Lost customer for a stupid reason (2020-03-10)

Website traffic exceeded 2,000 visitors/day in 2019 and continue to grow, as well as number of customers chatting with me to purchase databases, due to this reason it became more difficult to offer customized solutions to each customer and I rely on selling a couple of standard databases, most customers customize database themselves to match their needs, such as deleting unneeded columns or combine 2 columns into one using an Excel formula. I hate customers who eat my time asking me to customize at my side to be perfectly according their requirements, when they could do themselves in few minutes without having to explain me requirements and wasting time of both of us.

In the current case, we exchanged few emails on 10-12 March, he came back on 18 March to ask me to combine car names and production years, in a BUSY morning because I was talking with 4 people simultaneously and indeed I made a mistake in the formula, he said that my formula is “not correct” and when I asked him to give a correct formula, he didn’t replied anymore, 20 minutes later he quit chat and I feel sorry for not emailing him immediately, I was also busy with website redesign during 13 and 20 March, I hoped that he will come back by his own to continue conversation, 3 days later I sent follow up emails to 20 people that I talked with over last few months, asking him to come back to continue our conversation, but he said that made own database because lost a week waiting for me. I do not understand what he was waiting a week for?

This is most stupid way to lose a customer, how much time he spent making whole database himself compared with purchasing the $100 custom database I prepared for him on 12 February and spend 1 minute to edit an Excel formula?

I don’t cry for losing $100 but I cry for the time wasted on his project, when I had other projects on waiting list for other (more serious) customers.

Thu, Mar 12, 10:07 PM (12 days ago)
to me

Send me an excel demo with one brand to send to him! After I make the purchase!

Teoalida T <teoalida####@gmail.com>
Thu, Mar 12, 10:13 PM (12 days ago)
to customer

see attached Excel with first 2 brands (Abarth and Alfa Romeo)

Mar 12, 2020, 10:23 PM (12 days ago)
to me

In 3rd page we need the general name all together like this 145 (930) (09/94 – 02/97) possible?


We had a chat on 18 March

Sat, Mar 21, 2:09 PM (3 days ago)
to customer

After a BUSY week with website redesign, today I get back to normal program of updating databases. Can we continue our conversation now?

I was talking with 4 people at same time so couldn’t focus on any project, 10 people contacted me within 2 hours, after I served all them I noticed my mistake when I selected cells to combine with formula, due to narrow columns I could not select the cell I wanted so I selected a cell 9 rows below and forgot to edit it with correct row number… I am not sure if this was what you said “not correct”. If do you want other changes in formulas, let me know now or do them yourself.

(11:27:48 AM) Teoalida: I used an Excel formula to combine model names with start/end years from other column, so every car will have a year, not just discontinued ones
(11:28:10 AM) Visitor 36224715: check photo you sent me
(11:28:11 AM) Teoalida: if you don’t want “present” for cars still in production, just delete this word
(11:28:14 AM) Visitor 36224715: not correct
(11:31:08 AM) Visitor 36224715: check picture with formula you sent me
(11:38:26 AM) Teoalida: what formula do you suggest?
(11:39:00 AM) Teoalida: can you just make yourself some formulas if you are unhappy with mine?
(11:39:11 AM) Teoalida: wouldn’t take more than 1min
(11:59:33 AM) *** Visitor 36224715 has left ***

Mon, Mar 23, 12:25 PM (21 hours ago)
to me

We made our own list as we wanted , we lost a week to wait for you…
We are 60 persons working to my business , I can’t tell to my customers that I am busy I am busy , I have employes to serve them!

I send your contact to my partners in the beginning I was surprised from your data.. but after your service I am not sorry.

Mar 23, 2020, 12:47 PM (21 hours ago)
to customer

As you can see I WAS TALKING WITH YOU despite of being busy with website redesign and talking with other 3 people. You should have just explained me better what do you want me to do, instead of saying “check picture with formula you sent me” without any further explanation then quit chat and never came back… you were waiting a week for me to contact you again or WTF? I don’t send follow-up emails until I am free.

9:48 AM (28 minutes ago)
to customer

In average 20 people contact me via chat per day, I can estimate that 20% are non-sense messages from children bored in classroom, 30% are intelligible messages that have nothing to do with the services I offer, while other 50% are enquiries related to databases and other services I offer. That means 10 potential customers per day. You can imagine that I CANNOT send follow-up emails DAILY to 300 people per month, would take a lot of time + would be spamming, so I stay online all day long waiting to be contacted again by the customers that are seriously interested in my services.

After finishing website redesign on 20 March, on 21 March I sent follow-ups to about 30 people contacting me during January, of which some saying that will purchase in few months, one replied that project was halted due to Coronavirus, other replied that project is nearly finished and will purchase database next month, etc. I feel sorry for emailing you on 21 March instead of 18 March shortly after you left the chat and finished answering 10 chats. But please check our chat again, last 3 messages were mine, I was waiting for you to suggest me a formula, YOU WERE NOT REPLYING, so please don’t say “we lost a week to wait for you”.

Given by large number of customers contacting me, I need to reject customers asking me TO DO projects outside cars and real estate field, but you were just needing to buy a database ALREADY DONE https://www.teoalida.com/cardatabase/downloads/german-car-database-filtered-to-one-row-per-body-style/ and edit formula to combine car names with production years… I totally not understand for what were you waiting for a week?

I do nearly 100 sales per month, so losing 1 sale of $100 is not a big deal for me, YOU lost more, how many hours you spent collecting data yourself and from where you sourced it?

Now please show me a sample with few rows or a screenshot of your database… at least help me understanding how you wanted car names to be if you weren’t able to explain me via chat. And give me a suggestion how to avoid this in the future?

I am busy and YOU contribute to problem by WASTING MY TIME customizing database according your needs instead of helping other customers more serious than you who are also waiting for me to do THEIR projects too.

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