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Bad customer from Ethiopia (2017-01-11) – wants architecture services for FREE

Chat started on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 10:02:52 AM
Country: Ethiopia
Page URL: https://www.teoalida.com/design/housing/

(10:02:52 AM) *** Visitor 48883456 has joined the chat ***
(10:02:52 AM) Visitor 48883456: hi,friend
(10:03:04 AM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(10:03:06 AM) Teoalida: hello
(10:03:28 AM) Visitor 48883456: how r u
(10:04:19 AM) Teoalida: fine, why?
(10:04:22 AM) Teoalida: what are you looking for?
(10:07:00 AM) Visitor 48883456: plse show me floor plan for total area of land 320 and cad
(10:08:29 AM) Teoalida: what is length and width of the 320 sqm?
(10:08:35 AM) Teoalida: and how many rooms do you need?
(10:10:04 AM) Visitor 48883456: length 12
(10:10:12 AM) Visitor 48883456: width 10
(10:11:08 AM) Teoalida: that would be 120 sqm, you sure?
(10:12:27 AM) Visitor 48883456: yes
(10:12:45 AM) Teoalida: any how many rooms? without these details can’t design anything
(10:15:07 AM) Visitor 48883456: 1 m.room
(10:15:15 AM) Visitor 48883456: 2bed room
(10:15:22 AM) Visitor 48883456: and villa g+0
(10:15:54 AM) Teoalida: carport needed?
(10:16:17 AM) Teoalida: also, will the house cover whole lot or need to have open space around?
(10:16:27 AM) Teoalida: like https://www.teoalida.com/design/Terraced-House-22x50ft.png ?
(10:18:01 AM) Visitor 48883456: plse,i see this type and plse send me other
(10:18:25 AM) Teoalida: I can make a new floorplan soon
(10:18:55 AM) Teoalida: but do you need just a simple floorplan for ideas or also detailed floorplan, elevations, sections, 3D design?
(10:19:17 AM) Visitor 48883456: yes
(10:19:25 AM) Teoalida: yes which?
(10:21:03 AM) Visitor 48883456: floor plan ,elevation and section 3d
(10:21:32 AM) Teoalida: good, how much would you pay for all these drawings?
(10:23:51 AM) Visitor 48883456: i can’t pay u for this
(10:24:23 AM) Teoalida: what? you’re looking for someone to design houses for FREE?
(10:25:04 AM) Visitor 48883456: yes
(10:25:58 AM) Teoalida: sadly, many people are like you… wants floorplans for free, I am glad that I didn’t wasted time designing a new sketch for you if you don’t pay
(10:26:20 AM) Teoalida: but to get also elevations, sections, 3D design for free? who do you think that will do this?
(10:28:24 AM) Visitor 48883456: yes
(10:30:35 AM) Teoalida: WHO do you think that will do this for free???
(10:31:04 AM) Visitor 48883456: plse help me
(10:32:32 AM) Teoalida: I have 4 projects on TO-DO list, they are paying $300, $200, $200 and $50, why I would do your project for FREE?
(10:33:10 AM) Teoalida: christmas and new year holidays brought me a lot of customers
(10:34:05 AM) Visitor 48883456: no,can’t bcoze i am living in ethiopian
(10:35:21 AM) Teoalida: I see that you’re living in a poor country, you sure have money to build the house if you can’t pay a small part to designer?
(10:36:10 AM) Visitor 48883456: no
(10:36:25 AM) Visitor 48883456: tnx bye
(10:36:49 AM) Teoalida: if you cannot pay, just don’t waste my time
(10:37:08 AM) *** Visitor 48883456 has left ***

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