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Crazy Pakistani swearing – Worst language ever (2012-08-30)

Another visitor of Gaming section of my website, probably a kid, started to send me stupid messages and swearing a lot, then left the chat and returned using a funny name, making me laughing as hell.

Note that he started sending messages before the automatic greeting was scheduled to appear. That times Zopim chat was misconfigured and the greetings were deployed even after the visitor started the chat by his own.

Thursday, 30 Aug, 2012
Country: Pakistan
Page URL:
[14:56] Visitor 15030327: hghjm
[14:56] Visitor 15030327: fuck
[14:57] Teoalida (trigger): Hello from website admin, if you need any help or just want to chat, reply here!
[14:57] Auto-respond (trigger): We apologize for keeping you waiting. Our operator is busy or AFK, please leave us a message with your email address and we will contact you.
[14:57] Visitor 15030327: j
[15:04] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[15:04] Teoalida: back at computer
[15:04] Teoalida: What do you want?
[15:05] Visitor 15030327: sx
[15:05] Visitor 15030327: first tell me
[15:06] Visitor 15030327: that how did u make this?
[15:06] Visitor 15030327: this chatbox
[15:07] Teoalida: see here
[15:07] Visitor 15030327: ?????????/
[15:08] Visitor 15030327: go to the hell u fucker
[15:09] Teoalida: Why do you use such language??
[15:09] Visitor 15030327: idk
[15:09] Visitor 15030327: hw old r u?
[15:09] Teoalida: 23 years old, why?
[15:09] Visitor 15030327: im yur husband
[15:09] Visitor 15030327: r u a girl?
[15:10] Teoalida: Go to a dating website
[15:10] Visitor 15030327: if u r 23 then y did u write there that u r a kid
[15:10] Visitor 15030327: its a datin web
[15:10] Visitor 15030327: u fkr
[15:10] Teoalida: Where I wrote that?
[15:10] Teoalida: Is a personal-business wrbsite
[15:11] Teoalida: In case you didn’t realized already
[15:11] Visitor 15030327 has left the conversation

Thursday, 30 Aug, 2012
Country: Pakistan
Page URL:
[15:11] a fucker: in the index
[15:11] a fucker: u r a fkr aand me also
[15:11] a fucker: hahaha bye
[15:12] a fucker: talk u later
[15:12] a fucker: ass
[15:12] a fucker: kick my ass
[15:12] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[15:12] Teoalida: Watch your language… you’re not the first one from GAMING section who use such language
[15:12] a fucker: eat my biscuit
[15:12] Teoalida (trigger): Hello from website admin, if you need any help or just want to chat, reply here!
[15:12] Teoalida: all visitos from other pages talk with me normally
[15:12] a fucker: hey
[15:12] Teoalida: You’re either 14 or mentally retarded
[15:12] a fucker: sht up
[15:12] Teoalida: if you don’t understand that I am a serious man
[15:13] a fucker: oh r u a man
[15:13] a fucker: im a girl
[15:13] Teoalida: I don’t care much if you are girl or boy
[15:13] Teoalida: I have already a serious relation
[15:13] a fucker: ooooooooooooooooh
[15:14] a fucker: how many childern do u have?
[15:14] a fucker: 🙂
[15:14] Teoalida: None yet
[15:14] a fucker: hehe
[15:14] a fucker: fuck her hard then you’ll get 8 kids
[15:14] a fucker: hahaha
[15:14] Teoalida: Business is more important than wife and kids
[15:14] a fucker: no
[15:15] a fucker: fuck is more imp then it
[15:15] a fucker: bye lol
[15:15] a fucker: sorry 4 that u fucker
[15:15] Teoalida: In my country people usually marry at 25-30 year old or later
[15:15] Teoalida: so shut up with your fuckings, dear fucker!
[15:15] a fucker: in my country people marry at 99-100
[15:15] a fucker: hahahahaaa
[15:16] a fucker: u fucker
[15:16] a fucker: my middle finger will kick your ass
[15:16] Teoalida: I can use /ban command
[15:16] a fucker: bye
[15:16] a fucker: huh
[15:17] a fucker has left the conversation

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