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Deleted comments SERS

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  1. What do you say about Blk 1 to 3 St Georges Road? Had LUP done 2 years ago but nothing else there after. Blk hasn’t even been painted yet since then and has been a sore eye for the difference in color between the lift shaft and the original block color itself. Huge open air car park.

  2. Teoalida, I thought that blk 58 sims drive is probably the shortest living block, built together with the estate in 1975 between block 57 and 59 as a rental block, and demolished in 1986 even before SERS came according to people from another website. Also, why wasn’t Blk 112 Bukit Merah View selected for SERS according to your website?

      1. No, someone from the Singapore En-Bloc Flats from Remember Singapore Website commented about it. This was what the person commented “Used to stay in Blk 58 as rental flat when young. My dad was asked to move out around 1984/1985. If remembered correctly Blk 58 got demolished after 1 to 2 years later and when I went to re-visit again is just a field of grass.”
        Link to it:

          1. Teoalida (site owner)

            Sorry but 50% of the comments notifications I am receiving via email are SPAM comments so I often delete all notifications without reading them. If you want a FAST reply from me you should use LIVE CHAT in lower-left corner of screen.

   (added 2014) – historical maps from 1984, 1988, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1998, 2000 used by me to determine years of demolitions.
   (added 2016) – historical maps from 1984 and 1995 that can be scrolled and zoomed
            There are also maps older than 1984 but they are street only, no blocks

  3. Also, I have found out the reason why that blocks 410-412 has not been selected for LUP. Those blocks have two lifts. One has been upgraded to serve all floors already in the 2000s after being IUP refurbished in all blocks, probably because they were faulty. Blk 409 did not get one of their lifts replaced as theirs probably was not faulty. Since they were being replaced, the TC thought that it would be more sensible to make the replaced lift serve all floors, but still not part of LUP together with the rest of the estate (401-413). Now that the residents have paid for LUP in all the remaining blocks, and that blocks 410-412 have a lift already serving all floors, these blocks would not be eligible for LUP as they already have a lift that is serving all floors, and therefore that is the reason why these blocks do not have LUP, not probably because they have been reserved for SERS. However, it is true that these blocks did not get lifts that serves all floors immediately after IUP as the two existing lifts were only refurbished and not replaced.

        1. Yes, LTA is doing soil investigation work there now. From the URA master plan recently unveiled for Jurong Lake Development, there could be an underground or highway expressway cutting into Pandan Gardens. There could be a chance all blocks will be en bloc for development. Just a personal opinion based on recent master plan. Do take a look at the exhibition at URA now or wait till it comes to westgate beginning of September.

          1. Based on SI location 409 to 414 may got HIP and SERS for 401 to 408, all the blocks got LUP 2013 (national programme ) that’s my guess

        2. Recently the only old lift left in those blocks have been shut down for replacement works, so chances of this place getting SERS is even lower, I would probably say 10%

          1. Ok, so I have read the forum, so maybe you might be right that the blocks may get SERS, but based in the recent lift replacement works for blocks 410-412 Oandan gardens, it points in the opposite direction of the place getting SERS/ en bloc. And Patrick, if you think the sources of videos are unreliable though, you can go Pandan Gardens blocks 401-412 to see the lift being replaced. The works are almost done though, so the New lift might be out soon. But it’s possible that they still give that place SERS though. Eg. Bukit Merah view blocks 110 and 111 had their lift replaced shortly before getting SERS comparing photos on property guru with block 112 and videos on YouTube.

  4. Also, the Sin Ming blocks 22-24 already have lifts serving every floor after MUP unlike blk 25, so not probably because it is reserved for SERS.

    1. You mean blk 25 only got their lift stop at every floor recently? Btw , any idea what the empty lands will be used to after those car workshop moved? Going to build new HDB?

        1. @John it’s the dirty truth. Don’t get flamed just because I have put down your hopes of Pandna Gardens getting SERS. Don’t comment without establishing proper facts. Those blocks, after receiving MUP, has an additional installation to serve all floors, hence required no LUP. The other two existing lifts were either replaced or refurbished, with one of them refurbished to continue serving the limited floors the old lift had while the other was replaced to serve all odd floors. The existing lifts were all found in the stairwell, thus requiring the additional installation. Btw John if you are looking forward for SERS for Pandan Gardens you can wait, *but* it’s probably going to be fruitless if you expect it to come within 10 years.

          1. Can you please don’t give FAKE news if you don’t even know where to look at for information! You are really misleading other

          2. Fake news? You can go to Blks 410-412 Pandan Gardens to see everything for yourself. I have checked HDB’s website for all the information. If you don’t believe me, watch this video that the lifts serving only certain floors are getting replaced. And as for the fake imitater, just kill yourself.

          3. And Patrick, I can assure you that I have done at least 3 years if research on this stuff, so u less if you got the evidence that I am misleading people, don’t point fingers in judegement.

          4. Hi John thanks for your clear information. Most likely we can hear some good news for pandan garden by the year end. I have check with the link and yours is the most accurate information not like others misleading! Thanks john

          5. Hi elevator you made a statement pandan got MUP! Isn’t that FAKE news? And what with the video? There a lot of videos regards to lifts upgrade. You really need to ask or do more research before posting. Or you look like what MR TEO said idiot. Thanks

          6. Patrick and John, I was trying to say that Sin Ming Blocks were the ones which got MUP, not Pandan Gardens, so there is a misunderstnadibg and I am not misleading anyone. Read carefully before commenting.

          7. I have mad respect a comment that is rather Long that specifies very clear information about what is going on to those two blocks, so just need to wait for the website owner the approve of it. I don’t want to resort to violence anymore so just wait for it to be approve and pls share your personal opinion an who is right, and who is wrong.

          8. I have a comment that is rather Long and specifies very clear information*
            Sorry did not know how mad respect appeared there.

        2. Idiot imitating Elevator Filmed SG

          Hi all im really sorry for my stupidity and low mentality knowledge about HDB SERS. I recall all my idiotic information i posted. Sorry

        3. Teoalida (site owner)

          Due to unknown reasons, all emails from addresses were forwarded with delay to my Yahoo address. Today I suddenly received in Yahoo about 20 emails including notifications of new comment, notifications of payments received, and also your email from mobile contact form asking me to approve your comment. I wasn’t aware that over 10 comments been posted on this page meantime.

          Next time when you leave a comment with more than 2 links, send a message on LIVE CHAT in lower-left corner of screen to alert me to approve it immediately.

          John and Patrick are the same fucking stupid idiot trolling us with dozens of different names and imitating others!

          PROOF: they were left at several minute distance from SAME IP and this behavior is called sockpupetting:

          And when John said “Hi Well the idiot may be right” was referring at himself when posted that comment about Pandan Gardens past year.

          Dear idiot, what do you want from us? Other than misleading us with your bullshit fake information?

  5. HI..

    What do you think of SERS for blk 40 to 47 Holland drive. these are low level 4 storey red brick buildings.
    Infront of block 47 is a large carpark for lorry to park and beside is Holland food centre & wet market.

    Surrounding is all high rise.. blk 18A, 18B, 18C, 18D Holland drive.

    fm clare

    1. Teoalida (site owner)

      These commercial blocks seems that last longer, Woodlands Centre Road was a surprise to be selected, and you got LUP in 2009 so stop dreaming for SERS

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