Bad customer from India (2017-05-03)

He ask me for a drawing, then refuse my service saying that already have a drawing, but also refuse to show me his drawing.?

Country: India
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Chat started on Wednesday, May 03, 2017 12:41:35 PM

(12:41:35 PM) *** Visitor has joined the chat ***
(12:41:35 PM) Visitor: I want to a drawing Long=17 mtr and wide=4 mtr
(12:41:53 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(12:41:57 PM) Teoalida: how many rooms do you build?
(12:43:03 PM) Visitor: 4 nos i/c Stare case
(12:43:16 PM) Teoalida: carport needed?
(12:43:22 PM) Visitor: no
(12:43:52 PM) Teoalida: I see.. your house can be made with one bedroom at front and one at back, on 3 floors
(12:44:38 PM) Teoalida: similar with designed 3 years ago
(12:45:18 PM) Visitor: as per site condition stare case need to front with a small room, afters 3 room
(12:45:19 PM) Teoalida: do you want to design your house and give you PDF with dimensions for 10$ per room?
(12:45:50 PM) Visitor: Means Rupees needed
(12:46:15 PM) Teoalida: 640 rupees per room
(12:46:21 PM) Teoalida: for floorplan only
(12:46:30 PM) Teoalida: do you need also elevations, sections, 3D design?
(12:46:56 PM) Visitor: no need, I have already done it, Just to try and seen disign
(12:47:10 PM) Teoalida: what you have done already?
(12:47:34 PM) Visitor: Drawing and Disign by a Engineer
(12:47:51 PM) Teoalida: and you need a second drawing for me? you don’t like his drawing?
(12:48:16 PM) Teoalida: I though that you done yourself
(12:48:27 PM) Visitor: Ist room 13 feet x13 feet i/c stare case
(12:48:40 PM) Teoalida: can you show me his drawing?
(12:48:53 PM) Teoalida: I am a bit confused about staircase at front? is house for multiple families?
(12:49:46 PM) Visitor: 2nd room 13 feet x 13 feet, 3rd room 13 feet x 13 feet 4th room same i/c Toilet, birthroom
(12:52:09 PM) Visitor: ok bye
(12:52:23 PM) Teoalida: why bye?
(12:53:05 PM) Teoalida: you don’t want me to make any drawing for you? can you email me your engineer drawing?
(12:53:31 PM) Visitor: no
(12:54:10 PM) Teoalida: I just don’t understand why there are so many people contacting me from India which do not turn into customers… compared with other countries
(12:56:05 PM) *** Visitor has left ***

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