What is wrong with this customer? (2014-07-02) – Database of HDB blocks

This customer ask me for a database of postal codes for HDB blocks. I already compiled a Database of HDB blocks but without postal codes and I tell him that at this moment I don’t have time to add postal codes, then he say that would be OK street name and block number only, I sent him a link to what I have, even if is NOT what he is looking for… he says FORGET IT and blame me that “I am not willing to listen him” and “I don’t send him what I have”.

He also say that already have a database but don’t answer what he have more exactly and from where he got it. He is talking very fast so I did not had time to ask him for explanations.

[24:32] Teoalida: hey…. http://www.geopostcodes.com/Singapore
[24:32] Teoalida: is this what we are both looking for?
[24:33] Visitor: i want HDB postal code
[24:33] Visitor: private property postal code etc
[24:36] Teoalida: I see… this have HDB block numbers but no condo names, all possible private properties are listed by street address only
[24:37] Visitor: ok
[24:37] Visitor: just hdb postal codes
[24:38] Visitor: if u have some thing like
[24:38] Visitor: blk number , street name an dpostal of all hdb
[24:38] Visitor: i am interested
[24:38] Visitor: if u search through teh singpost site
[24:38] Teoalida: I told you earlier that I don’t have… I have HDB database without postal codes which probably you saw it already, right?
[24:38] Visitor: we can get to know teh property type etc
[24:38] Visitor: yeah
[24:39] Visitor: but if u have that liske
[24:39] Visitor: just
[24:39] Visitor: blk number and street name
[24:39] Visitor: and it is assure that hdb
[24:39] Visitor: i can map it
[24:39] Visitor: becuase i have comeplete postal code of singapore
[24:39] Teoalida: teoretlcally I can copy-paste postal codes from this website into my database
[24:39] Visitor: u mean from singapost
[24:40] Visitor: may take lot of time
[24:40] Visitor: if u have all te HDB address
[24:40] Teoalida: but 10000 blocks = 10000 copy-pasting, how much time takes to do this?
[24:40] Visitor: i can get the postal code from my database
[24:40] Teoalida: how much would you pay for this?
[24:40] Visitor: u tellme
[24:40] Teoalida: hmm…
[24:40] Visitor: i have no idea
[24:40] Visitor: i though u have it
[24:40] Teoalida: [Visitor] becuase i have comeplete postal code of singapore
[24:40] Teoalida: so what you were asking ME ?
[24:41] Teoalida: btw, from where do you got YOUR database?
[24:41] Visitor: but i dont know which one is HDB
[24:41] Visitor: which one is private
[24:41] Visitor: geo postcodes
[24:41] Visitor: ok cool
[24:41] Visitor: got to go no
[24:41] Visitor: now
[24:42] Visitor: catch u later
[24:42] Visitor: my name is Jay from Singapore
[24:42] Teoalida: I am confused
[24:42] Teoalida: what database do you have????
[24:42] Visitor: simple
[24:42] Visitor: i have teh following
[24:42] Visitor: blk number , street name and postal code
[24:42] Teoalida: and have you seen https://www.teoalida.com/singapore/hdbdatabase/ or you’re just confusing me?
[24:42] Visitor: ok?
[24:43] Teoalida: you act like someone who saw Database of Blocks BEFORE contacting me thus asking me about postal codes…. I am right?
[24:43] Visitor: one moment i check
[24:43] Teoalida: if you have that, I think that you may easily identify HDB blocks by their numbers
[24:44] Teoalida: most of HDB blocks have 3 digits and eventually 1 letter
[24:44] Visitor: can u send me a simple sampel records
[24:44] Visitor: i dont wanll all details which is not very clear
[24:44] Visitor: i need
[24:44] Visitor: blk number , street nam eof all hdb blocks
[24:44] Visitor: can?
[24:45] Visitor: i hv seen ur sample which is not very clear
[24:45] Teoalida: and all codes on streets named Tampines St #, Woodlands Circle, Compassvale Walk, etc…are HDB, as there’s no landed houses on these streets
[24:45] Visitor: ok thanks fine
[24:45] Visitor: catch u later
[24:45] Visitor: i am going out now
[24:45] Teoalida: there’s 2 samples on website, what is not clear?
[24:45] Visitor: ofcourse
[24:45] Teoalida: hmm… hope we can talk again
[24:45] Visitor: i dont need all other unwanted info
[24:45] Visitor: if u can
[24:46] Teoalida: I am confused in how to develop this HDB database
[24:46] Visitor: just send
[24:46] Teoalida: what to send?
[24:46] Teoalida: or do you send me anything?
[24:46] Visitor: blk number an street name only
[24:46] Visitor: thsi will do
[24:46] Visitor: i dont any other data
[24:46] Visitor: ok r u in singapore?
[24:47] Teoalida: no, but as you can see this did not stopped me to build HDB databases
[24:47] Visitor: ok good luck
[24:47] Teoalida: What HDB database would you purchase and at what price? $100 for database with block numbers and street address only $500 for database with block numbers, street address and total number of units $1000 for database with block numbers, street address, building year, number of units breakdown by flat type, number of floors and upgrading programmes I want the database for FREE because I am an idiot having NO RESPECT for hardworking people!!!
[24:47] Teoalida: have you seen this?
[24:47] Teoalida: yes I can sell street name and block number only
[24:48] Visitor: seen but didnt see teh sample
[24:48] Teoalida: but adding postal codes would take damn long time… no time at this moment
[24:48] Visitor: forget it
[24:48] Visitor: tahnks
[24:48] Visitor: thanks
[24:48] Visitor: bye
[24:48] Teoalida: https://www.teoalida.com/singapore/HDB-Database-by-Teoalida-SAMPLE.xls
[24:48] Teoalida: PS: street name isn’t added yet for all blocks
[24:50] Visitor: thanks
[24:50] Visitor: i am looking different stuff
[24:50] Visitor: bye thanks
[24:50] Teoalida: Don’t get angry…. we talk so fast and I get confused
[24:51] Teoalida: show me if you ever find elsewhere what you are looking for
[24:51] Teoalida: I may be personally interested too
[24:52] Visitor: am not angry sir
[24:52] Visitor: i am fine
[24:52] Teoalida: “forget it” is like getting angry
[24:52] Visitor: i am very clear that what i want
[24:52] Visitor: u r not willing to listen
[24:52] Visitor: u r sending what u have
[24:52] Visitor: i am not interested in all
[24:53] Visitor: anyways , nice chatting with you
[24:53] Visitor: let us chat later today or someoother time
[24:53] Teoalida: Don’t forget, I am interested in compiling (and selling) HDB database… but first I need to be sure that I make it as the customers want
[24:53] Visitor: take care n pleasant day
[24:53] Visitor: bye now
[24:53] Teoalida: I already sent you a link… what else do you want to send you more exactly?
[24:53] Teoalida: I am confused!!!
[24:53] Visitor: simple
[24:54] Visitor: ineed a list of blk number n street name for all hdbs in singapore
[24:54] Visitor: its ok
[24:54] Visitor: i gotto go now
[24:54] Visitor: bye
[24:54] Teoalida: https://www.teoalida.com/singapore/databases/HDB-Database-by-Teoalida-SAMPLE.xls look in this and delete all columns except first two
[24:54] Teoalida: will be simple?
[24:55] Teoalida: if I will complete it I will post it for sale in multiple versions, more or less data, at different prices
[24:56] Teoalida: [Visitor] u r sending what u have — I SENT what I have, even if isn’t what do you want
[24:59] Visitor has left the conversation

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