Funny customer @ architecture – I am trying to help and he says “GO FUCK YOURSELF”

Customer contact me to design apartments but from next messages seems that he was using “apartment” term incorrectly and actually wanted a single house. I don’t understand why he say that I am going to scam him then saying “stupid architectural shit” and “go fuck yourself“?

Chat started on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 12:07:16 AM
Country: Netherlands
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(12:07:16 AM) *** Visitor 35626399 has joined the chat ***
(12:07:17 AM) Visitor: Hi
(12:07:25 AM) *** Teoalida has joined the chat ***
(12:07:26 AM) Teoalida: Hello
(12:07:52 AM) Visitor: Can you make a floor plan for me?
(12:07:59 AM) Teoalida: I can try
(12:08:03 AM) Teoalida: tell me more about your project
(12:08:20 AM) Visitor: It is a apartment
(12:08:42 AM) Visitor: Like 7×18 m
(12:08:57 AM) Visitor: And it needs to be modern
(12:09:14 AM) Teoalida: is this in Netherlands or you’re working there and build elsewhere?
(12:09:42 AM) Visitor: No it is in The netherlans
(12:10:14 AM) Teoalida: nice
(12:10:34 AM) Visitor: Why is it nice?
(12:10:46 AM) Teoalida: I wait for long for customers in Europe
(12:11:05 AM) Teoalida: so how many rooms?
(12:11:15 AM) Teoalida: per apartment?
(12:11:19 AM) Teoalida: perhaps one apartment per floor?
(12:11:24 AM) Visitor: OK, good. I though for a short moment you were going to scam me.
(12:11:45 AM) Teoalida: hmm? what makes you to think that I scam?
(12:12:47 AM) Visitor: That you said ‘nice’
(12:13:11 AM) Visitor: But I need 1 big bedroom and 1 small bedroom
(12:13:22 AM) Visitor: The apartment is just 1 floor
(12:13:48 AM) Teoalida: ground floor still apartment?
(12:13:56 AM) Visitor: ?
(12:14:11 AM) Teoalida: because I would like 2 rooms on front facade but in this case shall make staircase at rear, so how to access staircase?
(12:14:31 AM) Visitor: It has only 1 floor
(12:14:35 AM) Teoalida: otherwise need staircase at front, living at front and both bedrooms at back
(12:15:25 AM) Visitor: Do you mean the access of the staircase or a staircase inside the apartment?
(12:15:58 AM) Teoalida: staircase to access upper floors even if just one floor above
(12:16:28 AM) Teoalida: I am editing now a sketch.. leave an email to avoid losing contact in case you quit from chat?
(12:16:29 AM) Visitor: But there is none
(12:16:43 AM) Teoalida: oh wait… you build single floor? a single family home?
(12:16:49 AM) Teoalida: so no staircase?
(12:16:52 AM) Teoalida: why did you said apartment?
(12:16:57 AM) Visitor: It is a aparmney
(12:17:03 AM) Visitor: *apartment
(12:17:15 AM) Visitor: With 1 floor
(12:17:46 AM) Teoalida: we call apartments only when there is one above other
(12:17:52 AM) Visitor: Almost all apartments have 1 flor
(12:18:19 AM) Teoalida: and do you want to cover whole lot width or leave a walkway along building? like
(12:18:49 AM) Visitor: I don’t need to hear your stupid architectural shit. Go fuck yourself. I’ll find myself someone better than you. Goodbye
(12:19:00 AM) Teoalida: whole lot width coverage: and if you want 2 bedrooms I will delete one
(12:19:07 AM) Teoalida: why do you get angry????
(12:19:18 AM) Teoalida: what do you call architectural SHIT?
(12:19:31 AM) Teoalida: for what reason did you contacted me, if not for architecture services?
(12:21:21 AM) *** Visitor 35626399 has left ***

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