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Funny student… asking me “permission to leave” then say that will never visit my website again

Chat started on Saturday, April 11, 2015 12:40:37 AM
Country: Germany
probably using proxyies and is from Pakistan

(12:40:37 AM) *** Visitor 73304340 has joined the chat ***
(12:40:44 AM) customer service – teoalida.com: Hello from website admin! Here I also offer architecture ideas and design services… can I help you with anything? Just drop here a message!
(12:42:15 AM) Visitor 73304340: no sir .. but if u give me permision to see disgn..?
(12:42:29 AM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(12:42:34 AM) Teoalida: what do you mean???
(12:42:47 AM) Teoalida: What to see?
(12:42:55 AM) Teoalida: there’s lots of designs on page to see
(12:44:52 AM) Visitor 73304340: i m say that .. i like ur design .. only if u give me permision otherwise .. i quit this site..
(12:45:26 AM) Teoalida: What do you want from me more exactly?
(12:45:34 AM) Teoalida: are you student, builder, etc?
(12:45:41 AM) Teoalida: Should I design anything for you?
(12:45:52 AM) Visitor 73304340: student..
(12:46:37 AM) Visitor 73304340: i am autocad student ..
(12:47:28 AM) Visitor 73304340: i should see ur design .. sir ?
(12:48:11 AM) Visitor 73304340: reply me?
(12:48:31 AM) Teoalida: I don’t understand
(12:48:39 AM) Teoalida: you can’t click images or what is the problem?
(12:49:24 AM) Visitor 73304340: ok sir.. i just exit
(12:49:46 AM) Teoalida: don’t be afraid… and I don’t understand why you are asking me
(12:50:51 AM) Teoalida: Nobody is asking permission to SEE… maybe you mean to USE? how do you use them?
(12:51:53 AM) Visitor 73304340: oh sir u r taking me wrong i am student..
(12:53:32 AM) Visitor 73304340: i am leaveing this page ok ?
(12:53:49 AM) Teoalida: For your info: hundreds of students visit me every day
(12:54:54 AM) Visitor 73304340: ok sir .. ur talented person thats why
(12:55:44 AM) Visitor 73304340: if u give me permision.. i am leaveing this page ?
(12:55:53 AM) Visitor 73304340: reply me
(12:56:26 AM) Teoalida: LOL man… you need my permission to leave? what if I don’t reply?
(12:57:17 AM) Visitor 73304340: yup coz man i respect u ..
(12:57:36 AM) Visitor 73304340: not..lol
(12:58:31 AM) Visitor 73304340: reply me sir?
(12:58:43 AM) Visitor 73304340: hellow?
(12:58:44 AM) Teoalida: ?
(12:59:36 AM) Visitor 73304340: i need ur permision to leave this page?
(12:59:56 AM) Teoalida: You’re funny… why do you need my permission?
(1:00:20 AM) Teoalida: Hope you will come back some day because there’s lots of things to learn from my website
(1:00:30 AM) Visitor 73304340: because i respect u
(1:00:40 AM) Teoalida: and if I go away from computer thus not reply… you are going to stay here all night long
(1:01:50 AM) Visitor 73304340: no sir never check this site again..
(1:02:01 AM) Visitor 73304340: Yup
(1:02:07 AM) Teoalida: Why??? sad to hear
(1:02:56 AM) Visitor 73304340: sir u live in which country?
(1:03:19 AM) Teoalida: try guessing based by website content?
(1:03:38 AM) Visitor 73304340: can’t
(1:03:58 AM) Visitor 73304340: u can tell me
(1:04:50 AM) Teoalida: Living in Romania but I want to move in Singapore, most of my apartment designs are inspired from Singapore, as well as some houses, but most customers for houses are in Philippines
(1:04:55 AM) Teoalida: surprising, isn’t?
(1:05:25 AM) Teoalida: and sorry if I answer later but I am also working between your messages
(1:06:09 AM) Visitor 73304340: sir plz give me a job .. draftsman
(1:06:28 AM) Teoalida: what year are you?
(1:07:23 AM) Visitor 73304340: sir we talk later.. 1st u finish ur work
(1:07:25 AM) Teoalida: I have a problem… you may want money too, but I don’t get many paying customers. Lots of people who wants free sketches and don’t come back for a complete project, or want complete project for free
(1:08:22 AM) Teoalida: India is in top of non-paying customers
(1:08:42 AM) Teoalida: And you from Germany… you may want too high payment for my customers in third-world countries
(1:08:54 AM) Visitor 73304340: sir i am 22 years old
(1:09:36 AM) Visitor 73304340: ur r indain?
(1:09:51 AM) Teoalida: LOL I told you earlier Romania
(1:10:13 AM) Teoalida: See also http://www.teoalida.com/offtopic/bad-indian-customers/
(1:10:18 AM) Visitor 73304340: ops soory .. i jjst forget
(1:10:37 AM) Teoalida: I am getting SICK of architecture… should I start another job?
(1:10:51 AM) Visitor 73304340: why?
(1:11:00 AM) Teoalida: Due of http://www.teoalida.com/offtopic/bad-indian-customers/
(1:11:52 AM) Visitor 73304340: why?
(1:12:57 AM) Visitor 73304340: sir u need my permision to start new job..
(1:13:56 AM) Visitor 73304340: hellow? sir ..
(1:14:38 AM) Visitor 73304340: are u busy vry ?
(1:15:01 AM) Teoalida: Busy or not busy… I am just tired of your talk
(1:15:28 AM) Visitor 73304340: ok bye take ur good care
(1:17:07 AM) *** Visitor 73304340 has left ***

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