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Non-sense chat (2017-04-20)

Chat started on Thursday, April 20, 2017 8:18:52 PM

(8:18:52 PM) *** Visitor 30106108 has joined the chat ***
(8:18:54 PM) teoalida: Hello from website admin! If you need any help or just wanna chat, drop here a message!
(8:23:38 PM) Visitor 30106108: How big is the place
(8:23:49 PM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(8:23:52 PM) Teoalida: what place?
(8:24:12 PM) Visitor 30106108: The city
(8:24:40 PM) Visitor 30106108: what are you doing right now
(8:25:05 PM) Teoalida: which city?
(8:25:12 PM) Teoalida: what I am doing? studying and drawing stuff
(8:25:14 PM) Teoalida: why do you ask
(8:25:17 PM) Visitor 30106108: your city
(8:25:45 PM) Teoalida: I live in a small city of 200.000 people, I have no idea why do you ask this
(8:25:57 PM) Visitor 30106108: funny
(8:26:16 PM) Visitor 30106108: do you now how to dab
(8:26:25 PM) Teoalida: ?
(8:27:02 PM) Visitor 30106108: What is your name
(8:27:15 PM) Teoalida: just call me Teoalida, like website name
(8:27:34 PM) Visitor 30106108: My name is butt
(8:28:32 PM) Teoalida: do you have any serious business deal or serious questions about my articles?
(8:28:55 PM) Visitor 30106108: What are you draling
(8:29:03 PM) Teoalida: drawing buildings
(8:29:32 PM) Visitor 30106108: ok
(8:29:46 PM) Visitor 30106108 has rated the chat Bad
(8:29:52 PM) Visitor 30106108 has removed the chat rating
(8:30:26 PM) Teoalida: why do you rate chat as BAD?
(8:36:44 PM) *** Visitor 30106108 has left ***

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