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  1. Here is a timeline to help clear all misconceptions.

    Blks 401-414 Pandan Gardens was built in the late 1970s by the JTC.

    In 1994, Blks 409-414 got selected for IUP. The lifts were refurbished but still served the same floors as they used to.

    In 2001, Blks 401-408 was selected for MUP. However, only approximately 66% of the residents voted for the Programme, so the Programme did not proceed and so the lifts were still left in their orginal condition for those blocks.

    To proof that the lifts in blocks 409-414 received some sort of refrurbishment, here is some proof.

    IUP refurbished:

    In the mid 2000s, the one each lift of the two in Blks 410-412 were replaced to serve all floors. As they all had common corridors unlike blocks 409 and 414, only one lift needs to be replaced for all residents to have direct lift access. (Blk 413 is a point block). It was not under LUP and this is proof that one of the lifts were replaced in the mid 2000s. Here is proof that one of them was replaced to serve all floors.

    In 2009, Blks 401-409, and Blks 413-414 received LUP, as one of these blocks have all the units with direct lift access. The lifts in this blocks were all replaced. However, as mentioned before, as Blks 410-412 had direct lift access, the blocks cannot receive LUP even if the government wants to upgrade the remaining lift IUP refurbished, they cannot do it under LUP as under HDB, only those who benefit from LUP by receiving new direct lift access, have to pay. As such, they have to do it for free and the blocks cannot get LUP (which brings it to the question: would it happen or not?)

    So finally in 2017, the HDB decided it was time for the limited stop lifts to go and they are currently being replaced to serve all the floors. Here is proof that it is happening *now*.

    The Sin Ming blocks 22-24 have a lift serving all floors after receiving MUP, and here is proof. And it can also show what was done to the 2 existing lifts. That’s enough for me. I think this explanation is clear enough.

    1. What the fu*k ! Do you know what you writing? All full of rubbish! Even I don’t stay in Singapore and given up singapore ciztenship ,i know more better than you ass hole! DON’T waste my airtime idiot

  2. Pandan Garden Blk 410-412: Units on the same floor share a common long corridor. HDB need not build new lift shafts, just allow the lift to stop at every floor by knocking holes in the existing shafts.

      1. One more thing fool (which should also be your middle name). If the lifts are also at the stairlandings even if the common corridors are on all floors, HDB would still have to build new shafts to let all residents have direct lift acess.

        And stop trying to make yourself feel better by talking about things that do not even relate to anything. If you think you can still fool us with your antics, you are certainly wrong.

        Seriously. Get a life.

        Elevator Filmer SG

    1. Dear ASSHOLE KID, I added “idiot” in front of YOUR names because you impersonate other people by leaving comments with THEIR names. I had to do this so people can distinguish your idiotic comments from the real persons.

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