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Customer that I cannot understand

Customer contacted me via CHAT in middle of night, leaving offline message, I replied via email telling him to come on chat during daytime, but he choose to reply via email instead, writing only short replies that made me IMPOSSIBLE to understand his project requirements. Are YOU able to understand?

Offline Message left on 07 Mar 2018, 04:14 AM (GMT+0)

Hi there – I’m lookinf for someone to create a database for me by combining scraped data from multiple sites for companies and product categories, then match them to a company directory on another site Can you let me know if this makes sense and if it’s something you could do? Thanks!


Matching data from multiple websites is difficult when same car names vary from a website to another so I may let you to try it, I will provide raw scraped data from each website


Hi there, why did you never replied after I replied your offline message? Are you still interested in my services? or found someone else providing same service at cheaper price?


Visit website and message me again on live chat during daytime so we can communicate faster.


Can you let me know if you can scrape from the following Www.thomasnet.com


I though that is in automobile field, but is not, no problem there, I CAN do scraping in any field, BUT… this website is very broad with a lot of products unrelated each other, each having different description fields. Can you explain in detail what do you want to scrap from there? instead of link to main page, give link to the page containing the data you want to scrap





Can you visit my website and message me on chat so we can talk faster and understand exactly what data do you require? do you want name, address and phone, or something else? Check the attached file and tell me if is OK


Haven’t heard from you for another week, what are you doing? May I know how many people you contacted so far for web scraping services?

If you cannot spend time to reply faster and to write LONGER emails to explain your project requirements in detail, probably NO programmer will ever spend his time to help you


Thanks for the feedback
We are going to go a different direction for our requirements

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