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I am sorry for owners of Emporis and SkyscrapersCenter.

On 9 September 2019 I had an unusual large number of visitors on this page and on 10 September my website was suspended for abuse, I contacted hosting company and they told me that received an abuse report regarding “Buildings Database” page and I need to delete this page in order to have website unsuspended.

Message to the person who made abuse report: why were you so RUDE to complain to hosting provider and suspend WHOLE website (which have over 2000 visitors per day) instead of contacting me nicely (via email of Live chat – I was ONLINE at the time you visited me) and ask removal of ONE page if it infringed your rights (which barely gets 2-3 visitors per day)? And by this way I can know which database was the problem?

This page was providing analysis of skyscraper construction over last century based on 2 different databases one from and one from (both abandoned due to lack of sales), I don’t even know which website made abuse report to my hosting company.

Customers interested in databases can look at my other databases available.

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  1. The world had 26 completed buildings over 300 meters as 2000, 53 as 2010, 126 as 2015, and 218 including under construction ones, according to my database.

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