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Customer get angry for no reason (2017-07-17)

Chat started on Monday, July 17, 2017 9:02:15 PM
Country: United States
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(9:02:15 PM) *** Visitor 89441862 has joined the chat ***
(9:02:15 PM) Visitor 89441862: I have lots in Proj. 8 Q.C. (300 sq.m) and Bacoor, Cavite (150 sq.m). Exploring ideas of apartment units, can you help?
(9:02:29 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(9:02:32 PM) Teoalida: I try
(9:03:32 PM) Visitor 89441862: How many units will those lots cover?
(9:03:58 PM) Teoalida: tell me lot dimensions
(9:04:02 PM) Teoalida: length and width
(9:04:09 PM) Teoalida: and what does mean “Proj. 8 Q.C”
(9:04:46 PM) Visitor 89441862: it’s in proj.8,it’s the location
(9:07:28 PM) Visitor 89441862: looks like you’re not from the Philippines
(9:07:37 PM) Teoalida: that’s true
(9:08:00 PM) Teoalida: that’s just a small country, why do you think that random people from internet are from Philippines?
(9:08:14 PM) Teoalida: Incidentally one of my partner architects is in Philippines
(9:12:43 PM) Visitor 89441862: I was looking for manila builders on-line, your company’s info came up, stupid
(9:13:27 PM) Teoalida: what keywords you searched?
(9:13:33 PM) Teoalida: anyway, even if I am foreigner I may be able to help
(9:15:08 PM) Teoalida:
(9:16:22 PM) Teoalida: you can see here few projects done for Philippines
(9:17:43 PM) Visitor 89441862: you’re an idiot of a foreigner,you know that?
(9:17:57 PM) Teoalida: why do you call me idiot?
(9:18:38 PM) Teoalida: Roy CG is my partner architect in Philippines
(9:19:06 PM) Teoalida: but let me do at least concept plan before working with him
(9:23:13 PM) Visitor 89441862: You just lost a business for your partner achitect in the small country of the Philippines where people think all people are from the Philippines, moron
(9:23:46 PM) Teoalida: why do you think that all people are from Philippines?
(9:23:52 PM) Teoalida: yourself appear to be from New York
(9:24:17 PM) Teoalida: what is your email?
(9:24:21 PM) Visitor 89441862: You just said that ‘
(9:26:59 PM) Visitor 89441862: You just said that yourself, that I thought “random” people searching on the internet are from the Philippines!! Give me first your info before you ask mine
(9:28:00 PM) Teoalida: random websites from other countries do appear in Google searches even if you search a specific country
(9:28:17 PM) Teoalida: or maybe my website appeared at you because it is popular in Philippines?
(9:33:36 PM) Visitor 89441862: that’s an answer you should have been aware of before blurting out ‘small country, that I think ‘random’ people as you termed it, are all from the Philippines!@%#!
(9:33:58 PM) Teoalida: I am from Romania and I work for customers all around the world, what other info do you want?
(9:41:21 PM) Teoalida: anyway, if you don’t want to work with me, don’t work with me. I do business in multiple fields and architecture is not really something that I enjoy, I just wanted to give some work to my partner from Philippines
(9:41:47 PM) Visitor 89441862: Your statement was derogatory to the Philippines (why is Romania big to you?) and to me as prospective customer. I am not stupid to think that random people on the internet are from the Philippines.
(9:43:24 PM) Teoalida: it’s 1.4% of world population, is that big?
(9:45:26 PM) Visitor 89441862: I did not say the Philippines is big, it’s all islands. You don’t have to tell me that. Would like to hear that your ….. is small?
(9:46:28 PM) Teoalida: I don’t understand your attitude. I told to few other people “a small country” and nobody got angry like you
(9:49:16 PM) Visitor 89441862: It was not really about that, it was you asking me a stupid question about why I think random people on the internet are from the Philippines, so be careful next time
(9:49:55 PM) Teoalida: I am sorry if a simple word offended you
(9:50:55 PM) Visitor 89441862: It’s ok, goodbye
(9:51:54 PM) Teoalida: so will you work with my partner without me?
(9:52:13 PM) Teoalida: at least tell him that you got from me
(9:55:56 PM) *** Visitor 89441862 has left ***

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