, who wants more should PAY. Maybe out of 100 people, 1 will pay for a full project.
Ask $50 BEFORE doing any sketch. PAY OR GO AWAY, don’t waste my time! (there is UNLIKELY to get a paying customer in this way, people do not pay in advance).
Don’t reply to anyone on chat or email coming from India, or reply that I don’t offer services for India. We all know, Indians NEVER PAY or pay too little, does not worth wasting time with 100 people to get 1 paying customer.
Please Specify:

Quiz Maker

Note for other countries

I served numerous people around Asia and Africa, as well as few in Europe and America. From my personal experience, Philippines customers are nicest people of all 3rd world countries. Most filipinos DO NOT request new designs if they do not have money (I receive often messages like this “Hi I just want to ask if you already make layout for 32 SQM approx. 2 storey? I dont have money to ask for making a layout, so I just hope that you have already made layout.“).

Philippines customers pose another problem: many are overseas and half of them contact me without knowing length and width of their property, but only square area, case in which I can’t design any custom floor plan. At least I am not wasting time like in case of with indians!

Floor plans style – black, white, multicolored background?

Poll closed in Dec 2014. I already decided in June 2014 to go with multicolor idea but color the rooms instead of furniture, and don’t use the awful green. This will not look childish, hope you like it! Additionally I decided to add dimensions in meters instead of millimeters and few more changes. I kept the poll opened and as you can see people approved my choice.

Black floor plans were designed in 2008-2013, I will convert all them to colorful style when I have free time.

Poll 1 Poll 2

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