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Crazy Malaysian (2014-03-04)

Tuesday, 4 Mar, 2014
Country: Malaysia
Page URL:

[16:05] (trigger): Hello from website admin! If you need any help or just wanna chat, just drop here a message!
[16:06] Visitor: pegi mampu
[16:06] Visitor: mampus
[16:06] Teoalida has joined the conversation
[16:06] Teoalida: Can you speak english?
[16:06] Visitor: tolong bagi aku sejuta pas uh aku bole join bisnes bodo ko ni
[16:06] Visitor: suck
[16:06] Visitor: dickhead
[16:06] Teoalida: and be nice
[16:07] Visitor: lalalalalalaa
[16:07] Teoalida: Why are you angry?
[16:07] Visitor: i love kurt cobain
[16:07] Visitor: i wanna die like kurt
[16:07] Visitor: could you help me die tpgether
[16:07] Visitor: together
[16:07] Teoalida: First, how old are you?
[16:07] Visitor: such a boring
[16:08] Visitor: please flirt with geoge bush
[16:08] Visitor: have a nice sex wih him
[16:08] Teoalida: You sound like a kid who got bored and love to having fun on random websites, I AM RIGHT?
[16:08] Visitor: do you know najib razak? bald man?
[16:08] Teoalida: I wonder how did you found my website, what was your google search more exactly?
[16:09] Visitor has left the conversation

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